You saw all of that prep work. Well, now I have actual clothing. Quite a bit, actually. I still have a few items to sew up, but I knocked out a ton of them. We’ll start with my favorites.




This is the Linden Sweatshirt from Grainline Studio made using a double/reversible knit from Joann’s. I am 100% in love with it. I also made a blue one for my friend for her birthday. I am going to make a lot more of these using a bunch of different weights of knits. I made the smallest size and it’s a bit baggy, but I kind of like that. I may take a larger seam allowance and see if that helps next time.





This is the Morris Blazer from Grainline Studio (their patterns are superb) with some Girl Charlee knit and faux leather. This could not have turned out better. It looks so professional. I have worn it multiple times and get tons of compliments on it each time. I’m going to be making a lot more of these in every color and combinations and print that I can think of. I made a Size 2 and I have already traced off the Size 0. The Size 2 gives this a slouchy look, which is totally OK, but I’m going to try something I little more fitted.


Blazer Cuffs


The cuffs were not part of the pattern. I added those. In fact, the sleeves were kind of short so I’ll probably continue to add cuffs or lengthen the sleeves. I actually end up pushing my sleeves up to my elbows anyway, so a slightly short sleeve probably wouldn’t have mattered.


Blazer Back


This has a roll over collar and I love how it looks. Everybody loves this fabric, too, because it almost gives the blazer a pleated look.













Grainline does an excellent job of professional finishes for their garments. The facing around the bottom of this jacket really helps it out. The instructions weren’t hard to follow either. I’m just super impressed with it and I love wearing it.




Next up is the Boyfriend V-Neck from Patterns for Pirates made with a soft jersey knit from Joann’s. I made a medium and I’m glad I did. I don’t like my t-shirts tight. I could take in a bit and probably get by with a small, but I’m glad I made a medium. The v-neck instructions were great. I would recommend sewing the neckband on with your sewing maching and going back and serging. I just serged and it was a little fiddly. I ended having to topstitch around th neckband to keep it perfectly flat.




I did the cuffed version and I love it. I think it gives it a more professional finish. I also made this the tunic version because I like long t-shirts that I can wear over tights. I had a little bit of trouble with the tab when I was sewing it on to the sleeve. My sewing machine was not liking the three layers of knit at all. I was getting pretty frustrated and I finally gave up and just let it go even though it’s not perfect. Luckily, the tab covers it anyway.

I’ll probably be making more of these, too. I’m starting to really love Patterns for Pirates and so is my mom.


Free Spirit Tank


And speaking of Patterns for Pirates, this is the Free Spirit Tank in another Joann’s fabric. This tank is awesome. I may lengthen mine a bit next time becaues I like this a little longer, but this is great. I can’t remember what size I made. I think it was the small. It fits really well. If I used a less stretchy knit, I’d probably go up to a medium just for the bust.


Free Spirit Tank


I made the racerback option which is super cute. The thing that takes this longest on this pattern is all of the binding, but it’s not too terrible. I will definitely be making more of these and I can definitely see it making a really great workout tank. Patterns for Pirates just released a leggings pattern that I’m really anxious to try because I’ve been very very disappointed with the leggings patterns that I’ve purchased. I don’t know how women wear leggings with a tiny piece of elastic at the top that cuts into your stomach. Ugh!





And another Pattern for Pirates creation: The Women’s Raglan. This is very similar to the Linden. I think they are pretty much interchangeable. This one is a little more fitted, which is good. I used a sweatshirt fleece in coral…it probaby looks orange in the picture, but it’s more coral. I like it without the hem band, too.




The best thing about Patterns for Pirates is there are so many options for each pattern. For example, this one has the little triangle you can add at the neckline. I made the bands and the triangle in the wrong side of the fabric, which I think adds some awesome interest. This is a super warm shirt and I can’t wait to wear it this winter. I’ll probably be making more of these, too!


Sailor Top


This is the Sailor Top from Fancy Tiger. I can’t remember which size I made, but I should have gone up one size. It’s a little tight in the shoulers, although there is plenty of room everywhere else. That probably means I’ll have to do some modifying if I go up a size. I’m not super thrilled about that, but its not terrible. This pattern looks really awesome on a lot of people, but I don’t think it’s super flattering for me. I was impressed with the pattern and how easily it went together, but still not my thing. I also hate gathering with a passion. I’d rather hem or bind (crazy, I know) than gather. Anyway, I will probably make a least one more of these, but I can’t imagine it become a staple in my life. I do really like how Fancy Tiger did the facing for the sleeves and collar. The only change I made was that I serged the edge of the collar facing instead of turning it under. It’s the inside of the garment and I don’t really care if the raw edge is showing as long as it’s serged. My mom did it by turning it under and she said she’ll never do that again and just do what I did. It’s just easier and still gives it a professional finish. I used a wonderful French linen for this.

So those are the patterns that turned out really well and I plan to make more. But not everything was a success. For example, I trashed the Sloan Leggings I was working on. I used my measurements and the size was incredibly off. I had to take so much in that it was skewing the waistline, so I just scrapped them. I’m sure I could go back and trace another size and be fine, but I’m kind of over it. I don’t think the band would have hit high enough for me anway, so I would have had to make additional modifications. From what I’ve seen from the 1,000 people that post every day about the Patterns for Pirates leggings, they will work a lot better. I’m excited about them.




So I’m only showing you part of this project. I’m super unhappy about how it finished. These are the Simple Skinny Jeans from Sew Liberated made using a Robert Kaufman stretch denim. The actual pattern goes together incredibly well, but I’m just super unimpressed with the waistband. These can’t really be called jeans. They are leggings/jeggings. In fact, they wanted me to add a fold over band. They feel like maternity jeans. I did a regular leggings waistband becaues foldover reminds me of yoga pants. That makes it a little better, but it still looks like and reminds me of maternity pants. Ugh.






I like the back pockets and the faux front pockets and fly. That’s fine by me, but I would prefer a better waistband. I’m not at the point where I really want to figure that out. I’d rather buy a different pattern…or just buy my jeans from Banana Republic when they are on sale. But it was a good experiment and I’ll probably wear them occasionally since nobody will be able to see the waistband.




This is the Mesa “dress” from one of the Seamwork issues and I used a Girl Charlee knit. This is supposed to be a mini dress, but that’s complete bullshit unless you have a 2″ torso. This barely covers my ass cheeks. I have tunics that are longer than it. Of course, I could lengthen it and solve the problem, but it’s kind of annoying that I’d have to do that. I can’t remember what size I traced…I’m pretty sure the smallest. This fits really well, but I’m not a really big fan of fitted items, so I would go up a size if I made this again. The boat neck is cool, but it’s hard to get the neck band to lay nicely. I’m not really a fan of that.




The slits in the side looks nice from the outside, but I’m not a fan of how unprofessionally they are finished on the inside. I could make some modifications and make them more professional, but it’s kind of annoying.


That’s it. With only one complete failure, I’m pretty dang happy with this lot. I broke this up with some quilting, so you’ll hear about that next time.

Being A Lady

I’ve challenged myself. It’s kind of silly and I’m not sure where it came from, but I’m doing it. I love feeling put together. I like the feeling of wearing a nice outfit, wearing making, and putting effort into my appearance. I know it’s not necessary, but I like the feeling. I’m not doing it for anybody else (although there are benefits). So I’ve challenged myself to be a lady. And here are the requirements I came up with.

1. Dress well. This means I’m no longer allowed to only shop on Target sales racks. I think I’ve always dressed well, but I could dress with more quality. I went on a shopping spree and I’m going to buy less clothes, but better quality.

2. Wear more makeup. I already wear makeup, but it’s limited. I usually just throw on some power and mascara. With a little extra effort, I can really make my makeup look great.

3. Take care of my hair. This inclues also making my hair is “done” every day. Really, I already do this because my hair is super easy to style and take care of. I also have a great hair dresser (cosmetologist? stylist? colorist? What’s the appropriate term?) that I see on a regularly scheduled basis. I’ve put a little more effort in, though. Product, hairspray, etc.

4. Have my nails and toenails painted. This is a new one for me. I love to have my nails done, but I was previously not willing to pay for it.

5. Wear lipstick. This kind of falls under makeup, but I created a seprate goal for it because I forget about lipstick when I put my makeup on in the morning. And I never remember to re apply it.

6. Wear heels. I also already do this, but I need to buy more heels that look great with everything. I tend to havee one or two pair that I wear out instead of a variety.

7. Accessorize. I own a lot of accessories, but I don’t think about them. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces – they are going to become part of my every day style.

8. Take care of my skin. This one is hard for me. I don’t like moisturizer or lotion. I cannot stand how it feels. I have added some extra work to my routine, mainly around pore reduction. The next step is moisturizer and lotion and it’s a really hard step to take. At least I stay out of the sun and wear a lot of sunscreen when I am in it.

That’s the list. I thought about putting something about perfume and bras on there, but I realized that was never going to happen. Perfume gives me a headache and I don’t care if my boobs look bigger than they are. I also thought about putting something about being healthy on there, but that seemed too broad and I already do a great job of that.

I’ve been doing this for a little over a month and I’m really enjoying it. It’s not that hard and I do feel even more awesome than I did before. :)

I know that I’m a little crazy when it comes to things like this. But once I get on a roll, it’s hard for me to stop until everything is complete.

Every single “WIP” or idea I’ve had is prepped. I can’t think of a single pattern or piece of fabric that I own that I “need” to do something with in the near future that isn’t ready to go. Here’s what I’ve added to the list.


Free Spirit Tank

Photo Courtesy of Patterns for Pirates on Craftsy


My mom and I are kind of into the Patterns for Pirates stuff. We’ve seen some awesome tanks mashed up with another one of her patterns to add sleeves. I’m going to try the tank itself before I do the mash up.


Tank Fabric

Photo Courtesy of Joann Fabrics


This is the fabric I’m going to use that I bought at Joanns. The stripes will be horizontal and I’m making the racerback version. This fabric is light and perfect for summer, which means this needs to be one of the first items I finish so I can actually wear it this summer.


Boyriend V neck

Photo Courtesy of Patterns for Pirates on Craftsy


As I said, we like these patterns. I’m making this with the sleeve tabs. I’m using another knit from Joanns, but I can’t find a picture of it. It’s just a small white and black stripe jersey. It’s drapey and soft and I’m hoping that makes the pattern not too tight. I don’t like tight shirts. I think I cut a medium just in case.

So that’s all of the additional apparel items I’ve added. I have two quilting things, too.

These have been on my list for a while and were inspired by the fabric.


Triangle Quilt


I got this cut out and I was so excited about it that I pieced it this weekend. It’s too long, so I’ll probably rip it out in half and use it for two baby blankets. Or I’ll make pillows. We’ll see. I have binding cut for it, too. I’ve been wanting to make an equilateral triangle quilt for awhile. When I recieved this bundle from my friend Cathy, it seemed perfect. It’s Joel Dewberry. Cathy and I love his fabrics. I mainly used Sew Fresh Quilts’ tutorial. It was the best and easiest tutorial I could find. It made the triangles go together really easily.


Lone Star



I also started working on this quilt this weekend. I had it all cut out, so I just had to sew. I actually cut enough to make two quilts, so I pieced the sections for two quilts. These are going to be lone star quilts, but I have to get the background fabric. This was a really easy way of doing lone stars. No weird seams. No weird pieces. It took me almost no time to have the sections together. If I was only doing one quilt, it was have been hella easy. Here’s my secret: Better Off Thread. She has a great tutorial and even does the math for your to resize it or use 18 pieces instead of nine.

So there you go. I’m ready to go. Now that I’ve done some quilt piecing this last weekend, I’m ready to move onto garments. I’m just waiting to get my serger back from being serviced. :)

And the obligatory photo of #Hashtag. He is bothering me while I’m sewing here. He was playing with pins and all sorts of dangerous things, so I trapped him on my lap. He thought I was trying to play and started wrestling my hand. It’s adorable until he actually gets a good chunk of skin in his mouth.



For those of you who know me, you know that I’m an organizer. I like things in order, which is why I have a spreadsheet to track all of my fabric, patterns, books, magazines, and WIPs. My WIPs list is pretty long. I document everything I want to work on, even if I haven’t started. Sometimes even if I don’t have the fabric for it yet. I also document where I’m at in the process. I realize it’s a little nuts, but it’s been a really great reference. I now buy fabric with more of a purpose because I know what projects I want to start or finish and what I need to do so.

Anyway, I have a couple of retreats coming up and I want to have things ready to sew so I’m not messing around with cutting, figuring, etc. So here’s what I’ve been prepping.


Cascade Quilt Fabric



I had an Emily Herrick FQ bundle that I won at Sew OK last year. I’ve been saving it for a special project and when my friend Amy made Susannah Kate’s Cascade quilt, I knew this would be perfect for it.


Cascade Quilt

Photo from Susannah Kate Sews


I think I’ll use a white background, but I don’t have that yet. I’ll probably go with a Kona. I still have 14 FQs left, so they’ll be great for another project. I have all of the prints cut and will just need to cut the background once I get it.


Fabric for Monkey Business Quilt


Most of these fabrics are Cotton and Steel. My wonderful aunt gave me a Cotton and Steel FQ bundle and then I used some other Cotton and Steel prints from my stash plus other random prints to get the 20 FQs that I needed.


Monkey Business Quilt


And they are for this quilt. I have cut the FQs down to the size and now I just need to buy some more freezer paper so I can do the sub cutting with the templates. I think this will go together really quickly once I have it cut.


Periwinkle Fabrics


So I’ve already made one Periwinkle quilt from Cotton and Steel prints and now I’m making another from Cotton and Steel Basics. This is entirely cut, even the binding, and just ready to piece.


Periwinkle Fabrics


Periwinkle Fabrics


Periwinkle Fabrics


Periwinkle Fabrics


I’ve paired each set of colors with two contrasting background fabrics.




Here’s my first Periwikle. The quilt I’m working on will be four of these.

So that’s all of the quilts for now. I think I have two others on my list that I have fabrics for, but I haven’t gotten around to cutting those. Soon, though. :)

On to clothing!



Photo from Seamwork Magazine


I subscribe to Seamwork and it’s well worth it. I really love some of the patterns they have included. This dress is perfect.


Mesa Fabric

Photo from Girl Charlee


This is a Ponte de Roma knit that I think will be perfect for it. I also think I’m going to make the sleeves out of black faux leather from Girl Charlee. Won’t that be awesome? I have this pattern printed, taped, traced, and now I’m just waiting for the fabric to arrive.


French Linen

Photo from Piece Keepers


This is French linen. It’s gorgeous. Designed in Paris. I was in love when I saw it. I need to buy more. They have it in gray and blue, too.


Sailor Top

Photo from Fancy Tiger Crafts.


I think this Sailor Top would be awesome in double gauze, but I think the linen will be really nice, too. It’s such a soft linen.


Sloan Fabric

Photo from Joann Fabrics


A while ago, I bought some performance knit from Joanns with the idea that I would make some workout pants. I have one pair of workout pants that I totally love. All of my others are just meh. I hadn’t found a pattern that I was in love with yet.



Photo from Hey June


But then I found these from Hey June. I’m not making the two toned version, but I like the reviews and looks of ones other people have made. I hope the waist band is high enough. I think I have a long torso so things hit me weird. I don’t like waist bands on workout pants that cut me right in the middle, which happens often. I’m hoping that if it does, I can tweak it enough to make it comfortable. Wish me luck.


Pneuma Fabric

Photo from Joann Fabrics



This was another performance knit I bought at Joanns. I’ve learned from watching others that dark is best for the bottom…meaning navy or black. Gray shows sweat and bottom sweat isn’t really attractive. But sweat looks fine or at least normal on top. I didn’t go with gray, but I did choose a lighter more textured blue to make a workout tank from. Again, I didn’t have a pattern.


Pneuma Tank

Photo from Papercut


Then I found this tank when looking for leggings. Papercut has leggings, too, but I didn’t like them as well as the Hey June ones. This tank is perfect, though. I still need to find the straps though. That should be interesting.


Raglan Fabric

Photo from Girl Charlee


I have a large order from Girl Charlee, as you can see. I originally was thinking about using this sweatshirt fabric for the Linden, but I’m going to try it out for something else first. I want more of this, but I was having trouble finding solid colors that were gray, black or navy. I’m trying to stay away from those because I own a lot of those colors.



Photo from Patterns for Pirates


I really like raglan shirts and this one from Patterns for Pirates has an awesome add on pack. I think I’m going to use the reverse side of the fabric fo the sleeves, band, and triangle at the collar. My mom gave me that idea.


Morris Fabric

Photo from Girl Charlee


This is also a Ponte de Roma. I like structured knits and I like garments made from structured knits.



Photo from Grainline Studio


This blazer from Grainline calls for a structured knit. I might also use some faux leather on here. Wouldn’t that look cool? Maybe the sleeves to tone the print down a bit. Maybe the sleeves and the collar. We’ll see. I have a couple of blazers and I wear them all of the time. I have a coral one that I love. If this turns out well, I could see me making many of these in all different colors.


Linden Fabric

Photo from Joann Fabrics


I bet you recognize this fabric. I made the Meridian from it, but I had quite a bit left over.



Photo from Grainline Studio


I was going to make the Linden out of sweatshirt knit, but then I wanted to try the raglan out of it, so I decided to go into my stash. I wanted a heavier knit and the above is reversible, so it’s doubled. I’ll probably do contrasting bands.


Everyday Elegance Fabric

Photo from Anna Maria Horner Website


I love this rayon. I’ve used it before in another color way and I have it in at least one more color way. I’m not a huge Anna Maria Horner fan, except for this print. I LOVE this print.


Everyday Elegance

Photo from Patterns for Pirates


Rayon will be perfect for this flowy Everyday Elegance top. My mom has already made one and I love how it turned out. I like that it has sleeves because I am always cold. I also think the bold print will work well with it.


Oakridge Fabric

Photo from Free Spirit


I also have this Joel Dewberry rayon. When I saw this in the shop, I knew immediately what I would use it for.



Photo from Sewaholic


I watched the Oakridge Blouse on a blog hop and I loved every one that was made. It’s similar to the Everyday Elegance, but different enough to warrant another pattern. Again, I like that is has sleeves. Somebody made one of the blog hops ones in a Cotton and Steel rayon so I knew that fabric would work.


Skinny Jeans Fabric

Photo from Robert Kaufman


This next project has been in progress for a very long time. I bought the fabric from a year and a half ago. I was scared to buy denim, but I knew I couldn’t go wrong with Robert Kaufman. This is a stretch denim.


Skinny Jeans

Photo from Sew Liberated


I want to try my hand at jeans, but I don’t want to jump in too far. These Simple Skinny Jeans are more like leggings. I’m not a fan of the waistband, so I may fiddle with that a bit, but I think it will be a good place to start.

Ok. So there are the upcoming projects. Quite a few, right? Well, I’m not quite done.




Those are the quilt tops I need to finish. Yes, I have backing and binding chosen (and even made for some) for them. It’s all hanging together so when I can get aroudn to quilting these (or sending them off for quitling), everything is in one place. I really need to work on quilting these, but I just have too many other things. Haha. :)

And now…the obligatory #Hasthag photo.




They were looking out the window. He’s so funny and adorable…both of them.


I have a few things coming up where I need a gift or some goodies to give away. I really like making things for other people.


Drunkard's Path Pillow



First up is a Drunkard’s Path pillow for a hostess gift for an upcoming retreat that I’m going to. I want to keep this so bad. I keep making colorful Drunkard’s Path pillows using Essex Linen that I keep giving away. I’m really stupid.

I’m also really loving curves. Ever since Dana of Old Red Barn Co explained them to me at Sew OK, I haven’t had a problem with them at all. I just got A Quilter’s Mixology by Angela Pingel since she was recently at our guild and I’m excited to try out some of the projects in it.


Iron Cozy

This is kind of a boring picture. I’ll show you the more fun bottom in a sec. This is Elizabeth’s Hartman’s Simple Iron Cozy. It’s meant to keep your hot iron from melting everything when you leave a sewing day or retreat. Great idea, right? I’ve made one of these before and also gave it away, but I can’t remember to whom or why. I’m sure it’s somewhere in the depths of this blog.


Iron Cozy


There’s the fun back. The boring top is made from an actually really pretty Peppered Cotton. It’s just hard to see how pretty it is in teh photos. It’s almost aqua-ish. Anyway, this is for a Swap Mama since I have a swap that’s coming to and end soon and I’ve enjoyed it soo soo much that I want to thank her for arranging it. She had this pinned on Pinterest and I know she goes to a lot of sew days and retreats.


Receiving Blanket


I made a quick self-binding receiving blanket from my favorite Missouri Star tutorial. My coworker is having a baby girl soon so this is for her along with some onesies I had leftover from the baby shower I threw last year.


Nesting Baskets



I also made some nesting One Hour Baskets. I think I took an inch off off of the sides for each one and then a half inch off of the top. I maybe could have taken more off of each side, but I still think they’re OK.


Nesting Baskets


I had a bunch of this linen looking stuff from Bluebird Park that I absolutely love. But I was hoarding it and decided I needed to use it. Since I had so many colors, it worked out well for these baskets. These are a gift for that swap I’m in.


One Hour Baskets


Then I made some more One Hour Baskets. Actually, my mom made three of them. I made the other five. These are for an upcoming retreat. I love using my stash.


Basket Treats


Here’s some of the awesome stuff I’m filling them with. I love Target.

So that’s what I’ve been up to…besides entertaining #Hashtag.

Speaking of #Hashtag, here are some fun pics of him in crafty situations.




I recently bought these fabrics and threw them in the wash so they will be ready to cut when I get around to finding a pattern for them. I threw them straight out of the dryer onto my closet floor and #Hashtag couldn’t wait to hang out in them. He loves warm laundry. Doesn’t he look so cute next to Anna Maria Horner fabric?




And here he is playing in the One Hour Baskets that I had finished. He’s is much smaller in person than what he looks like in the pictures. Everybody keeps saying that when they meet him. I think this gives a better idea of his size…at least if you are familiar with the One Hour Basket.


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