Man-Made is so much fun, especially when the guys are excited.

Tony was excited.





He also caught on very quickly. Sometimes the process of having to stop at a corner with your needle down, turn the fabric, and keep sewing isn’t the easiest thing to figure out. But Tony got it right away.




And in no time, he had a DS sleeve made! He also chose some great fabric from my stash. His outside is a Half Moon Modern chevron and the inside is a matching shot cotton.

Andrew is piecing a Space Invaders pillow and learned about chain piecing. He made some great progress and should have his pillow done in the next couple of sessions.


I’ve been sewing lots of small things and knocking those out.


iPhone Cases




iPhone Cases



If you remember, I made some iPhone cases for my sister and brother-in-law. Well, they got new phones that don’t fit in those cases anymore. So I made new cases, but these are improved upon because I added a credit card/ID pocket on the front. Fancy, huh?


Bee Block


Of course, there’s always a bee block to make. I was digging this color palette.


Pin Cushion Rings



Pin Cushion Rings


Aren’t these pin cushion rings adorable? They’re going to some very special people. :)


EPP Pouch




EPP Pouch


I made those hexies on a car ride home. I didn’t really know what to do with them, but I figured a pouch can never hurt.


Baby Stuff


Baby Stuff




Baby Stuff



One of my coworkers is having a baby and you know how much I love to make baby stuff. I found her nursery colors are purple, so I went to Modern Makers and picked up this organic Cloud 9 flannel and some shot cotton. I love this blanket. The burp cloths were just made out of the extra yardage that I bought. I liked giving this gift. My coworker was super appreciative and it’s really nice to have handmade stuff appreciated. She also said it was perfect because the baby’s room also has yellow and teal in it. I scored with that Cloud 9 flannel!

And that’s what I’ve been doing. I do have one big project in the works that I made some serious progress on recently, so look forward to that!


Baby Shower

Do you remember my friend Krista? She’s the one I went to Sew OK with?

Anyway, she was pregnant so a bunch of quilty friends and I wanted to throw her a baby shower. We planned it for the end of September since she wasn’t due until the middle of October.

Surprise! Rita, Krista’s daughter, was born early. Luckily, Rita and Krista are both doing fine and we were still able to keep our baby shower date!





I made a banner. It says, “Itty Bitty Rita,” which is what Krista has been calling Rita on social media. #ittybittyrita #ibr





Blocks were the main decoration. Krista said she didn’t have any specific colors, so I went with primary colors.




We had a guessing game with prizes for the winners. The blocks came in that cute little wagon and I was able to also put it to use. :)




Candy is always good.




I really liked the blocks.





And I got to use my punch bowl! I hardly ever get to use it so I find every excuse.




The other activity was designing onesies.




I bought a bunch of onesies and printed off images.




Then I pulled out all of my fabric scraps and laid them out. I also had double sided fusible web available.

When everybody was done decorating, Krista chose her favorite and that person won a prize. I stitched around all of the images later to make sure they last. So here are the creations.













Rita is going to be equipped with adorable onesies for awhile. :) It was a very fun party and Krista got a lot of really great gifts, man of them handmade. Quilty friends are pretty awesome!


I promise that I have been sewing, but it’s just been on big things, like quilts,that aren’t ready to show yet. However, other people around me have been accomplishing a lot.

For example, I sewed with my friends Amy and Christina this weekend. Amy sewed growing up a little, but she has recently gotten back into it and she is KILLING it.

First, she’s not afraid to try anything. She also is very hands on and learns best by just giving it a shot and learning from any mistakes she makes along the way.

She’s not making many mistakes, though. Her stuff is turning out really great!


Amy's Projects



Yeah, she sewed that curved pillow. I don’t even want to attempt that, but she jumped right in! Then she decided to add cornerstones to the border. It was a pretty successful pillow. Then she made a receiving blanket using organic knit fabric, which didn’t scare her one bit. She made a fabric basket and a heating pad using flax. She’s kind of prolific.


Amy's Projects




And there’s more! She made a Day of the Dead pillow and then some napkins for her girls to use at lunch. I think by the end of the night she had made another pillow. Oh! And she helped her daughter make a blanket.

That’s a lot of stuff. I thought I was prolific, but I might have a contender.

Then, there’s Christina…or Coo, as we call her. Christina has sewn a little bit before with her Grandma, but nothing on her own. She asked me for help to learn and I was all about it! She wanted to make a wrap dress so we found a Kwik Sew pattern (3489) that would be good for a beginner. I read a bunch of reviews about it and everybody loved the pattern and the instructions. They said it was easy to understand and went together quickly. There were a few suggestions and we used most of them. The pattern recommends fabric with a 35% stretch, so we went to Joann’s and spent some time tugging at various knits. We found a couple we liked that had a good weight, color, and stretch, but THEN…we found the BEST FABRIC EVER!–flock-dot-ponte-black-fabric/13387345.html

I know. I can’t believe I’m saying that this amazingly awesome fabric came from Joann’s, but it did. It’s beautiful an d it feels really fabulous, even after being washed. I should have bought all of it. I should buy some online, but I don’t need to spend the money. But I really want to. I really liked worked with it. I really like how the dress made with it turned out. I just really like it.

Anyway, back to the dress. Coo got the full experience. She had to tape the pattern together, trace it, cut out all of the pieces, and sew it all together. I think she learned a lot. I’m sure it was overwhelming, but she did a fabulous job. The dress turned out better than I could ever imagine. I was a little nervous because I hadn’t made the pattern before, but the reviews made me feel better.

So Coo knocked it out of the park. Her first time really sewing and she made a really great fitting dress using knit fabric (heavy knit, so it wasn’t too shifty). This dress has some really professional looking finishes. We made just a few changes. First, it’s super long. We shortened it by four inches to make it work appropriate. If it wasn’t being worn for work, we could have shortened it another inch or two. We also squared off the wrap part of the dress. It just looks more modern that way. We made the ties significantly longer and thicker. We didn’t add the optional elastic and that was totally fine. We did top stitch around the neckline and I’m really glad we did. It added a really nice finish. Also, the instructions aren’t really clear about the hole left in one side for the tie to go through. We had to enlarge that hole because our ties were wider, but we also top stitched around it to keep everything in place. For the ties, since the space you need to place them isn’t very wide, we tapered them off at the end so they would fit in the space. Also, I don’t think the instructions go over finishing the other end of the ties. It wasn’t hard to do, though.


Coo's Dress



I took this picture with Coo’s phone and she sent it to me with her head halfway cropped off. So blame her for that. :)

Doesn’t it look great?! I wish you could see more of the detail. We cut an XS and it could maybe be a little tighter, but it’s not loose enough that it looks bad. The bust darts maybe could have come up a little bit, but it’s so close that nobody will ever say, “Those bust darts aren’t in the right place.” Oh! We used Steam-A-Seam for all of the hems including the sleeves. It was a LIFESAVER! And the interfacing we used was my go-to Pellon SF101. Of course, for sewing with knits, we used a ballpoint needle and a walking foot. Those were also the best things ever. We bought 2 1/4 yds although the pattern says 2 1/8, but I wanted to account for an shrinkage. I’m glad we had all of that yardage since we squared off the skirt and lengthened and widened the ties.

I want to make this dress now. Like this exact one with this exact fabric. I won’t, but I want to. I covet that dress.

I could go on and on about that dress. I’ll stop, though, and move on to what my wonderful mother has been working on.


Do Rags


Yes, those are do-rags that motorcycle dudes wear. My dad’s a motorcycle dude. He’s had this one American flag do-rag for like 10 years and it has finally fallen apart. People recognize him by this do-rag. They don’t know him by his bike, but his do-rag. It was kind of devastating for this do-rag to finally see it’s last day. So my mom decided to use it as a pattern and is now making do-rags. My dad requested the chevrons because he knows I’m into that. I guess that’s not going to be his signature. People will know him by his chevron do-rags. I think it’s the coolest thing ever. I told him he needed to paint his bike chevron and I think he’s considering it. Haha. I love it!

Anyway, that’s what everybody else has been up to. I promise I’ll have an update on what I’ve been doing soon.

I’m all over the place right now. I haven’t really had time to work on anything specific. So here’s a bunch of random stuff.






I took Carolyn Friedlander’s applique class offered by the KCMQG. I wasn’t going to take it because I don’t need another thing to do. However, a bunch of my friends were taking it and Carolyn was there, so I signed up at the last minute. I am so glad that I did! I really enjoyed it. Carolyn is a fabulous teacher and I really enjoyed this method. This is hanging on my sewing room wall right now, but I think I’ll make it into a coaster to use at work.

And speaking of Carolyn, I got her to sign my Local Quilt!




Yay! She signed the stem of one of the trees on the last block, which is also the hardest block. I love it.

While I’m on the subject of hand work, I’ve done some serious English Paper Piecing recently.





That’s 21 flowers. I have no idea what I’m going to do with them. I asked Instagram and one suggestion was to make more. Ha. I think I’m done. I might put them aside for awhile and hopefully an idea will hit me.

This next part really focus around guys. Here are some pics from my last Man-Made class.





Craig made an iPad sleeve using David Butler fabric.


Andrew and Quan


Since Andrew and Quan already made an iPad sleeve, they worked on other projects. Andrew cut squares for a pillow top. Quan made a shaving kit/hygiene bag. It’s a serious bag. It has a zipper and it has laminate on the inside.

Finally, my sister and I have made another pillow. Our friend’s father is having heart surgery.




We used Vanessa Christenson’s Reverse Applique Pleated Pillow tutorial. The plaid is a soft homespun and the red is a tiny herringbone flannel. It’s super soft and cuddly. These are my colors, but this pillow is really freakin’ cute. I love it.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Just little things. My big project has been categorizing my fabric and planning future projects. Maybe someday I’ll get back to finishing big things.

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