Neon Quilt

We recently redecorated Andrew’s man cave. It previously had a large black couch in it and had almost no decoration. We purchased a new, modern sectional and a fun accent chair. We added some cute footstools and I began working on decorating. Although nothing is hung up yet, we’ve stuck with a theme. NEON!

I made neon pillows. We bought neon art and coasters. Our footstools are even neon.

Neon Coasters


Neon Art

Neon Room




Of course, it wasn’t complete without a neon quilt for the wall, which is currently laying on the couch.

Neon Quilt

These are just super large Shoo-Fly blocks. The quilt top took almost no time at all, but then I quilted the hell out of it with my domestic machine

Neon Pebbles

In everyone solid neon and in the solid gray, there are pebbles.


In the polka dots, I did organic lines.


And the lines go opposite ways on each block.


I think all of the fabric is from Michael Miller except for the gray solid Kona.

A note about the solid neon: DO NOT WASH IT!!!!!!!!!

Want to see what happens when you wash it?

Quilt Back

See that solid yellow on the back of the quilt? Yup, that used to be neon. Also, the neon fabric is not the softest. I’m glad this is going to be a wall quilt and not something to cuddle with. The neon is probably the coarsest quilting cotton I’ve ever felt in my life. I’m slightly disappointed in Michael Miller for allowing it.

I have this quilt and the local quilt plus the neon art that need to be hung up. I have no idea when that will actually happen, though. :)

And for a random end to this post, here’s a paper pieced bee block I worked on this week. I wanted to make all four, but I ran out of gray. We didn’t have to make four, so I feel OK with just completing the three. This will be a wonderfully colorful quilt!

Scrappy Bee Block


This last weekend I went to another retreat hosted by the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild. The retreat was held in Hamilton, MO, in Missouri Star Quilt Company’s new Retreat Center. It was absolutely amazing. Missouri Star treated us so well. The Retreat Center was beautiful and so well done. The people were wonderful. They gave us an awesome walking tour and it was astounding to see all that they have done for the Hamilton community. If you get a chance to go to Hamilton, do it! Also, the weather was gorgeous on Friday and Saturday. It started to rain on Sunday, but that was the day we were leaving anyway. I have to thank the KCMQG Retreat Committee because they did an awesome job putting the whole weekend together. There wasn’t one single glitch!

I felt like I did so much in just the few days I was there. I also felt like I spent a lot of time not sewing, but I got a ton of stuff done! I don’t know how that happens.

When I got there on Friday afternoon, I got set up and I started working on the quilt I worked on at the previous weekend retreat. I needed to put one more border on.

Nora's Quilt


There’s the finished top. This is for a little girl and I hope she’s going to love it. I think she will. :)

Then I started working on the back. This took awhile. I wanted to piece the back using scraps from the top. I ended up only using some of the scraps, but I’m pleased with how the back turned out. I didn’t finish the back on Friday night, but I got a good start. I had to buy the green and yellow solid borders on Saturday at Missouri Star’s solids shop. Yes, they have a shop just for solids. It wasn’t completed, but they let us in early. :) It’s going to be so amazing when finished because it was stunning in the mostly finished state.

Nora's Quilt


Here’s the back of the quilt. Some of the purple border will go away because the back is larger than the top for quilting. It’s kind of a bonus quilt. I started piecing the giant log cabin and eventually ran out of scraps that were long enough. I didn’t want to do a lot of extra piecing, so I moved on with the solid borders.

After finishing the top and the back of that quilt, I moved on to bee blocks since I really needed to catch up after focusing most of my time on completing the quilt.

Bee Block


This block is for the Stash Bee. I had cut out the strips while at home and was going to work on it during the week, but things came up. This went together really quickly since I already had it cut. I love rainbows, so this block was fun to make.

Converging Corners


You may recognize this pattern because I’m also having bee mates make this block. I made these Converging Corners blocks for another bee that I’m in. The blue, creams, grays, oranges, and corals look fabulous together. I love the pops of orange, coral, and blue. I’m sure this will be a stunning quilt.

Speaking of Converging Corners…

Converging Corners


Merrie made these for me at the retreat. I’m so in love with these blocks. I love the gray linen. I love the orange. I love the aquas. It’s such the perfect combination. I can’t wait to get more blocks back and see them all together. Also, that Heirloom Joel Dewberry orange and aqua print in the middle might be my favorite fabric of all time.



Since Merrie made me some blocks, I made her some blocks, too.



Aren’t the spools awesome? I think this is the perfect bee block. It went together fast, wasn’t challenging, was super fun, and is just stunning when complete. Merrie was also working on these and I think she had five or six, including mine, by the end of the retreat. They were all hanging up on the wall and I cannot wait to see the quilt when it’s complete. I kept looking over at the ones on the wall and just being amazed at how cool it looked.

Bow Ties


I whipped together a couple of bow tie blocks. These hardly count as a project because I think they took all of five minutes to complete. Easiest block ever!

Polaroid Blocks


These polaroid blocks are for the KC Scrappy Bee. Isn’t that one wonky block, cute? This was kind of an intense block. There are a lot of little pieces, but it was fun to see the pictures come together and the completed block is super cool. I am surprised I was able to find enough novelty prints in my stash. I kind of had to cheat with some flowers because I just didn’t have a lot of kitschy fabrics.

Sharon's Blocks


This post is going to end on somewhat of a sad note. We lost one of our guild members to cancer this last week. It just really sucks. I can’t really put it any other way. It totally sucks and isn’t fair and is so sad and upsetting and frustrating. Cancer is the worst and I don’t know a single person who hasn’t been affected by it in some way. Fuck cancer. Excuse my language, but that’s exactly how I feel. So what do you do?

Well, obviously, we’re making a quilt. Another member put together the perfect block for a quilt for the family. The low volume creams, whites, grays, pinks, and blues represent the sadness surrounding the situation. At least that’s what they represent to me. It reminds me of a rainy, dreary day. The pop of yellow/orange/gold is the one ray of sunshine that starts peeking out. And I hope that one ray represents the start of the healing process. Maybe is sounds kind of cheesy, but I don’t really care. These blocks go together super quickly. I made two at the retreat and then three when I got home. I have a total of 24 and I think we’ll probably get a few more. On a better note, it’s amazing to see how much people care about one another. There was an overwhelming amount of people who wanted to do something for the family and help in some way. I’ll make sure to post pictures of the finished quilt. Here are 20 of the blocks on the design wall at the retreat.

Sharon's Blocks



I hosted a retreat for my mom, aunt, and our friends last weekend. As always, we had a ton of fun. I didn’t take as many pictures this time because I was working really hard on a quilt top. Here are a few pictures I snapped.

Thread Catchers


I made thread catchers for everyone who attended.



Kim made a Sew Together Bag. This is Kim’s first “big” sewing project and she did an awesome job on it! We were all so proud of her!

After I mostly finished my quilt top, I laid out some bee blocks.

Bow Ties


Mom and Becky made me some of these blocks during the retreat. I’m loving how this is looking.

Low Volume


These are the low volume blocks I’ve received. I need to find something to sash them with. Should it be something that pops? Or should I just do a darker gray?



Finally, here’s the bookshelves. I’m going to have to trim some and probably add some, but I think this looks fantastic!

I’m not starting these any time soon, but I had the blocks lying around, so I had to play around with them.

I’m going to another retreat this weekend so I plan on piecing a back for the quilt top I was working on. You’ll hopefully get to see that soon!

For my birthday, my grandma gave me a very special gift. She embroidered a set of dish towels for me.

These mean so much to me because I remember my grandma spending a lot of time embroidering and doing other “fancy work” (as she calls it) when I was younger. I have a set of pillowcases that are so beautiful that she embroidered. I had one pair that I think my mother may still have that I wore out from use. This second set hasn’t been used. I’m still not sure if I’m ready to use the dish towels. I really just enjoy looking at them.

These also mean a lot to me because there’s a lot of thought to them. My kitchen has red accents, so the lady has a red dress. I’m refinishing a treadle sewing machine that I want to paint aqua and put in our condo, so the flowers are aqua. There was time spent planning and I appreciate that.

On to the actual images!

Iron Day


Ha! As if I ever actually iron if it’s not for a quilt! Still, this is super cute. I love her petticoat and her ironing board and her cute little iron. However, I do remember my grandma talking about ironing. She would iron everything! Sheets, hankies, clothes, etc. I think that’s just crazy, but I guess that’s just what you did. My sister used to iron her jeans and I thought she was insane. I use an iron A LOT, but almost exclusively for quilting. So let’s pretend that is a yard of some very pretty blue fabric she’s ironing.

Market Day


In the summer, this is Saturday when we walk to the River Market for brunch with our friends. Although we don’t carry a cute yellow basket. We have the ever popular re-useable grocery bags.

Gardening Day


Again, ha! Did I ever tell you about the tree that Andrew and I tried to keep? It lasted three years and then I got tired of watering it because I was forever scared of killing it. Sometimes, I think it was dying and then I would forget to water it and it would be fine. Then it would think it was dying because I hadn’t watered it. It was just this very stressful cycle, so I really stopped watering it altogether. I even put a sign on it so the cleaning people wouldn’t water it. Eventually, we took it out and just put it in the trash area. I kind of felt bad, but I really couldn’t handle the stress of having a tree. I can’t even imagine how anxious I would feel about a child. I think I would have to be medicated. Anyway, I like the idea of a gardening day. Secret garden style, which is definitely too much for me, but I really love that movie.

Bake Day

This day exists, too. It’s Sunday, but only when we host Sunday dinner with our building friends. Actually, there is usually more cooking than baking, but they’re in the same vein. Maybe her pie could be a chicken pot pie!

Cleaning Day


Ha! See description above about cleaning people. Actually, I am an extremely clean person. Our cleaning people do the real serious cleaning (toilets, shower, etc) every three weeks, but I keep everything immaculate in the meantime. You can ask Andrew. He tells everyone that we live in a sterile environment and that’s probably very close to the truth.

Wash Day


This is EVERY day. I hate laundry. It never ends. Ever. However, I don’t know if I’d hate it less if I could hang my clothes on a close line like this lady. Of course, she probably just got done scrubbing hers by hand. No way, lady. NO WAY. But a close line, I can get behind that. My mom still hands clothes on the clothes line and they smell THE BEST! Except when the neighbors burn leaves.

Her little shoes are adorable. I love that they’re just barely peeping out from beneath her petticoats. :)



This is appropriate. I’m assuming whoever came up with these designs meant this to probably be the Bible. I get that, but since I’m not religious, I’m going to say this could be any book and Sunday is for reading. I love to read so that is how I’m interpreting this one.

Embroidery is kind of having a come back right now. I did a bit of embroidery a couple of years ago and I really like hand work, so I think I might have to give it a try again. I have an embroidered quilt pattern that my friend, Jaime, gave to me. I don’t know if I want to do a quilt, but I could take one part of it and work on a pillow or wall hanging or maybe even some more dish towels. As if I need another project!

Are you ready to find out who won the $25 gift certificate to Mountain Lake Quilting?

The random number generator that I used picked #3.

Kim is #3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Giveaway Comment

Congrats, Kim!

I’m so excited that Kim won this. I spent all weekend with her and some other very lovely ladies. Kim made a Sew Together Bag and it turned out super awesome. I can’t wait to see what bright fabric she spends her $25 on.

Even if you didn’t win, Mountain Lake Quilting is offering everyone 10% off until the end of May. Just use the code CLOSET10.

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