The Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild holds a weekend retreat every spring. This year and last year, we had it at Missouri Star’s retreat center in Hamilton, MO. It’s such a fabulous time. The retreat center is perfect and I was super productive.


Baby Blanket



First, I finished putting together this quilt top. My second cousin is having a baby and I had a fat quarter bundle of this fabric. I’m trying to use my stash, so this worked out perfectly. I used the Yellow Brick Road quilt pattern that goes together super quickly. This is actually already quilted and bound and just needs a label. I’ll be taking it home to the new baby and parents in the middle of May for my other second cousin’s high school graduation!


Union jack Pillow


I didn’t have a solid plan for this retreat, but I brought two pillow kits that I purchased from I Don’t Do Dishes. I had made one of her pillow kits before and I totally love them. All of the pillows are from the book Pillow Pop. I recommend it. Anyway, this one turned out SUPER cute, but those Union Jacks are hell. They need to be paper pieced. It’s just impossible to get everything to be perfectly square when you’re working with so many tiny tiny pieces. It still turned out great, though. I was binding it while visiting my grandparents and I used one of my grandmother’s pillows to check it out once it was finished. She kind of liked it on her pillow, so I just left it there. :)


Union Jack



See how tiny these are! This one actually turned out pretty square. There were some seriously wonky ones.

Then I took my second kit and made another pillow.


HST Pillow



These are some very tiny HSTs, but I love how it turned out. The Peppered Cottons are wonderful. These colors match our bedroom so this is hanging out on the futon in our bedroom.





There were some squares left over so I put them together. This is actually also quilted and bound and on our dresser. I’ll take a pic of the finished item soon and get it up here.




Speaking of HSTs and left over stuff, this was created from the leftover HSTs from my Swoon quilt. I love love love the Tsuru fabric, so I couldn’t let these go to waste. This is also quilted and now hanging in my sewing room. I promise I’ll have pics of it soon, too.





I guess I was in the mood to finish things up because I stayed up late one evening and finished knitting this cowl. I haven’t worn it yet because it’s now pretty warm, but I’ve very excited to wear it once it’s cold again. This is just a simple simple project to get my feet wet with knitting.

The other project that I packed was something I needed to work on for a retreat I was hosting.




Aren’t these earrings awesome? I got the idea from a friend who sells these on Etsy. I have no interest in selling them, but they are perfect for gifts! I ordered the covered buttons in multiple sizes from Etsy along with the cardboard pieces and earring backs. These are great for scraps and I’m glad I got to use some of my scraps.

Ok. Moving on to new stuff. While I was hanging out in the shops at Missouri Star, I got a lot of inspiration.

First, I saw this hanging in their main shop. I’ve actually noticed it before and loved it, but was wrapped up in other things to really take an interest. I took an interest this time, though.





I bought the ruler, paper pieces, a charm pack, and background yardage to try this out. And I tried it out and LOVED it.




Pretty, right? I wasn’t a big fan of the Cotton and Steel prints, but I love how they turned out here. I’m more of a Cotton and Steel Basics gal. But more on that later. :) I love Carolyn Friedlander’s fabrics and this background matched perfectly with the Cotton and Steel prints.





This is Missouri Star’s Periwinkle pattern and Jenny has a couple of YouTube videos on it. The second video is a modified version. I don’t believe the modified version is needed. I didn’t use it. I still had to trim the sides of my block to have only a quarter of an inch in the end so my points would perfectly match up. If you’re a precise piecer, I would suggest using the original version.

Also, this project has quite a bit of waste for the background fabric. I have a bunch of leftover random triangles of the Carolyn Friendlander fabric that I plan on playing around with. I’ll let you know how that turns out. Also, I bought a TON of Cotton and Steel Basics to make a much bigger version of this quilt. It’s all cut and just waiting to be pieced. Now that my Swoon top is together, I need a go-to project when I have nothing else to work on. That’s what I have planned for that project. Cotton and Steel has charm packs of each of their Basics color ways and I bought one of each. So I’ll have four panels like the above and I’ll put them together for a larger quilt. I hope it will be a project that lasts awhile.


Mug Rug



Along the same lines, I saw this Mug Rug hanging out in the main shop, too. It uses the same template as the Periwinkle quilt. I think there was a pattern to purchase for this, but I didn’t buy it. Instead, I made a few of my own using more Carolyn Friendlander fabric from a charm pack that I picked up.


Mug Rugs



The shop sample just had a solid piece on the back. I made mine reversible.


Mug Rugs


These were very easy and fun. I have absolutely no idea what I will do with them, but I love them.

While I was in the main shop buying the stuff for all of these projects, I also saw something else that inspired me.


Bow Tie


Sorry for the crappy picture. I love these bow ties. I bought the Tumbler template for it and I will eventually make something similar.


Bow Tie


Here’s another variation. I haven’t decided which variation I will do or when I will do it or what I’ll do with it, but someday I will do something. Haha.


My final project for the weekend was just something I threw in my bag at the very last minute.


Hexie Quilt


I received two packs of these Moda hexagons from my aunt and uncle a couple of years ago. I watched the Moda tutorial and just started putting these rows together. They actually went together pretty quickly. They’re kind of fussy, but very fun. Missouri Star has a hexagon template that would probably make this easier, which is fine. I had these lying around so the worked. And now I have another quilt top.

So that was my weekend. It was all day Friday, Saturday, and until 2 or so on Sunday. I was SUPER productive and it felt really really nice to just sew and be surrounding by everybody else sewing. People were working on AMAZING things. Also, I shared a table with a member who works at the same company I do. I really enjoyed sharing a table with her since we have lots of things in common. I didn’t want to go home. I think everybody agreed that we could stay there week after week and just sew. Dreams…haha.

About once a month, a couple of friends and I get together and sew on a Saturday. It’s kind of a mini-retreat. This one was quite a while ago, but it was a pretty productive time. I didn’t have a lot to work on, so I just made some fun things.

First, I started with this top.





This is the Jaile Doman Top. I’m pleased with how it turned out except it’s kind of short. I would lengthen it next time.

Dolman Top



Don’t you like the fabric! It’s just a little sparkly. :) I’ve been wearing this as a workout shirt. I added cuffs to the sleeves since I like that better than a hem.


Dolman Top


I also changed up the neckline just a bit and I’m really happy with how it turned out. It looks very very nice. I’ll probably make this top again, but not for awhile.


Drawstring Bag


This was just a fun little project that I put together from the School of Sewing book.  Cute, right? I’ve been using it to hold knitting.




I made Andrew an apron a long time ago from some Habitat fabric and a dish cloth using a Missouri Star tutorial. Somehow, that apron disappeared. We have no idea where it went. It’s been like three years. So I decided he needed another one. This is also from School of Sewing.





I used some chambray from Robert Kaufman for it. Their chambray is the best.

It was a very chill little retreat and I had a great time. It seems like I am just overflowing with retreats lately. :) I have two more to talk about!

I met some wonderful ladies when I went to Oklahoma City for SewOK. I haven’t seen them since, but luckily, one of them (Susannah Kate) was on her game and set up a small retreat for some of us on a small lake in Arkansas. The house was huge and perfect for a sewing retreat. I think it’s normally rented out for other things, but it worked super well for us. The bottom floor was a recreational area, which is where we sewed. It also had a bathroom with a shower, a hot tub, a pink pong table, a kitchen sink, counter-space, and a refrigerator. We moved the furniture out of the way and set up tables. The second level was the full kitchen (which was totally gorgeous), the living room, a small eating space, and the master bedroom and bathroom. We honestly didn’t use that area much except for the kitchen. The third level had another bedroom and bathroom and then a “landing” that contained a little sitting/children’s play area, another sitting/eating area, and like four bunk beds. I had a bunk bed, which was perfect for me. The house also had a beautiful deck/balcony off of the main living area. It was an absolutely gorgeous house and the area was beautiful with the lake. It was about a three and a half hour drive for me, which was totally reasonable. I arrived on Thursday around 3:30 pm (I think) and was the third person there. I got set up and pretty much started sewing immediately.


Hudson Pants


The first thing I made was a pair of Hudson Pants. I finished these on Thursday night and they are SOOOO comfortable. I love the waist. I hate pants with tiny elastic in them. It’s uncomfortable. These are perfect. The cuffs on the bottom are comfy and I love the pockets and pocket detail. They also went together so easily. I had a bit of a problem with the second pair (more about that in a bit), but not a single problem with these.




This was kind of my first time doing buttonholes and I killed it. I’ve practiced before and I practiced before I did these. Buttonholes are actually really easy.




Aren’t the pockets pretty? I wanted some contrast and almost put black cuffs on, too, but I’m glad I just left the contrast at the pockets.


Serged Inside


I brought my serger and I love how professional these pants look. I’ve worn them constantly since I made them. They are easily one of the best things I’ve ever made.

Anyway, I did take a small break for dinner. Susannah Kate did a really clever thing and had everybody sign up for a meal. I chose dinner on Friday night and made homemade stew for everyone. We had spaghetti and some wonderful homemade meatballs on Thursday night made by Jamie and her husband.

On Saturday morning, I started working on my second pair of pants. I already had them cut out and the legs sewn on. HOWEVER – I made two left legs. Oops! So be careful when you are making this pattern and make sure you have a right and a left leg. I think my confusion happened because it was really hard to tell the right and wrong side on the knit I was using. I picked out one of the legs and corrected it and ended up with another pair of pants later that day.

Hudson Pants


I used a bit of the gray from the other pair for the contrasting pocket detail. I was also lazy and didn’t want to change my serger thread so…




It’s on the inside so it doesn’t matter, right? I still think they look great. Just like the gray ones, I wear these ALL OF THE TIME. Both the gray and the black knit are from Joanns. I could have made a smaller size, I think. There’s quite a bit of room in the butt area and the waistband is adjustable because of the elastic. The length is perfect, though. I’m 5’4″ and I think it was sized for 5’5″. I can’t remember what size I made, but if I made them again, I would probably go down one size.

On Saturday  morning, Olivia made the absolute BEST homemade cinnamon rolls I’ve ever had. They were so wonderful. In fact, I skipped dessert a couple of nights and had a leftover cinnamon roll instead. Kaylee brought caramel from her work and it was so delicious on top of the cinnamon rolls. I actually ended up taking home the three jars of caramel and they didn’t last very long. In fact, I need to order more.

I think I finished two cardigans on Friday.




The first was the Meridian. I used a double sided knit (one striped and one polka dot) from Joanns. This is a really heavy cardigan, which is perfect for me.




There are some things I don’t particularly like about this pattern. There are also things I really love. The sleeves are wide. I wish they were more tailored and tight, but that’s an easy fix. I would also put a cuff on instead of the finishing methods recommended in the pattern.




There was another way to finish the sleeves, but this is the one I chose. This pattern is also too large. I should have made the smallest size. I followed my measurements, but it’s way too big. I don’t mind that it’s too large because I wear it at home, but I probably won’t wear it to work because it looks a bit sloppy. That’s really my fault because I should have made a muslin, but it doesn’t really matter that much. I wear this a lot at home.




One other thing I like about the pattern is how the edges are finished. Since it’s lined, it’s just turned and top stitched, but it looks fabulous.

Karen made lunch on Friday; taco salad. I have to say – I’ve never been fed as well as I was that weekend. Well, maybe I have by my own family, but I have’t been fed that well in quite a while. Let’s just say it was something to remember. Karen’s taco salad was so wonderful. I ate WAY too much. These ladies are not only talented sewists, but also very talented cooks.

At some point during the day, I made my second cardigan. I also used doubled sided knit from Joanns for this one, but it was metallic!




I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern. It’s the Julia Women’s Cardigan and it fits me perfectly. I used my measurements and it turned out absolutely perfect! I chose to use the polka dotted side as the  main side since I didn’t want to match stripes. But I like having the stripes on the inside for a bit of fun.


Julia Cardigan


I also love how this pattern is finished. It’s not lined, which I kind of like. There are different options for finishing and I chose to to the double sided collar. I think it’s the best. Hemming sucks and this made it really easy. I also love that the sleeves have cuffs. I like cuffs…if you can’t tell.




And my serger made the finishing really nice. I love it. I wear this a lot, too. It’s perfect for work and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it.

As I said, I served dinner on Friday night and made my grandma’s homemade stew. I think it was a hit. Many people said very nice things about it.

On Saturday morning, Susannah Kate made the most delicious french toast bake with fresh fruit. I’m a carbs person so I was all over it. I love french toast. I’ve never had it in a casserole/bake style, but it’s a fabulous idea.

I didn’t plan on being so productive, but I luckily brought one additional project.




I wasn’t able to get a picture of it, but Susannah Kate did. SWOON! This have been a long-time coming project. I got this gorgeous Tsuru fabric from my aunt and uncle and I saved this for a long time. It was too pretty to cut into. I finally did and cut all of the blocks for this quilt and managed to finish one block. But I finished the others at the retreat and got this top together. I decided not to add the sashing or the extra row. I don’t need that big of a quilt. This is probably one of my favorite quilts ever. I absolutely love the fabric and I love who gave it to me and I love the pattern. It’s gorgeous.

Lunch on Saturday was some really really delicious taco soup/Mexican soup thing made by Micah. It was hearty, comfort/soul food. I totally totally loved it. I love comfort food, hence the beef stew. It was cheesy and wonderful. I think it had sausage in it, actually. The sausage just added to it even more. Yum!

Dinner on Saturday was actually the real piece de resistance and I think everybody would agree with me. Susannah’s mother, Jo, owns a restaurant and she made a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern meal that was to die for. I felt like I was eating at a very expensive restaurant. I cannot even explain how delicious it was. I still think about that meal.

After I finished that quilt, I did some knitting and visiting and just took it easy. I headed out a little before 10 am on Sunday and we were all so sad we had to leave. I know Susannah Kate is planning another one and I can’t wait. It was such a relaxing, productive, delicious, gorgeous, and fun weekend.

I’m normally not a “I can’t wait to celebrate my birthday!” person. In fact, I usually don’t care. I didn’t actually care this year, but a lot of people made it a very special birthday that lasted the entire month.

First, on my actual birthday and birthday weekend, I got to see my family and do quilt-y related things. My mom made me stroganoff and bought me fabric. My sister sent me a Hawthorne Threads gift card. And Andrew took me out to a wonderful dinner.

Then, Tula Pink spoke at guild, which couldn’t have been better planned. :) But the real treat of the evening was the Handmade Birthday Club. I’ve been waiting for my birthday month because I’ve been seeing all of the amazing things others have received. I got the absolute best gifts ever.



Birthday Gifts


Look at all of that! Isn’t it so pretty?!?


Birthday Gifts


I couldn’t stop looking at it and I immediately found a home for everything. Denise made me some awesome zipper pouches and a drawstring bag using number fabric, which is absolutely perfect because I LOVE numbers. They were all very cool, but one of the zipper pouches was particularly awesome because it had the zipper on the corner. Cool, right? I’ve already used them to carry around stuff. Bags are so handy! Nikki also made me a zipper pouch using some gorgeous linen and some even more gorgeous Liberty fabric. Plus, she did some awesome stitching on it and included a cute wristlet that I’ve clipped onto the bag to make it easier to carry around.





This wonderful pillow that perfectly matches my living room was made by Staci. She doesn’t give herself enough credit for her talent. Her work is beautiful and I’m totally in love with this pillow. I’m also a big big fan on straight line and echo quilting, so this blew me away.


Table Runner



Jessica made this super awesome table runner that also perfectly matches my living room and goes perfectly on my coffee table. Jessica is a long arm quilter and the quilting on this is superb. I’ve found myself ignoring what’s on TV and just looking at the different quilting patterns because they’re so interesting. I love love love love love it.




Then, there is this beautiful pillow. Marilyn made it and the Liberty and Essex Linen combo KILLS ME because I love it so much. I had it on my lap last night and just kept petting the little print strips. Andrew found it kind of creepy, but I’m sure you all understand. I love this pillow size. Almost all of my pillows are square so it’s nice to have something different.

I received all that the night of guild. It was a fantastic night. But I wasn’t done!

Melissa wasn’t able to make it to guild, but she was at the retreat this last weekend and gave me my present then!





I had kind of forgotten that she had told me she’d give it to me at the retreat so when I was handed the gift bag (a metallic silver chevron one!), I was super excited. And when I saw what was inside, I was even more excited. This is the perfect basket for my sewing room. How cute is that embroidery? I always admire Melissa’s embroidery, so I’m thrilled to have a piece of it. I also love the zippers on this. There’s one on each side. I’ve already filled it with pretty fabric, but the inside has pockets for pens and other sewing tools.

I’ve felt so special this month. With the retreat last weekend, it also made the month extra special. Plus, the weather has been pretty nice and we’ve been spending a lot of time walking around the downtown area and that just reminds me how much I totally love living downtown.

Fabulous birthday and fabulous month. I don’t think April can live up to it, but that’s OK. I’m glad my birthday month was extra special. :)


This last weekend was a really fabulous weekend for me.

First, I took Friday off. It was my birthday, but that’s the reason I took it off. I left Thursday after work to head to my hometown, which is around four hours away.

I woke up Friday morning, drank some coffee, watched some Fons & Porter, watched some Sewing with Nancy, and worked out. (Note: My mom DVRs those shows and I LOVE watching them when I go home.) Then I went to visit my grandparents and spent the rest of the morning and afternoon with them. My grandparents live right across the street from each other. It’s very convenient. And they are only a few blocks from my parent’s house. Of course, everything is only a few blocks in Republic. It was great to get to visit with them and they didn’t expect it, so that was nice.

After that, I got cleaned up and met up with my dad and we drove into Belleville. My parents took me out to a birthday dinner at one of the few eating options in Belleville; a Mexican restaurant. My meal was great and it was excellent to spend time with my parents. Also, we ran into quite a few people I knew while growing up there, including my old drama coach who had big impact on my life. The entire reason I can get up in front of a large crowd of people and be comfortable speaking is pretty much solely credited to her.

And speaking of speaking to people…after dinner, I went to my mom’s quilt guild, The Heart of the Prairie Guild, and gave a lecture and trunk show about modern quilting. I certainly enjoyed talking about modern quilting and I think they enjoyed the presentation. Also, they were so sweet and had cupcakes and ice cream since it was my birthday! I even got a present from one of their members. Isn’t that sweet?!?


Birthday Celebration



It was a pretty great birthday for me. By the way, I turned 27. :)

On Saturday, we woke up early and had to be back in Belleville so I could teach a class to some of the guild members. I chose to teach (with permission) the Fractal Radiance pattern that the KCMQG released. Three people planned to make the small quilt top and the other four were going to make the pillow.

It was a super successful class and everyone (except Gretchen because she was the absolutely best hostess with the mostess) completed their top.


Fractal Radiance Pillows


I’ve never seen this done in batiks and I think it adds a dimension that solid and regular prints don’t. And the shades of blue together are perfect. That’s such a classy look. It reminds of the first Fractal Radiance quilt I made. I like that some marbles and tiny prints are combined with solids in that one.


Fractal Radiance Pillow


Fractal Radiance Pillow


Ok. So these two ladies are my heroes. They and a some other women just got finished making 97 quilts in the month of February! How crazy is that?! Every February, they do mission quilting all month long. Last year they made 93 quilts. All of the quilts are made by machine, tied, and machine bound. I’m still in awe.

Again, one of these is batiks, but in a brighter palate and I still like the dimension. It’s kind of perfect for Spring! The next one really reminds me of a crazy quilt. Isn’t that cool? I love how different fabrics really change the look of this pattern.

My mom and my aunt chose to make their quilt tops in just solids, which was quite a step out of her quilting box for my aunt. But I’m so glad she did because they turned out perfect!


Fractal Radiance



Aren’t they totally awesome? I really really love how this quilt works up in solids. Gretchen is making hers in shot cottons (like my first one) and I can’t wait to see it, too! I love how my second one looks in prints, but I really really love solids and shots. But that’s not a surprise. :)

Mom is going to do some fun and dense quilting on hers that I’m pretty excited about. Cathy is thinking about adding a border to hers to make it a bit bigger so it can be used as a couch quilt.

So after an awesome class, I spent some time at the local fabric shop and then my mom and I headed home to spend some time with my dad. We went for a drive and just hung out. It was relaxing and nice to spend time with my parents. My mom made my favorite, stroganoff, for dinner and the grandparents came over. It was a great great day.

On Sunday, I took off early and made it to Lawrence in time to see my great friend Jaime’s thesis show, Color Machine, at KU and attend her reception. The end product is absolutely amazing and if you have a chance this week to see it, do it! I helped her a bit on the project and it was super amazing to finally see it displayed.

It was a perfectly incredible weekend and Andrew made it even better by taking me to one of my favorite restaurants (Providence New American Kitchen) for dinner. :)

Happy birthday to me!


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