The final bee quilt top is DONE!


Bee Quilt Top


These blocks were from a 3×6 Scrappy Bee. I asked for low volume blocks. Without the sashing, these blocks did not look super great next to each other. However, the sashing totally saves it.

Now that all of the tops are done, I’m slowly working on the backings. I ordered quite a bit of fabric from a super sale that will be most of the backs.

Besides working on that this weekend, I cut out six Wiksten Tanks. Yes, six. I’m experimenting with different fabrics for the tanks, so I have a cotton one, two rayon ones, a knit one, a voile one, and a chiffon one. I already have tanks in chambray and a cotton/poly blend. I don’t have bindings cut yet because I’m not sure if I want them to contrast or not. I’ll figure that out once I get the garments together and hemmed.

Also, my friend turned 40 and we were invited to a surprise birthday party for her. She loves Amy Butler fabric so I grabbed a bunch. The best part, though, was the packaging.




I just took a brown paper bag and had fun. I didn’t really have a plan, but it turned out really well.




The stitching at the top was the most fun. I used a heavier weight thread (Aurifil, I think) and I’m happy I did.




The ribbon was the biggest pain. I had to cut holes out by hand. It really didn’t take that long, but I was kind of regretting it halfway through.

It was the perfect packaging because my friend also loves decorating stitching. I like tailoring things to people and sewing really lets you do that. It’s the best hobby.

Finally, I spend Sunday sewing with a friend and she is working on the Paper Hearts Quilt by Tula Pink from the book Sew Red. Once she had the heart blocks complete, I noticed there was a lot of leftover triangles. Coincidentally, they were perfectly lined up right sides together, so I stitched them together, pressed them, and trimmed them up. Now she has 32 HSTs that she can make into a mini quilt, wall hanging, pillow, table topper, whatever.




So if you are making that quilt, don’t forget about these. It’s easy and super convenient.

Now that I’m out of quilt blocks to make into tops, you’ll probably be seeing a lot of Tova tanks so look forward to that. :)

I can’t stop finishing bee quilt tops. I got two more done this last weekend and now I only have one set of blocks left.


Converging Corners Quilt

Converging Corners Quilt


This was from a linen bee I was in. I used Film in the Fridge’s Converging Corners block. I had to make three extra blocks and add to about four blocks to get a total of 20 blocks for the top.

I love how it turned out. The linen I used is Essex from Robert Kaufman. I love the weight of it and I can’t wait to get it quilted. Our living room is red and aqua so I think this will look OK in there.


Bookshelf Quilt

Bookshelf Quilt


This was from the KC Scrappy Bee. I love books. I’ve always loved books. They were my life for a long time. A book shelf quilt was really an obvious choice for me. My bee mates knocked it out of the park on these blocks. They are so creative!

Finally, another exciting thing this weekend was that two quilts FINALLY got hung.


Neon Quilt


This one is in Andrew’s man cave.


Local Quilt


And this one is in the entry way. I got the hanging systems from IKEA and Andrew and our friend and neighbor, Quan, helped him put them up. I smile every time I walk out the door because I get to see this quilt. It’s the perfect way to enter and leave a room.

I’ve had bee blocks lying around for quite a while. Actually, I still have some. But I’m making a dent! Three sets of blocks are now quilt tops. When they will turn into quilts is still to be seen.


Dresden Plate



First up is the Chevron Dresden Plate quilt. This will eventually belong to my dad. He likes Dresden Plates. I’ve also turned him on to chevrons. :)

I love this quilt. I totally love it. It’s pretty loud and busy, but I think it’s just stunning. I made it big enough to fit on my parent’s bed so it’s pretty massive. I won’t quilt this myself. It’s too big and there’s too much I want to do to it. This will be the first one I get quilted.


Bow Tie



I really like bow tie quilts. I also like seeing a couple of reversed blocks in them. Do you see them? The bow ties are white instead of a print. I had to leave one bow tie block out of this quilt because I had one too many. I think it will go nicely on the back. This is a good lap sized quilt. I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing with it. I’m sure it will sit around as a top for quite awhile. I still have my first bee quilt top waiting to be quilted.


Modern Maples



These Modern Maple blocks are from the Stash Bee. I had to add quite a few blocks to this to get it to a decent size. It’s still pretty small, but I’m OK with that. This was my latest bee, which I JUST finished. I put the last block in the mail this week. :) I’m done with bees for awhile.


Star Block



This is the block I was going to use as the last block for that bee, but guess what?! It wasn’t to size. I’m not sure what’s up with my 1/4″. I measured and it was exactly, if not a little scant. Who knows!? This will probably become a pillow or something.


Star Block



Here’s what I ended up with. If all else fails, put a border on it!

So there you go. I have three more sets of bee blocks that I’ll be working on putting into tops. They’re a little more complicated than these were. I want to get them out of the way, though. I hope you’ll see those soon!

I know that I haven’t posted a bunch lately. :(

But I have been sewing and doing crafty things! And fun sewing and crafty things! For me sewing and crafty things! Which are the best sewing and crafty things!




Behold my new wallet. I thought my Kate Spade deserved a gorgeous wallet.




Look how useful it is! There are pockets everywhere. There are so many pockets that I’m not using all of them. It’s actually made my purse lighter. My old wallet was heavy.

The pattern is from Liesl + Co.’s Straight Stitch Society. It’s very appropriately called the Have It All Wallet. I still need a snap for it, but that will come. I cannot say enough great things about this pattern. It was superb. Of course, what else do you expect from Liesl + Co.?

Besides sewing, I’ve also done some crocheting. The KCMQG took a bus trip to Lincoln, NE, to the International Quilt Study Center and Museum. If you haven’t been, you need to go. It’s wonderful. We got an awesome tour and had an excellent time. We stopped in Omaha on the way home at The Quilt Studio and that’s where I bought the wallet pattern. What a successful trip!

Anyway, back to the crocheting. I wanted a project to work on while on the bus. I’m a bit over hexies right now, so I wanted to crochet. I stopped at Urban Arts & Crafts and picked up some wonderful silk/wool yarn. It’s gorgeous feeling. Plus, I love the color.






I made another cowl. This is my third one like this. I just love the pattern. I’ve already worn it once. I like how it’s dainty, but still modern because it’s a cowl. I have this in a pretty mustard yellow, a teal, and a cream, too. My mom made the cream one. The pattern is “My Cowl” on Ravelry. It’s wonderful and super easy. Just a lot of double crochets. :)




I like making things I can wear and use. Quilts are awesome and all, but you can’t carry them around with you. Well, I guess you could, but that would be weird. I have some apparel items on my list next. :)

A few weeks ago, I met up with some quilty friends, my mom, and my aunt for one of our regular weekend sewing retreats. As always, it was an absolutely fantastic time and Becky was an excellent host. It had been quite awhile since I had seen these ladies, so I was very excited.

I didn’t actually plan to be very productive. Normally, I bring a few things to work on, but I knew that I’d spend more time catching up and visiting than actually sewing. That was totally true. However, we did get some sewing done.





Kim finished another Sew Together Bag. This one gave her some trouble. I was having a little trouble myself, so I understood. There are sometimes projects, even if you’ve successfully made them before, where it just won’t work for you. It’s an annoying and weird phenomenon.





Lunch Bag



Mom and I made lunch bags. This was the project that just wasn’t working for me. First, the pattern had much to be desired. Second, we made bad fabric choices. However, I’m going to make another, using my own pattern, with this fabric, and I think it will turn out just fine. We’ll see.




Aunt Cathy made this adorable baby blanket.




Isn’t the rick rack adorable? I think this was the first finish of the weekend. She quickly moved on to something else.




I think you’ve seen this before. She worked on it the last time we were at Becky’s house. It will be done soon once a few borders are added. This obviously isn’t my style, but I’m really drawn to this color combo. I like it a lot.

Derenda worked on a baby blanket using charm squares. Becky was running around trying to make sure everyone was happy. She also put some binding on a quilt. Debbie was also working on Sew Together Bags. It was a really fun time.




We took breaks to work out and to watch the Royals. I believe they won this time. Jack, Becky’s wonderful dog, was with us the entire time. I think we wore him out!

We had a great time and I can’t wait until January when I get to see these ladies again!

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