A Bunch of Bee Blocks

Bookshelf Block

I’m constantly working on bee blocks, which is totally OK with me because I like to keep busy.

Linen Blocks


These free pieced blocks are for a linen bee. All of the fabric is linen. I had no trouble working with it at all, but a hot iron and a larger seam allowance is recommended. I didn’t quite have enough black fabric to finish the second block, but it only needs a top.

Bookshelf Block


My bee mate and I had the same idea about the bookshelf blocks. Luckily, I’m doing this block for another bee I’m in so our bee mates won’t have to make two. I used the same idea as the test block that I made except I made sure the design on the cup was straight.

Bee BlocksFinally, I’m in a 3×6 bee where you make six blocks for three months. Well, I only made five because the sixth one would be for me and I’m not that worried about making a block for myself. Sometimes focus fabric or fabrics are provided and sometimes a block preference is provided. The star is because I block preference was provided – stars. I started with a wonky star and used the provided background fabric. Orange is one of my favorite colors so that’s a dominant theme here. The aqua and orange maple is for a bee mate who requested blocks using only solid fabrics. Another bee mate requested orange blocks, which is right up my alley, so I made another orange maple with the provided background fabric. The blue and gray maple fabrics were both provided. That bee mate has a very specific set of fabrics she wants used so both of those are from what she provided. Finally, another bee mate wants purples, blues, and greens in her blocks, but would like the purple-blue batik used in every block. I added some purple Quilter’s Linen for the background of the maple. I asked for low volume blocks and I’m excited to see what people come up with!


  1. Nikki McDonald’s avatar

    You are such a busy bee. 🙂

    Thanks for joining so many of my bees & for always being so dependable!


    1. Lesley’s avatar

      Thanks for being a great Bee Mama!



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