A Craftsy Weekend

I originally named this post “A Crafty Weekend,” but decided crafty’s other meaning (sly, fox-like, cunning, etc.) was creeping in and I didn’t want people to get confused. Plus, craftsy is just a better word, although my text editor is giving me a red line underneath of it which most likely means it is not actually a word. What do we have to do to get craftsy into the dictionary?

Wow! Tangent. I’ll try to stay on track.

I made my second article of clothing!

Lace Inset Tunic

Ta da! I immediately wore it after I finished it.

Back of Lace Inset Tunic

You can’t see it in the photos, but it is almost long enough to be a dress. In fact, I could probably pull it off as a summer dress, but I’m classier than that. I think it would make a great pool cover-up, too.

The fit was HUGE. I had to take almost an inch of of each side and I could probably take another half inch to inch off of each side. I lined up my measurements (as much as I could line them up) with the pattern size, but it was totally off. If I ever make this again, I’ll probably end up making it in the smallest size. This was one or two sizes above that and it definitely did not fit.

I’m sure every girl and woman has this problem, but my measurements do not line up AT ALL. My bust and hips are the exact same size. (I totally rolled my eyes when that measurement was taken.) And my waist is five to six inches smaller. My mom kindly pointed out that I technically have an hourglass figure, but nobody would ever accuse me of that if they saw me in person. Anyway, my measurements end up all over the pattern guide.  Live and learn. I was still fabulously proud of myself when I was finished.

I went to Ric Rac Roundup on Sunday. If you need proof, I got my picture taken.

Fawn from Decoylab

I also made a couple of purchases. The fawn is in honor of Shop Fauna and made by Decoylab. She was sharing a booth with Erin Miller Arnold. I was super attracted to her fabric purses/bags, but I did not really need one. I really just wanted the fabric.

I did buy some fabric, though.

Aunt June Fabric

Check out Aunt June’s ASL fabric. By the way, whatever fabric she prints this on feels amazing. I have no plans for it yet.

Besides the massive amount of laundry, I also had lunch with an old friend, had dinner with another friend, went to a tea party to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s 60th anniversary on the throne, and helped other infuse alcohol.

Infusing Alcohol

I believe the first is bourbon and coffee beans. The second is vodka and oranges, lemons, and limes. The third is tequila and pineapple. It has to sit for two weeks. I’m not a big alcohol fan, but I’m mildly excited about these. I’ll let you know how they turn out. 😉


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