A Dress

More garment sewing! This dress went together SUPER fast. Well, almost. If it wouldn’t have been two sizes too big, it would have been fast. I spent at least an extra hour taking it in, which is super frustrating. It’s Simplicity 2147. It might have called for interfacing, but the instructions didn’t tell me I needed to put in interfacing, so I didn’t. It seems fine without it. Question: Why would the instructions not walk you through putting in the interfacing if they wanted you to add interfacing?

Blue Dress

What is really weird, is that I’ve made a Simplicity pattern before in a size that fit very well. I used the same size for this dress and I was swimming in it. I’m soooo confused on this whole sizing thing. It’s beginning to piss me off a bit. Luckily, everything has been too big so I have been able to take it in. I’m tempted just to always make the smallest size since that’s what I seem to alter everything to, but I’m worried the garment will end up too small and there is no way to make a garment bigger. I’d rather take a garment in than trash it.

Blue Dress

I’ve made a muslin of a pattern before, but I haven’t since. Most of the clothes I have made are super simple and can be modified pretty easily. However, I might just start making muslins of everything since I CAN’T FREAKING TRUST THE PATTERN SIZING! I’m definitely making a muslin of the next dress I’ll be making. First, it’s fitted. Second, I’m using Amy Butler fabric. Therefore, I’m taking 0 chances. The muslin will be the smallest size the pattern comes in. I’ve made a pattern from the company before and used the second smallest size. It fit well and I didn’t take it in, but there is room in the waist, but that could just be what the garment is supposed to be like. Therefore, I’m going with the smallest size for the muslin. And if it’s too small, I’ll know the second smallest size will work…hopefully. I can almost guarantee that if the smallest size doesn’t work, I will not be making a second muslin in the second smallest size. That’s a lot of freaking work (and muslin) for one freaking dress. I’ll take the Amy Butler fabric and use it somewhere else…like in a quilt. Quilting patterns don’t lie. (Well, that’s not exactly true, but quilters are typically REALLY good about instructions and will correct themselves if they are wrong.) And there’s no sizing involved with a quilt. Quilts can be any size and they are awesome.


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