A Few Old Projects

Once again, life is taking over and I haven’t sat at my sewing machine since Saturday. I did finish another placemat and got another one sewn together waiting to be quilted. The “evil forces” are trying to see what my breaking point is and they are slowly accomplishing it with lack of sleep and extra stress. Gotta love work, coworkers, and clients.

Here are a couple of older projects.

Quilted Small Tote Bag

This bag was super easy. And I loved the fabric and wanted to do something fun with it. I had no idea what I was going to use the bag for until…

Bag with Fabric

It is perfect for holding fabric in my new sewing room. It was super easy to make and if Mom and I had cut the fabric correctly, it would have been even easier! Mom and I cut fabric for a whole bunch of project and we must’ve made a few errors in our fabric cutting frenzy. All of the project turned out well despite our lack of cutting capabilities.

Southwestern Pillow

I have a quillow to match this pillow. I can’t remember if Mom or Grandma made the quillow for me. Mom…do you want to comment and tell me who? Thanks. I quilted the pillow top when I was probably still in middle school or maybe early high school. I kept it until this year when I finally put a back on it and bought a pillow form. I used to love American Indian memorabilia and had an entire room full of it and southwestern style stuff. I think the idea was to make an entire bedspread out of this fabric, but that never came to fruition. If Grandma still has the fabric, I might do that in the future. My sister also started a quilt and I would like to finish that for her, too. I keep coming up with project ideas when I have no time to quilt. Maybe someday…

  1. Joni’s avatar

    Grandma made the quillow for you for a Christmas gift, I think. Everytime I see that cute little bag, it reminds me that I want to make one too!! It really is so darn cute. BTW where is the quilt your sister started?


  2. Lesley’s avatar

    I’m assuming the quilt Robin started is at Grandma’s house or was there. It used to be in the large white dresser with a whole bunch of other fabric, but I think that was cleaned out. We used to have a bunch of that plain blue fabric that was supposed to go on the back of my quilt and we never were able to find it. It was pink camo and plain pink nine patch blocks.


  3. Cathy’s avatar

    Lesley – I thought you might like to see the Jinny Beyer Studio web site. It has a gorgeous quilt kit for this months special. She does very contemporary designs.
    Love to you.


  4. Lesley’s avatar

    Thank you, Aunt Cathy! I just looked a few of the patterns and kits. I want to buy like 10 of them. Snow Birds is my favorite.


    1. Cathy’s avatar

      I just had to look at Snow Birds. I like that one too, but there are too many to choose from!!!


    2. Robin’s avatar

      Dear God, do NOT finish my quilt that I started. I picked yellow floral and pink flame material. Ew.


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