A Lack of Fabric

Ok. So I don’t actually have a lack of fabric, but I do have a lack of a two specific colors of fabric: pink and red. Actually, I don’t think I have any brown in my stash, but that’s because I hate that color. I like pink and red, so there’s no excuse. I definitely like pink more than red, but it’s still very sad that I hardly had a single piece of either. How did I discover this dilemma? When I made some blocks for a charity program, they ask for lime green and pink blocks for the girl blocks. I had plenty of lime green, but pink was hard to find. I was digging through scraps trying to find pink chevrons. Anyway, since then, I’ve made an effort to buy a little pink and red fabric along the way.

Pink and Red


And now I’m satisfied with my pink and red stash. I definitely lean more toward the pink side of things, but that’s OK with me.

This comes at a very appropriate time since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and pink and red are popular colors at the moment.

  1. Kim’s avatar

    Love the pink chevron in the top/right of the top photo. Good choices of fabrics!


  2. Debbie Meador’s avatar

    Derenda would be so proud!


  3. Becky’s avatar

    Actually, I may have to steal the reds! They are super prints. Can’t wait to see how you use them.



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