A Miniature Quilting Retreat

My mom hosted a miniature quilting retreat last week. It was one of the best weekends of my life! (FYI: Most of the pictures are taken by Kim or Debbie. Thanks!)

My mom is SOOOO amazing. She had everything planned and set up and ready to go. All of the meals were pretty much prepared ahead of time, so all she had to do was heat them up. She fed us two dinners, a lunch, and two breakfasts. My mom is a fabulous cook, so it was all wonderful and delicious. She totally spoiled us. I don’t get around to cooking a lot, so I LOVE going home and eating her meals. Since Republic is in the middle of nowhere, takeout or delivery is not an option, so she put a lot of thought into getting everything ready. And she had presents for all of us! She made little wool, chicken pin cushions. Aren’t they adorable?

Wool Pin Cushions

Luckily, my parents house is large. It has a full basement, so without my sister and I in the house anymore, they have four extra bedrooms. There were seven of us including my mom, so my aunt and I ended up sleeping on couches, but that’s not a big deal. I’m totally comfortable on a couch and I got great sleep. My aunt lives only a few blocks away, so she could have gone home, but it wouldn’t have been a true slumber party!

Founding Members

Founding Members

The attendees were (top row) my aunt Cathy; Debbie’s friend Kim; my mom’s friend Debbie; myself; (bottom row) Debbie’s friend Derenda; Debbie’s friend Becky; and my mom. My dad joined in quite a bit, too, but mostly as support services. Haha!

We had TONS of fun. I wish I could share all of the fun we had, but my writing skills aren’t that good. Plus, some of that fun should probably be kept just between us. (Like I said…we had a lot of fun.) So, I’ll fall back on pictures to show what an awesome time we had.

Helping Derenda

We did a lot of consulting over the weekend. That’s the great part about quilting while other people are around…you get answer to the questions you have. Derenda is working on a quilt for her son who will be going to KU this fall. She spent the entire weekend cutting out the pieces for that quilt…and I don’t think she finished. I HATE to cut, so she was basically Superwoman in my eyes.

Becky and Kim

Becky was also working on the New York Beauty blocks. Hers were much larger and brighter than mine, but I LOVED the colors she was using. There were lots of bright pinks and greens and purples. It’s going to be a beautiful quilt. Kim spent her time scrapbooking. I’ve never been around scrapbooking, but holy cow! There’s A LOT that goes into it. Have you ever hear of a Cricut? I hadn’t, but that thing is technology at it’s finest. She got a TON of pages done, too, and they were all stunning.

Mom and Debbie

Mom and Debbie go way back. They went to beauty school together. I think Debbie was 18 or 19 and mom was 21 or so. They told quite a few funny stories about their time together. In order to not embarrass my mother, I’ll keep the stories to myself. However, I will say that I never showed up to class hungover…

Debbie and Derenda

Derenda had to cut an exorbitant amount of 2.5″ squares. I was exhausted just watching her. Just thinking about having to cut out that many squares makes me cringe.

Kim and Debbie

You’re probably wondering…what did Debbie do since she’s just sort of standing around in all of these pictures? Haha! Just teasing, Debbie!

Aunt Cathy and Debbie with Bag

Debbie made a bag! It’s a beautiful bag with wonderful fabric and wonderful colors. I AM SO JEALOUS! It’s beautiful. I wanted every single piece of fabric she had. It looks like Aunt Cathy thinks it’s pretty cool, too. She got the inspiration from a bag my mom made and had lying around.

Dad Modeling Bags

And my dad couldn’t resist…he had to model both bags. The one my mom made has Muffintop fabric. If you haven’t ever checked out that fabric line, do it now! It’s AWESOME!

Mom's Pillow

My mom was such a busy host that she didn’t have a lot of time to sew, but she did finish another pleated pillow…or at least the top of it. She’s going to make a bunch more for her living room.

Mom and Derenda

And Derenda is still cutting…

Becky and Debbie

Debbie also worked on some quilt blocks for a quilt for her son and daughter-in-law. She was using mostly (or all?) Kaffe Fasset fabric. I am also seriously jealous of that quilt.

Mile a Minute Tutorial

Aunt Cathy brought up Mile a Minute Quilts and everybody was very intrigued…especially Becky who loves scrappy quilts. I’m not a giant fan of scrappy quilts, but if I were going to make one, I would definitely make a Mile a Minute one. It’s the perfect way to use up scraps, but it seems like it involves a lot of cutting. I would maybe do a more modern take on it and have wonky Mile a Minute blocks so I could avoid so much cutting.

Aunt Cathy

Besides show everybody how to make a Mile a Minute quilt, Aunt Cathy was also working on a few sets of place mats. I think she was using the same pattern that my place mats are made from.

Mom and Becky

I think this is a fabulous picture. They look so pretty!

Me Marking a Dress

I did a lot of work on the floor. As somewhat in shape I am, I totally didn’t realize which muscle I hadn’t been working. After that weekend, I felt like I had done 1,000 squats. My thighs hurt SOOOO bad. I must have gotten quite a work out from getting on and off the floor. In this picture, I’m working on my beautiful Midwest Modern dress.

Mom Cutting

Mom is taking cutting that strip very seriously. She had a lot to live up to after Derenda.

Mom and I

Really…it’s not wonder my thighs hurt. Look at how I’m perched. I’m weird. Mom had the right idea.

Beck and the Pole

And that’s the picture I’m going to leave you with. You can just imagine what jokes we were making about what Becky was doing. And I’m pretty sure we hadn’t had any wine at that point. That just shows you what an awesome weekend we had. I think we’re planning another retreat for this Fall. I absolutely cannot wait!

  1. Joni’s avatar

    The only complaint I have about the weekend is that it flew by way too fast. So glad you could join us! It was so much fun!


  2. Sharon B’s avatar

    Looks like a great time!


  3. Cathy’s avatar

    You did a great job of telling about our wonderful weekend! Thanks again to your Mom.



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