A Muslin Dress

I made a muslin for a dress I’m hoping to make soon. I was going to use the smallest size, but I ended up using the second smallest size. I have to say, it fits extremely well. However, because of my enormous rib cage, it is going to have the same problem as every single other dress in the world. It’s going to fit REALLY well everywhere else on my body and then barely fit over my rib cage. I think I’ll just use such a smaller seam allowance for the top most portion of my torso to right above my natural waist.

Muslin Dress

Of course, I added a belt. It’s likely that I won’t wear the real dress without a belt, so I wanted to get a feel for what it would be like.

Muslin Dress

There’s it without the belt. It looks like it’s pulling a bit, but it’s really not. It’s just super wrinkly there. However, that is the widest part of my body…minus my shoulders. I’m pretty sure my rib cage is large than my hips.

I apologize for the black sports bra. I did throw a slip on so you wouldn’t have to see a nice silhouette of all of my underwear.

Muslin Dress

The skirt is fuller than I imagined. I might end up taking the sides of the skirt in a bit so it’s more of a straight line. Oh…and it’s SUPER long. I know the picture on the pattern shows it being long, but when I got it on me, I was not a fan of the length. It’s pinned up in the pictures about five or six inches.

Well, it was a success. I’m glad I made a muslin of the dress first. It really helped figure out what I wanted to do differently.


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