Alterations, Fixes, Mending

I’ve had some clothing that I wasn’t particularly happy with for various reasons. A couple of the pieces were ones I have made. I took some time and pulled all of the items that needed some attention and spent one session taking care of them.

First, I made this shirt and wore it to work. The neckline was WAY too high. I kept pulling at it because it felt like it was choking me. So, I cut into it and re-added the binding. It’s SOOO much better.

Ruffle Shirt


Ruffle Shirt After Alterations


Much better, huh? Well, it’s probably hard to tell, but trust me. It’s WAY better.

Next, I bought this dress and thought the wonky hem would be OK, but then I realized I hated it when I got it home. So, I chopped that off too and rounded it out. I’m inheriting a serger soon and will serge the hem them. Until then, it’s knit so it shouldn’t fray. I probably won’t wear it until it’s serged, but I’m 1,000 times more happy with it. Also, I don’t think it can be a dress anymore, but that’s OK. I like tunics.

Yellow Dress Weird Hem


Yellow Dress Normal HemYellow Dress After Alterations


Third, was the tunic jersey tank I made. It had already taken it in quite a bit, but I still wasn’t satisfied with it. So, I took it in even more. I also added another dart to each side. The darts are still too low in my opinion, but it’s wearable.

Lace Inset Tunic


Jersey Tank After Alterations


Again, it’s hard to tell, but there is improvement.

Finally, I bought this shirt and failed to think about how the flower mess would look under a cardigan…TERRIBLE! Plus, the whole flower mess is just sort of ugly in general. The top is SUPER busy and I always wear it tucked into a skirt and I have always wished I could put a plain cardi over it to tone it down even more. Well, the flower mess came off and it’s soooo much better. The top will get a lot more use now.

Shirt with Flower


The flower mess is on the top right shoulder, meaning it’s on the top left of the picture. It doesn’t look so bad in the picture because it blends in with the busyness.

Shirt without Flower


Believe me, it’s gone. It doesn’t really look like it is, but it is. That’s just how busy the shirt is. And under a cardigan and without the flower mess, the busyness will be tolerable.

I’m fairly sure that is all of the altering/mending/fixing that I need to do to my clothing. Now, Andrew has a pair of jeans that he has been asking me to take up for quite awhile. I always have good intentions to do it, but then he doesn’t remind me. Or tell me which pair of jeans it is. Or lay it on my sewing table so I’ll remember. Or let me see how much it needs to be taken up. However, I’m pretty sure once I get the jeans hemmed, I’ll be done with the mending for awhile. Maybe next will be some refashioning…


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