Apparel Fabric

I really do like sewing clothes and I’m anxious to sew some more. I’d really like to make 100 of The Staple Dress, but I have to alter the pattern first. I know it’s supposed to be loose and blousy, but the smallest size is VERY loose and blousy on me. It’s not flattering at all. Picture a woman during the depression who hasn’t properly been eating for about a year and is still wearing the same dress from when she was properly eating. It’s a scary and sad picture, but that’s exactly how I look in The Staple Dress that I made unless I add a cardigan and a scarf to hide all of the bulk up top. The neckline just gapes terribly. I have taken dresses in before, but only on the sides. I’ve never messed with a neckline. I’m a little intimidated, but I’m going to do it and figure it out so I can make a bunch more dresses.

And here are some of the fabrics I’m going to use.



Ok. So I might just use the black lace and lining to make a dress, but I also might use the black burnout. Although I’m thinking the black burnout would make an awesome maxi skirt or dress. And the blue ribbed knit would also be a great maxi.



I’ve been wanting a lace dress for awhile. I would really like a white lace dress, but that just won’t do with my coloring. I would look like a ghost.



The ribbed knit feels soooo good. The lining fabric actually feels really nice, too. I purchased all of these from Joann Fabrics. They had such good coupons that I couldn’t resist.

Andrew and I, my parents, and my aunt and uncle are taking a trip to Austin in September and I’m hoping to have quite a few new apparel items made to wear on that trip. Also due in September is a challenge for the KCMQG. And I’ve already started!

Mirror Ball Dots

The fabric is Michael Miller’s Mirror Ball Dots. I’m really enjoying the project and I can’t wait to spend some more time working on it. There are just so many things I want to do and so little time!


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