Apparel Fabric

Since I’m going to try my hand at sewing some clothing and have already bought the patterns, fabric was next. I have to say, I was a little stressed about that part.

First, my measurements just do not fit into one pattern size. I’m all over like three different sizes. My bust and hips are the same size and my waist is just a few inches smaller. I’m aware of my teenage boy-ish figure, but I had no idea it would be so hard to size. Also, why can’t they just use regular sizing. I know what size of dress or jeans I wear. Anyway, so I was hesitant to buy fabric because I wasn’t sure how much I needed because I wasn’t sure of my exact size. However, I just bought at least another quarter of a yard on everything just to be safe.

Second, some of the fabrics they recommend, I’ve never heard of. I know what linen and jersey are, but then there are like eighteen different types of linen and jersey. I ended up at Joann Fabrics and that was a complete wash. I was SO frustrated. They have a lot of apparel fabric, but I didn’t like hardly any of it and it’s so poorly labeled that I wasn’t sure that the few I did like would work. I walked out of there empty handed, which almost never happens. Instead, I went to and ordered everything from there. Everything is labelled and there are a LOT of details for each fabric. I was less nervous committing to those fabrics. Still, I let out a GIANT sight of relief yesterday when the fabric arrived. It’s perfect!

Apparel Fabric

There jersey, linen, jersey lace, and voile in there.

Do you remember the post about my adventures into garment sewing? I’m going to start with the two tops.

Grey Jersey and Black Jersey Lace



Jersey LaceGrey Jersey

These fabrics will become the gray shirt. I traced the pattern onto pattern paper last night. I threw the fabrics in the wash yesterday and in the dryer this morning. I’ll iron and hopefully cut two out tonight and get them sewn this weekend.

McCall's Pattern M6359

Photo taken from McCall’s Website

The second shirt I’m going to make using voile. I had previously purchased some non-designer voile from and I was not impressed with it and ended up returning it. I learned my lesson and I bought designer this time. AMY BUTLER! This is from her Soul Blossoms line. It feels SOOOO good.

Amy Butler Voile

Don’t you think it will be perfect for the ruffled top?

Burda Style Pattern 7379

Photo taken from Simplicity’s website.

I also go that pattern traced last night. I’m going to hold off on the two dresses, but I’ll probably work on the jersey one first since it’s not super structured like the other one.

Patterned Jersey

That’s the jersey I’m going to use.

Amy Butler Midwest Modern

And I got more Amy Butler for the more structured dress! Yes, folks, that’s Midwest Modern in linen. It’s is soooo pretty. Let’s have another look.

Midwest Modern Linen

It’s even gorgeous when it’s wrinkly. I really want to use that first, but I’m making myself wait until I have a little more experience under my belt.

Back to some quilty stuff…

My mom is making a new comforter for their bed.

Angela Water's Quilt Pattern

Recognize it? It’s from Angela’s Moda Bake Shop Tutorial. I love how people from my tiny hometown keep picking up patterns (both off the shelf and online) by people in the KC Modern Quilt Guild without even knowing it. Around Christmas time, a friend in my mom’s guild was showing off a pattern at their guild meeting and it was one of Shea’s. Maybe I’m weird, but I think that is just really cool and I get pretty excited about it.

Ok…one last thing.

I ordered the Dawn pattern. I’m going to make it for Shop Fauna. If you live in the Kansas City area and haven’t checked out Shop Fauna, you should. There are over 100 shops, all local, listed and more are being added daily. In fact, you should definitely check it out because it would be a great weekend to go and visit some of the listings since it’s First Friday and a lot of the galleries are only open on the First Friday weekends. You could start at First Fridays, then visit some other shops on Saturday, and end the weekend at Ric Rac Roundup hosted by Bon Bon Atelier. Bon Bon is also listed on Shop Fauna. How about that? Doesn’t it sound like a good plan? Have a great weekend!

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    Good luck sewing this weekend. Hope it all goes well, and your fabric choices are really good!



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