Apron and Chef Hat

Besides finishing the baby quilts this last weekend, Val also wanted to make an apron and a chef’s hat for one of her nieces. We went to Joann Fabrics and found the brightest and most fun fabrics. (And Val got the fabric for free! Shhh…they forgot to ring it up. When we got home, she mentioned how cheap it was, looked at the receipt, and realized that they forgot to ring up the fabric. We saw the lady scan the receipt, but she was putting in a ton of coupons and must’ve taken it off at some point. We felt bad, but we weren’t going to drive all that way just to pay for the fabric. This isn’t the first time Joann’s has done something like that. My mom and I found out one time that we got a ruler for free. We didn’t realize it until we had gotten home either. Again, we felt bad, but we weren’t going to drive back. Also, I don’t feel too bad because I spend quite a bit of money there anyway. And I know they are doing OK. If I did that at Bon Bon or a local quilt shop, I would definitely be driving back to pay. But that’s different.) Ok…moving on.

Child's Apron

Isn’t the apron adorable? I love the little pocket. And the d-ring attachment is genius. It’s perfect because she can probably wear this for years. In fact, it fit my sister, Val, and I, so I’m sure Val’s niece can probably wear this forever. The tutorial is from Michael Miller Fabrics.

Child's Apron

The apron isn’t really reversible because the d-rings and the pocket, but I’m glad it’s lined. Of course, you could not line it.

Chef's Hat

Isn’t that the cutest thing you have ever seen? I almost died from cuteness. And it was super easy. The tutorial is at Curly Pops.

Chef's Hat

I love the binding. It matches the apron. There are supposed to be two sets of snaps to make it adjustable. We didn’t get to putting those on.

Chef Robin

Robin modeled. See, it can easily fit a grown person.


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