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My boss is having a baby so, of course, I made a baby quilt. It was a very fun project and I think I will definitely make other baby quilts from the same pattern. Mia, my coworker, took the pictures while I held up the quilt.

Annabelle's Baby Quilt

Baby Quilt and Me

We leave for Hawaii in less than a week! Our first flight is an hour and a half to Dallas with an hour layover, then three hours to LA with a four hour layover, then a little under five hours to Kona. It will be a long day of flying. The worst part is going to be the four hour layover in LA. I am tempted to leave the airport, but we won’t have time to do anything if we did get out of the airport because we would have to be back in an hour to make sure we get through security. At least we can get through the KC airport in like 30 minutes. I never get there more than an hour early. It’s a waste of time…and sleep.

We are going to spend a few days in a condo on the beach. I am excited for the Luau although Mom and Dad were not super impressed with the one they went to when they were there. Then we are going to travel to the other side of the island and stay on a macadamia nut farm. We have a helicopter ride planned so we can see the active volcano. Andrew and I are leaving earlier than his mom and sister. They are staying an entire week and we are leaving late on Friday night. Our flight leaves Kona at 9:35 pm and arrives in LA at 5:40 am. We have an hour and a half layover and then we fly to Chicago and get there at 1:15 pm. Our layover is a little under three hours and we arrive home at 5:25 pm on Saturday. We are four hours ahead of Hawaii here in MO/KS.

There is a quilt shop in Kona that I’m going to visit. It was recently featured in a quilting magazine. I’m not sure which one. Mom (or Aunt Cathy), will you please leave a comment with the name of the magazine? Thanks. Anyway, the quilt shop is called Quilt Passions and I am definitely going to buy some fabric from Hawaii.

Val came over last night to get a hand-sewing tutorial for the binding on the penguin quilt. I finished an iPad sleeve for Andrew’s mom. I need to make one more for the fair before I leave for Hawaii. I think it’s possible. The Mario quilt is still sitting and waiting for me. I’ll get to it once I get back from vacation.

Flowery iPad Sleeve


Flowery iPad Sleeve with Flap

Front with Flap

Flowery iPad Sleeve Back



Here’s the story. My friend, Val, has a good friend, Brian. Apparently Brian has had an idea of a perfect blanket in his head for a long time and has frequently discussed his blanket idea with Val. Brian’s birthday is soon and Val decided to make him his perfect blanket. Val has never made a blanket before, so that’s where I come in. Brian’s issue with regular blankets is that when you are in a recliner with the footstool in the up position, there is never enough width on the blanket to tuck it under your legs in the space between the edge of the chair and the edge of the footstool. Brian thought a blanket that had extra flaps on the side in that area would solve his problem. So, Val and I created this blanket. Note: Brian also likes penguins.

Penguin Fabric

The fabric was bought at Joann’s. It’s flannel. We had a hard time finding fabric that wasn’t baby-looking. Luckily we stumbled across the penguins. The layout is inspired by the “Baby, I Do” pattern. Picture of that quilt will be posted soon…I promise.

Penguin Quilt Top

And there is the finished quilt top. Val cut and sewed it all by herself (with minor instructions/assistance from me). Pretty impressive for somebody who has never quilted/sewn before.

Sandwiched Penguin Quilt

My office has extra glass tables. They work perfect for sandwiching a quilt, especially such an odd-shaped one.

Tying Penguin Quilt

Yes, that is me on the table in my work clothes tying the quilt. I’m quilting while I’m young because my knees definitely hurt afterwards and I’m not sure if I can do that when I’m older. I guess my sister will just have to have a little girl (or boy, I guess) so I can teach her or him to quilt. 🙂

Finished Penguin Quilt

And it’s finished! Excuse the crappy picture. Val takes much better pictures than I do…this is obviously my picture while the others are Val’s.

Val and Penguin Quilt

And that’s Val wrapped up in the quilt.

During this project, I also think Val caught the quilting bug. My master plan to convert all of my girl friends into quilters is working!

Quick update. I went to visit my parents this weekend to 1. Quilt and 2. See my dad and give him his Father’s Day gift. I pretty much spent the ENTIRE weekend quilting, although we did take a break to eat and watch some TV with Dad. Best weekend ever!

Future plans: The entire family will quit our jobs and open a quilt shop/auto body repair shop/auto shop/whatever else we want. My mom, aunt, and I are going to quilt. My sister will do marketing. My cousin will do accounting. Dad and my uncle will repair sewing machines and vehicles. My other cousin will take care of the auto body part. And there are tons of other roles for the rest of our family. It’s our dream, but unlikely since none of us can quit or jobs.

Quit and Quilt…different by one letter.

Pictures of this weekend coming soon. Expect a baby quilt, mini log cabin quilts, and some other fun stuff.