B is for Block

I’m running out of titles for bee block posts, which probably means I should stop posting about them, but they are the main things I work on.

This is the last month for the 3×6 Scrappy Bee. I have finished all of the blocks!

Bee Blocks


The top left is for me. I asked for low volume blocks. The left middle is for Nikki. She asked or solid only blocks. The left bottom is for Elizabeth. She asked for stars, which inspired the other two stars that I made. The bottom middle is for Mary. She asked us to use purple, blues, and greens. She also wanted the purple batik in every block. I wanted to experiment with small HSTs, so that’s what inspired these blocks. The bottom right is for Stephanie. She had specific fabrics in blue, gray, and black for us to use. Finally, the orange block is for Toni. She wanted orange…obviously. I had a lot of fun with this bee, but the format makes for making a lot of blocks each month. I’m not sure if I’d be up for it again right away. Maybe down the road…

Bee Blocks


These beautiful blocks are for Nikki. I made eight of these because it was her month for both the Lovely Linen Bee and the KC Scrappy Bee. The cream is a very soft linen and Nikki asked us to use warm colors for the strips. I had plenty of orange and yellow strips. I was also surprised in my number of red scraps. I definitely lacked browns, which is no surprise. Also, I lacked pinks in my scraps, which is also not a surprise. I still love how they turned out, though. This will be a gorgeous quilt!

Bee Blocks


These are for the Whatever Bee/Crossing Borders Bee. These block were super quick and easy, which was nice. I also like how they turned out.

Bee Block


My mom made this AMAZING block. She was being super hard on herself, but it turned out fabulous. My grandma did the embroidery on the teapot. I know this was a challenge for my mom and I feel bad for giving her such a troublesome project, but I’m SUPER glad that I have a block from her, especially this one. Thanks, Mom!

Now that the 3×6 Scrappy Bee is over, my bee block volume will go down quite a bit. I’m still only in one less bee, but six less blocks per month!

  1. Kim’s avatar

    All these blocks are fun, but Joni’s block ROCKS! That is incredible – what detail!


    1. Lesley’s avatar

      RIGHT?!?! See, Mom, you did an AWESOME job!


      1. Joni’s avatar

        Thanks! It definitely made me use my imagination. I think we have a tendency to use a pattern and this really made me think out of the box, which is not entirely a bad thing.



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