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A couple of months ago, my coworker asked me to make a baby blanket for a friend. I ordered the fabric, but the main chevron print ended up being back ordered until the end of December. Luckily, her friend isn’t due until the end of January. I got the fabric the first week in January and knocked out the blanket, and some extras, the next weekend.

Receiving Blanket


I used the self binding receiving blanket tutorial from Missouri Star. It’s my go-to for any baby blanket. The applique was a fun extra.



I always do some fun stitching to finish the blankets.

Since I had plenty of leftover fabric, I made some burp cloths and a skirt.

Burp Cloths


The burp cloths are contoured to fit better onto your shoulder. The tutorial is from Cloud9.

The skirt was just a copy of the others I recently made.



It’s so cute I can barely stand it. Tiny chevrons are my favorite!

While I was on the baby stuff making kick, I made another skirt for my coworker’s daughter.

SkirtMy coworker’s wife purchased the princess fabric from Spoonflower. I totally love it! There was this little color test stripe along the edge, so I used that for the waistband.



How cute, right? This one is “highwaisted,” which just means that the top ruffle is a little bigger. These are so much fun to make and I already know I’m going to get to make some more because she plans on buying Valentine’s Day fabric!


  1. Paula’s avatar

    Lesley, these are all great and I’m sure the new Mom will love them. You are so productive!


    1. Lesley’s avatar

      Thanks, Paula!!! It’s easy to be productive when the things you’re working on are so adorable!


    2. Joni’s avatar

      OMG that princess fabric is so adorable. What little girl wouldn’t want a skirt from that fabric!!!


    3. Marilyn’s avatar

      The skirts are fantastic. What a lucky little girl


    4. Barbara Lea’s avatar

      Lesley, you do the most creative things. But if you don’t mind a nick name, I think I’ll just call you ‘Chevy’.


      1. Lesley’s avatar

        Thanks! I don’t mind that nick name at all!


      2. Kim’s avatar

        I think we all need a princess skirt – so adorable!



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