A couple of work friends found these bandanas and asked how hard they would be to make. When I told them it would take me maybe 10 minutes, they asked if I would make them some. Apparently the ones from the website sell for a ridiculous amount because they are digitally printed feature artwork from some guy. I agreed to make them some and sent them shopping for fabric online. It was pretty funny watching two guys try to buy fabric online, especially since they needed 100% handkerchief light weight linen. Eventually, they both found what they wanted and ordered it.

Chris' Bandanas

I’ve only got part of them finished, but this is the first set of four.

Chris' Bandana

The linen was important because it absorbs more moisture than cotton does.

Chris' Bandana

I’m planning on making the others over the long weekend.

Chris' Bandanas

They’re going to some concert and wanted to use these to stay dry. I’m thinking I might have to make myself some to see how much better they absorb moisture than cotton does.


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