Bee Quilt Tops

I’ve had bee blocks lying around for quite a while. Actually, I still have some. But I’m making a dent! Three sets of blocks are now quilt tops. When they will turn into quilts is still to be seen.


Dresden Plate



First up is the Chevron Dresden Plate quilt. This will eventually belong to my dad. He likes Dresden Plates. I’ve also turned him on to chevrons. 🙂

I love this quilt. I totally love it. It’s pretty loud and busy, but I think it’s just stunning. I made it big enough to fit on my parent’s bed so it’s pretty massive. I won’t quilt this myself. It’s too big and there’s too much I want to do to it. This will be the first one I get quilted.


Bow Tie



I really like bow tie quilts. I also like seeing a couple of reversed blocks in them. Do you see them? The bow ties are white instead of a print. I had to leave one bow tie block out of this quilt because I had one too many. I think it will go nicely on the back. This is a good lap sized quilt. I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing with it. I’m sure it will sit around as a top for quite awhile. I still have my first bee quilt top waiting to be quilted.


Modern Maples



These Modern Maple blocks are from the Stash Bee. I had to add quite a few blocks to this to get it to a decent size. It’s still pretty small, but I’m OK with that. This was my latest bee, which I JUST finished. I put the last block in the mail this week. 🙂 I’m done with bees for awhile.


Star Block



This is the block I was going to use as the last block for that bee, but guess what?! It wasn’t to size. I’m not sure what’s up with my 1/4″. I measured and it was exactly, if not a little scant. Who knows!? This will probably become a pillow or something.


Star Block



Here’s what I ended up with. If all else fails, put a border on it!

So there you go. I have three more sets of bee blocks that I’ll be working on putting into tops. They’re a little more complicated than these were. I want to get them out of the way, though. I hope you’ll see those soon!

  1. Kim’s avatar

    LOVE the bow ties! The graphic design and colors are so cool.



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