Beer Olympics Bean Bags

If any of you or anybody you know participated in the Beer Olympics and Power and Light this weekend, the bean bags were made by yours truly. I know somebody who was volunteering and she contacted me on Monday and asked if I would be willing to make 32 bean bags before Saturday night. Of course, I said yes, even though I was busy Tuesday night and was leaving Thursday night. That pretty much left Wednesday night. I’m crazy. I know. However, it was a very fast project and I even made 21 of each color instead of 16 of each color just in case a few were ruined.

Bean Bags

I cut six inch strips of fabric. I had a yard of each fabric so I was able to get six rows. I put two rows together and sewed down two sides. Then I cut the rows into six inch squares. I sewed down one other side of each square, turned them, and filled them with a cup of rice. Then I turned under the raw edges of the open side and top stitched it closed. I went over it twice just to make sure it wouldn’t easily come apart. Then I top stitched the other three sides. Easy peasy.

Bean Bags


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