Being A Lady

I’ve challenged myself. It’s kind of silly and I’m not sure where it came from, but I’m doing it. I love feeling put together. I like the feeling of wearing a nice outfit, wearing making, and putting effort into my appearance. I know it’s not necessary, but I like the feeling. I’m not doing it for anybody else (although there are benefits). So I’ve challenged myself to be a lady. And here are the requirements I came up with.

1. Dress well. This means I’m no longer allowed to only shop on Target sales racks. I think I’ve always dressed well, but I could dress with more quality. I went on a shopping spree and I’m going to buy less clothes, but better quality.

2. Wear more makeup. I already wear makeup, but it’s limited. I usually just throw on some power and mascara. With a little extra effort, I can really make my makeup look great.

3. Take care of my hair. This inclues also making my hair is “done” every day. Really, I already do this because my hair is super easy to style and take care of. I also have a great hair dresser (cosmetologist? stylist? colorist? What’s the appropriate term?) that I see on a regularly scheduled basis. I’ve put a little more effort in, though. Product, hairspray, etc.

4. Have my nails and toenails painted. This is a new one for me. I love to have my nails done, but I was previously not willing to pay for it.

5. Wear lipstick. This kind of falls under makeup, but I created a seprate goal for it because I forget about lipstick when I put my makeup on in the morning. And I never remember to re apply it.

6. Wear heels. I also already do this, but I need to buy more heels that look great with everything. I tend to havee one or two pair that I wear out instead of a variety.

7. Accessorize. I own a lot of accessories, but I don’t think about them. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces – they are going to become part of my every day style.

8. Take care of my skin. This one is hard for me. I don’t like moisturizer or lotion. I cannot stand how it feels. I have added some extra work to my routine, mainly around pore reduction. The next step is moisturizer and lotion and it’s a really hard step to take. At least I stay out of the sun and wear a lot of sunscreen when I am in it.

That’s the list. I thought about putting something about perfume and bras on there, but I realized that was never going to happen. Perfume gives me a headache and I don’t care if my boobs look bigger than they are. I also thought about putting something about being healthy on there, but that seemed too broad and I already do a great job of that.

I’ve been doing this for a little over a month and I’m really enjoying it. It’s not that hard and I do feel even more awesome than I did before. 🙂

  1. Kim’s avatar

    Good for you! I need to ponder a list, that’s a great idea.



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