Bess Top Fail

I want to first point out that this fail is totally my fault. It has nothing to do with Rachael’s pattern.

In all reality, it doesn’t actually look like a fail from far away.

Bess Top


But it is. I promise. I’m not going to show you the up close because it’s so bad.

First, don’t be an idiot like me and use slippery fabric. I blame it for ALL of the problems I had. I could not get the shoulders/sleeves to work. I kept getting a weird pucker. I even emailed Rachael and she was super helpful. We determined that it had to be the fabric I was using.

Also, the knit finishing just does not work with such a light weight fabric. But I think any other finish wouldn’t work either unless it was just a small turn under or rolled hem.

There are puckers all over and I wouldn’t dare wear this out in public. I plan on trying again with a cotton or a rayon challis because I really do think it’s a very flattering top and super easy to put together. The pattern is great and I look forward to making another.


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