Best Cookbook Ever

My mother has this same cookbook and I don’t ever remember a time when she didn’t have it. Hers is pretty torn up. And there are some pages that have food spots on them.  I’m pretty sure that it automatically opens up to one of three pages: stroganoff, pie crust, or noodles. Basically, it’s the best cookbook ever. And now I have a copy thanks to eBay. Mine is definitely worn, but it’s in a lot better condition than the one my mom has. It’s a newer edition, I think, because it has spirals. However, all of the recipes are the same. I found stroganoff, pie crust, and noodles.

Betty Crocker's Cookbook

Since we are on a kitchen/cooking kick, I made another soap apron. It’s going to be part of a Christmas present for a friend.

Soap Apron for Ali

And I decided the lanyard that came with my work flash drive was not cool enough. So I made my own.


And please hold me accountable: I must work on the second crossword quilt this week/weekend/next week. I want to have it finished or nearly finished before the retreat.

Quilt guild is tomorrow night and I am so excited to see everybody’s Habitat Challenge quilts. I love Quilt Guild!

  1. Sharon B’s avatar

    I’ve had that Betty Crocker cookbook since I was a young bride! The cover of mine is a little different so it might be even older than your mom’s.



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