Blogiversary + New Stuff

My blogiversary has technically passed. It was Saturday, April 28th and I was at a developer’s conference all day and the day before that. And I was travelling for work three days before that. Therefore, no blogiversary post. 🙁 Happy belated blogiversary.

On special occasions, it’s customary to either give or receive gifts. I’d love to give something away, but 1. I’m not sure what I would give away 2. I don’t know that what I have is good enough for a give away 3. If anybody would even enter. Sorry.

So, instead, here’s some stuff that I’ve received/bought recently.

I haven’t bought a lot of new fabric, notions, books, in-general-quilting/sewing-stuff in quite awhile. When my mom was here, we stopped at Joann Fabrics. They were having a pretty good deal on Denyse Schmidt yardage. Also, remnants were marked down. I found two Denyse prints that I liked and had cut off of the bolt and then I found two remnants that felt nice and were almost a yard each.

Denyse Schmidt Fabric and Others

My mom has used the print on the very right before to make my sister something. My stash builds slowly…

Many quilters I know have quite a stash of books. I didn’t own one single book until now.

Tula Pink Book

My mom purchased this for me for my birthday. Well, actually, we finally got around to ordering it last week. I haven’t had much time to look and read through it, but I saw some of the projects in person when I visited Tula’s shop and I’m excited to get started.


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