Bow Tie

Andrew and his friends have been on a bow tie kick lately. It started at my sister’s wedding.

Bow TiesThere’s a fourth friend missing, but he was stuck in a foreign country.

Anyway, now Andrew has like eight bow ties and he wears them whenever he has a chance. My friend, Jaime, makes bow ties for her husband and that seemed like a very intriguing idea to me.

Bow Tie


How about an Amy Butler voile bow tie? Yes, please.

Actually, this isn’t for Andrew. It’s for Tom. Plus, I tried it on Andrew and it did not fit. His neck is too big so I need to alter the pattern. I’m hoping it fits Tom.

Seriously, if I could wear bow ties, this is the bow tie I would wear. Tom isn’t going to understand the awesomeness of an Amy Butler bow tie, but that’s OK. I’m also planning on ordering some Liberty tana lawn to make some more. 🙂

I used the Burda Style David pattern. It’s $1.99 and worth it for the pattern pieces alone. The instructions suck though, but that’s typical Burda. Note that if your man has a neck that could even be considered slightly larger than normal, you’ll need to add some length to this pattern. In fact, since it’s adjustable, just add the length anyway and save yourself any worry that it might not fit.

Another note about the pattern. Don’t worry about cutting on the bias. It’s unnecessary and uses way too much fabric. Plus, it’s interfaced. I used SF 101, which is my go to interfacing.

And yet another note: Turning this kind of sucks and there’s some sort of trick in the pattern that I was too lazy to figure out, but if you have one of those nifty little turning tools, use it!

Jaime gave me the bow tie hardware for this one, but I’m planning on ordering more and you can find them all over Etsy. I’m think this 24 set is the best deal I found with a quick search.


  1. Joni’s avatar

    You never cease to amaze me!!


  2. Kim’s avatar

    They look spiffy in their fun ties!


  3. Verylazydaisy’s avatar

    To quote Matt Smith, “Bow ties are cool.”



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