Broken Sewing Machine, Ruffler, and Bags

Yes, my sewing machine is broken. I was sewing right along and then all of a sudden my needle broke. Random. So, I put a new needle in and rethreaded both the bobbin and the top thread. When I went to pick up the bobbin thread, it wouldn’t pick up and there was a scraping noise. I took the machine apart and for some reason, my needle was hitting where the bottom of where the bobbin case sits. Weird. Since my machine is under warranty, I had to drive ALL the way to Overland Park to take it to the only place in KC that repairs Singers under warranty. Since I have some projects I would really just like to be done with, I rented a machine from Missouri Sewing Machine Company, but I have to return it today and my machine isn’t fixed yet.

Broken Sewing machine

My house is already pretty clean, but it will definitely be cleaner without my machine around. Although I’m pretty involved with reading right now so I may do that instead.

Another reason I decided to rent a machine was because the KC Modern Quilt Guild had a day retreat last Saturday. It was so much fun that I really didn’t want to leave. The coolest thing from the retreat was definitely Shea‘s ruffler foot. She was making ruffled wristlets from Alex’s tutorial. (I am totally making some soon.) The foot is a beast, but it’s pretty awesome to watch it in action. But holy crap is it expensive. I’m definitely not getting one unless I find a good deal on Amazon or eBay.

Ruffler Foot

I’m making bags. They’re my own pattern but I’m almost completely decided that I’m not going to do anything with the pattern because it’s so complex. I might do something with it someday, but probably not right now. The bag is based off of an incase bag. Like I said, it’s a serious bag and I’m making two. I’m hoping the first one goes faster than the second. I made quite a bit of progress on the second one last night, but I won’t be able to do anything else until I get my machine back. The first bag probably took me at least 15 hours just to sew. That doesn’t include cutting, choosing fabric, drafting the pattern, making a muslin, and everything else. It was pretty intense.

There’s another sewing day this Saturday. Cross your fingers for me that my machine is fixed by then!


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