Building My Stash

I spent a good part of this weekend ironing, folding, and organizing my fabric. I don’t have a lot compared to other people I know, but it’s a good start. However, I’m lacking in some areas/colors. The only solids I have are black and white. I desperately need to work on my solids stash. As for prints, I have a ton of blue, green, red, pink, and black. I’m going to start buying yellow, orange, purple, brown, and white prints. I got a good start the other day.

Stash Builder Fabric

Joann had a big Columbus day sale and fat quarters were $0.99, so I bought some. I also found these:

Bird and Sparkly Fabric

I went to Joann because my mom needed some muslin and she had a 20% coupon, but for in-store only. Since my mom lives nowhere close to a Joann store, I offered to get her some. And I was able to get her 50% off and 20% off because of an iPhone app coupon! I love getting good deals. My sister went with me because we had met up for a drink and I was a tid bit tipsy and didn’t want to drive, so she drove me to the store. Robin turned 21 last week. I really like the White Peach Sangria from Applebees. 🙂 While we were waiting to get our fabric cut, we found those fat quarter bundles. I’m going to make stuff for her with the bird fabric. And I fell IN LOVE with the pink sparkles. I have no idea why, but I really love it. I have a friend that I think I think would really enjoy something made from those fabrics. I’m thinking straight iron/curling iron holders and a bag and maybe a wall hanging. We’ll see. 🙂

I also started cutting fabric for the crossword quilts. I think I’m going to start piecing them this weekend…after I get another quilt sandwiched and quilted.

Cut Crossword Quilt

Sewing Room Taken Over by Crossword Quilt Fabric

My sewing room has been taken over by fabric for the Crossword Quilts. I’m excited to get the tops finished and send them off for quilting. I wish I had more time to do all of the sewing project that I want to do. Pinterest is both the worst and greatest invention ever. I love the ideas, but it makes me realize how little time I have to actually work on projects. If only I could make a living quilting…


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