Busy May

May is going to be an extremely busy month. My sister is graduating and one of my best friends is getting married. Although work is going EXTREMELY well given some MAJOR-HUGE-GIGANTIC changes in the last month, it still takes up a lot of my mind even when I’m not in the office. Also, it’s Spring/almost Summer and we make a lot of plans with friends, which I totally LOVE, but it definitely takes away from alone-time, sewing-time, cleaning-time, etc.

May Calendar

Those are the days that I have something going on either during the day or in the evening. Most of the stuff stakes place in the evening. (Calendar from justcalendar.org.)

I’m on my second round of scrubs. These are the “for real” ones. I made a test one to make sure they fit and to figure out the pattern. I’m hoping to have them completed by Sunday. I cut out the pattern last night and am hoping to cut into the fabric tonight. I’m busy Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, but I’ll be sewing Saturday and Sunday during the day. My machine is in the shop getting serviced, but I have my mom’s old machine as a backup right now. I’m glad she ended up leaving it the last time she was here. I have a bachelorette party on Saturday night in Lawrence, so no sewing until the afternoon on Sunday.

Scrubs Pattern Pieces

As for the New York Beauty Quilt Along, I’m behind. I’ll eventually finish, but I can’t catch up. I was out of town/at a conference all last week (Tuesday through Saturday) for work.

Good thing I’d rather be busy than not busy!


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