Cabinet Covers

My company commissioned me to make cabinet and table covers for our sound room. The only space we had available for a sound room was a cement vault, which was definitely not ideal. Our marketing team has put a lot of work into making it a great sound room that does not echo and I think it’s almost there. The covers are meant to help the echo.

Our CMO ordered a TON of pre-quilted black fabric. There must have been at least 18 yards, but I’m glad there was that much because I used most of it. The only thing left is a fairly large stack of pretty large scraps that really are not good for much.

I spent Sunday late morning/afternoon completing this project. I hauled my sewing machine, cutting mat, tools, iron, and ironing board to the office. It only took six and a half hours and the covers turned out great.

Naked Cabinet

Naked Desk

Covered Desk

Covered Desk

I enjoyed spending the entire day sewing and am glad to have accomplished a huge task!


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