Calling All Quilters – I Need Your Genius

I need help.

What is missing from the quilting web/tech world? Is it an iPhone app (although Robert Kaufman already has a great one), a desktop app, a website, some software? What?

Why do I ask? Here’s the deal:

Startup Weekend was last weekend here in Kansas City. Since Red Nova Labs, the company I work for, is a startup and very active in the Silicon Prairie startup/tech/business community, we were involved with the entire event and decided to “copy” it.

During one week in December, our company will essentially stop all current business and host our own internal startup week called Operation Launchpad.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Startup Weekend, here’s a loose summary of how it works.

Friday: Everybody presents an idea. A certain number of the best ideas are chosen and people get into teams.

Saturday: Teams work vigorously to turn their idea into a product.

Sunday: Teams present their products and a winner is chosen.

And that is exactly what we will be doing, except it’s going to last an entire week.

I will admit, I was not thrilled about this at first. My problem was that I was thinking this was only for innovators…and I am not an innovator. I am an implementer through and through. However, once I opened up my mind, I realized that this will only work with innovators AND implementers. And that is when I started getting excited about the idea of having only a week to implement an idea. It’s the project manager and organizer in me that gets excited.

However, everybody must contribute an idea. I am so lost when it comes to this. I do not have an idea (or a good idea) at all. And I seriously don’t think I’ll think of one in the near future. I obviously want my idea to be quilting related because it’s what I’m interested in, but I cannot think of something that all quilters would use (and possibly pay for) that is web/tech related. Can you?

The benefit for you: You might actually get what you want/need. If my idea is chosen and is something that could potentially make our company money, it will exist and that will be one less thing that you won’t have to live without. Plus, when I’m rich and famous, I promise buy you a new sewing machine and a bushel of fabric to go along with it.


  1. Sharon B’s avatar

    I don’t know how this would work (I guess that’s your team’s job) but an app that would “read” or copy a fabric print and select solids, like Moda Bella that would best coordinate with it.


  2. mims’s avatar

    how about an app that would let you design blocks and tell you how much fabric you’d need to make x number of blocks



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