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My crocheting friends are doing so well! Amy has made headbands for her two children! These are double crocheted with bulky yarn. She added adorable flower pins for accents.





I’m not the prettiest model. I’ve discovered my nose looks very long and pointy and witch-like. I’m not a fan of it in these pics.

Amy also made another one, but it’s pretty loose for a headband due to the yarn weight and stitch. I think this yarn weight would be fine with a single crochet instead of a double crochet. It’s still cute, but won’t keep your head very warm.


Amy also made a cute little basket for her daughter to play with. I’m not sure how she did it, but it’s still pretty cute! She’s going to try to replicate it and make a few more baskets.


Cathy also made a headband! Hers is with a single crochet and a beautiful variegated yarn.



She found the cutest buttons for hers! She also has a double crocheted one almost completed.

These ladies are doing so well! Amy is starting on an afghan and Cathy crocheted a flower with me the other night. They’re really getting the hang of it!

I’ve also finished something recently!

Ripple Blanket


I failed to snap a finished photo of it. This is while I was blocking it. I gave it away to my friend at her baby shower this last weekend. You may have seen this ripple pattern going around the internet. It was pretty popular and its not a difficult pattern at all! I had a lot of fun working on it.

After I finished, I played around with a couple of other patterns.

Sharp Chevron


This is the sharp chevron stitch. I tried it once before and there were some weird things going on. I found another tutorial and this one worked much better! I’m not going to do another chevron blanket, but I still wanted to give this a try.



I may do something with clamshells, though. I really like this stitch. I haven’t perfected it yet…as you can see from the uneven edges. I think I could figure it out pretty quickly, though.

Now I have to figure out what exactly to start next!

I’ve mentioned a few times before that we live in a condo, but I haven’t mentioned our awesome neighbors. We have quite a few floors of neighbors, but there’s a very close knit group of us that get together at least one night a week to eat and hang out. The other three ladies in the group were interested in learning how to crochet, so I offered to host crochet lessons on Monday nights.

I did a ton of research and put together some lessons plans. I knew the first lesson would have to be about yarn, hooks, how to hold a crochet hook, and chaining. Yarn and hooks were easy. How to hold a crochet hook was interesting. I don’t know if there’s a right or a wrong way to hold a crochet hook. I know the way I do it was the way my mom and grandma and great-grandmother did it. I showed my “students” how I did it, but told them to do whatever seemed comfortable. Well, we learned holding a crochet hook like a pencil seems comfortable, but it does not work very well. So after we got that sorted out, things went better.

I wanted them to be able to make something with their chains instead of just having to rip them out when they were done. Luckily, DELIA CREATES had the perfect project: The Scarf of a Thousand Chains.

Note that this all happened over the course of a few weeks and these ladies have gotten really good at chaining, which was my goal.

Amy's Scarf


Amy finished first. She used some super bulky red yarn and a small piece of voile for the loop.

Cathy finished second. Her yarn was more difficult to work with, but the final results was stunning.

Cathy's Scarf


And we make fun of Sherry for coming in last, but she was also working on her Comprehensive Exams for her PhD during all of this while working full time and doing homework for her regular PhD classes, so it’s totally understandable.

These ladies are doing so well!

One of my best friends from college, Kristen, is having a baby! She’ll be the first of our friend group to have a baby and we are all pretty excited. I, obviously, already have a quilt ready to go plus some other fun stuff. I’ll show all of that later.

Kristen stumbled across a similar thing on Etsy and posted a query on Facebook asking if anybody could make it. I knew there had to be a pattern out there or at least a similar pattern that I could adapt.

Turns out…the exact pattern is available. I found it on Ravelry and it’s by RAKJpatterns.

So without further ado…

Baseball Set


Ta da! Cute, right? Kristen’s husband is a huge baseball fan so this will be perfect for their little boy, Easton, who is due in just a couple of months!

This project is super quick. I finished the hat one evening and the diaper cover the next. I just hope it fits since I had to re-do the hat a few times to get the gauge right. I ended up using a larger hook; I think two sizes above what is recommended.

I have quite a bit of red, white, and blue yarn left over so I might make some additional things. Kristen and I graduated from KU so crimson and blue are always appropriate. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

I’m cold. ALL OF THE TIME. It doesn’t help that our condo has wood floors and floor to ceiling windows. For Christmas a couple of years ago, I bought Andrew a nice pair of Ugg slippers to wear around the house, but I actually end up wearing them more. I should have just bought a pair of slippers for myself, but if you’ve looked at the slipper selection out there, it’s not great. They’re either super kitschy, granny-like, or too expensive for my taste.

So…when I saw the Mary Jane Slipper pattern from the little house by the sea, I knew I had to make them.



This is a fabulous pattern! It’s well written and the instructions are super easy to follow. I was actually surprised that I was able to pull it off. The first slipper came together extremely quickly. I anticipated finishing the first slipper and being so frustrated that I would never finish the second, but that was definitely not the case. I started and finished the second slipper just a few days later.



I wore these around the house all weekend and they kept my feet nice and cozy. They are a little large, which is why I included the strap even though I intended to leave it off like Ami did. I think I’ll make another pair, make it smaller, and leave off the strap.



They already need to be washed since I wore them while making this meal: Feijoada, which you can read about in one of my early posts.


The only negative is that they collect thread like crazy!



I have to admit that I’m pretty proud of myself for all of the crocheting projects I’ve worked on and completed lately without any help from my mom. My latest is the Crochet Grocery Bag from Knit-O-Matic.

Grocery Bag


This is a free pattern and I really like how it came together. It was very fun to make. I like crocheting in the spaces, although it took me a few minutes and some Googling to figure out what that meant exactly. Marking your starting chain is SUPER important. The instructions weren’t great on why or how to do that, but just trust me: Mark the first chain you make on each round and this will be a much better project.

I had a little trouble with the handles. I tried three or four (or ten) time to do the handles like the pattern says, but in the end, I gave up and just crocheted them separately and stitched them on. It works and doesn’t look terrible either.

Grocery Bag


I would recommend reading All About Ami’s post about this bag and following any of the modifications she made. I made my handles thicker and longer and switched thread colors. However, I did not make the bag bigger. It’s not a bad size, but if you prefer bigger bags, go with her modifications.

After this bag, which took a bit of time, I wanted a quick project so I whipped up a crocheted embroidery hoop.

Embroidery Hoop


I used the tutorial from Sew Chatty. I have another hoop that I think I’ll crochet around, too.

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