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Yup, that’s more bee blocks that you hear.

Stash Bee Block

Stash Bee Block

I made these two blocks for the Stash Bee. The Queen for February had a fabulous tutorial written up. She wanted greens and blues that read as a solid for the main color, a white for the background, and then brown for the outer edges. Let me tell you…I had a very hard time finding any brown in my stash. But I did have a brown chevron. Imagine that! I actually had to pull it out of a FQ bundle. For the blues and greens, I decided to use some of my scraps of shot cotton and the blue and green were some of my favorite ones. The green is actually a blue woven with a yellow. The shine of it is awesome. This block went together pretty quickly, except for matching up a few points. I had to fiddle quite a bit to get it perfect, but it worked out in the end.

Dresden Plate

Melissa gave me this Dresden Plate block. I’m only waiting on three more before I can start working on the top for my dad!

Low Volume Block

Low Volume Block

The top block is from Elizabeth and the bottom is from Stephanie. These are for the 3×6 KC Scrappy Bee.

Low Volume Block

Nikki gave me this small block. I’m going to add some borders and use it for my low volume quilt.

Bookshelf Block

Tia made this gorgeous block for me for the KC Scrappy Bee. The vase is awesome and I like that she managed to incorporate a chevron into it. 🙂 The Men’s Health book is pretty sweet, too.

Bookshelf Block

Sammie made this block for me and although you can’t see it, one of the books is titled “Basic Grey.” Sammie said it’s the prequel to “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Haha!

That’s all of the blocks for now. It’s my turn to start making some more!

Oh…and I bought some more fabric from Wildflower.


This was a bundle that was for sale and I really liked the pink that I used on one of my Sew Together Bags, so I figured I’d like the yellow and blue, too.

A Lack of Fabric

Ok. So I don’t actually have a lack of fabric, but I do have a lack of a two specific colors of fabric: pink and red. Actually, I don’t think I have any brown in my stash, but that’s because I hate that color. I like pink and red, so there’s no excuse. I definitely like pink more than red, but it’s still very sad that I hardly had a single piece of either. How did I discover this dilemma? When I made some blocks for a charity program, they ask for lime green and pink blocks for the girl blocks. I had plenty of lime green, but pink was hard to find. I was digging through scraps trying to find pink chevrons. Anyway, since then, I’ve made an effort to buy a little pink and red fabric along the way.

Pink and Red


And now I’m satisfied with my pink and red stash. I definitely lean more toward the pink side of things, but that’s OK with me.

This comes at a very appropriate time since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and pink and red are popular colors at the moment.

At the last sewing retreat, I helped my mom and aunt make a Sew Together Bag. The other ladies were so impressed with our bags, that they wanted me to help them make some at our next retreat in March. Then my aunt said that the ladies in her and Mom’s other monthly sewing group would also like to make one. So…I will now be “teaching” two groups how to make the bag, which I’m very excited about. It’s actually more of helping because I think these ladies could definitely figure out the pattern on their own because they are all very very smart ladies and most of them have been sewing WAY longer than I have, but I’m happy to help!

Because I already have two bags, I offered to make the two from the class for a couple of my friends that live in our building. They recently purchased some fabric and I got the bags cut out this last weekend.

Sew Together Bag


These are Cathy’s fabrics. Cathy and I have some VERY similar tastes. We went to the fabric shop and she bought fabric from three of my favorite designers: Joel Dewberry, David Butler, and Jay McCarroll. I love this Joel Dewberry line. I’ve purchased some yardage from the line because I love it so much.

Amy's Sew Together Bag


While we were at Joann’s getting zippers for these bags, Amy picked up some Cloud 9 fabrics for her bag. These are so cute and I love the colors. These aren’t from one line, but I think they go so well together!

Now I only have interfacing left to cut and I need to quilt the main pieces. Then I will be all prepped for the classes!

FQ Frenzy Haul

Prairie Point Fabrics in Shawnee, KS, has a Fat Quarter Frenzy every year on the weekend of the Super Bowl. I went last year for the first time and could not miss it this year. Normally, it’s been on Sunday morning, but it was moved to Saturday this year. I convinced a few friends to go and we were supposed to meet my friends from Topeka there, but weather and other circumstances kept them in Topeka.

We got there at 8am to wait for the doors to open at 9:30am. Last year, there was quite a line, but this year, there were only three groups in line until just a few minutes before opening.

We had a good time waiting in line, mostly due to a very lively couple of ladies who were next to us and the man with the snow plow. Oh, did I mention that it had snowed/iced the night before. Nothing was keeping me away from a fabric sale!

When the doors opened, we rushed in, split up, and grabbed whatever we thought anybody in our group would like. Then we met in a corner of the store and put everything together and picked out what we wanted.

The minimum was 20 FQs for $25. Val and I split ours and I split another with Cathy. Then I purchased a couple more because they were only $1.25 per FQ after the initial 20. They are normally $3.25. What a deal, right? I think I ended up with 28 or so. Sherry ended up with at least the 20 and maybe a few more. Amy beat us all with 40 something.

FQ Frenzy Haul


The store had a great selection of modern and traditional fabrics. As you can see, I ended up with a good assortment of modern fabrics. Plus, we had such a good time together!

My friend and fellow guild member, Elizabeth, has an online shop called Cucire. I’ve mentioned it before. On New Years Day, she hosted an open house so some guild members and friends could actually shop in person! I went a little crazy.



I have no plans for any of it except to the two voile pieces on the right end. Those are going to be bow ties. This was definitely a stash building purchase. I have almost no pink in my stash so I picked up two pinks, a light and dark, of the Art Gallery Lace Elements and another coral/pink in the Bluebird Park blender. I’m almost out of gray so I picked up two shades from the new Modern Solids. I’m a big fan of green, aqua, and yellow right now (or so my stash tells me) so I added some more Bluebird Park. I love the printed texture. It looks like linen. Then I rounded it out with some fun prints that I just liked.

Also, I picked up some Aurifil thread for piecing (maybe quilting) and some knit and rayon. Rayon is my new favorite fabric to sew clothing with.

I will be going on a fabric buying hiatus for awhile now. 🙂

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