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I know that I’ve been doing a lot of apparel sewing this year, but don’t worry. I’m still quilting. And not just quilting quilting, but piecing quilting. I am really liking making clothing (mainly anything that’s from Patterns for Pirates), but I will always go back to quilting. It’s so satisfying to finish a quilt…in a different way from finishing an apparel item.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to with quilting.




I went to a retreat near Lowell, AR, (again – #craftyweekender) hosted by the wonderful Susannah Kate. Susannah Kate has this great quilt pattern – Cascade Quilt. My friend Amy made one and I knew I wanted to make one, too. I even used the awesome Technicolor fabric line that I won at Sew OK, which is where Susannah Kate and I met. I TOTALLY love how it turned out. It was an easy pattern and very enjoyable to put together. I can’t wait to quilt it. I’m thinking swirls. ๐Ÿ™‚



Since I made a swap item, I also got a swap item. Amanda of The Cozy Pumpkinย made this awesome and super adorable stitching pouch/roll up/thing. I’ve used it a ton already. It’s perfect for any handwork I’m working on. And I always seem to have an EPP project going.

Bow Tie

Bow Tie

I showed you my first long arm project, but I’ve also done another one besides the Halloween quilt. Well, I also quilted a Halloween quilt for Amy. I’ve been busy with long arming. And I’m not planning on slowing down. I have a lot of quilt tops to get through. I can’t remember the name of the pantograph that I used for this Bow Tie quilt, but it was fun and something different. It wasn’t too challenging, but more challenging than a stipple. I probably won’t do it again, but it was fun to try. I have a lot of pantographs pinned that I plan to purchase and try for some of my quilt tops. I like the more modern pantographs. I had no idea they existed. I probably also need to start trying some custom stuff, but I’m still intimidated. Maybe after a couple of more quilts I’ll be ready to try custom. I think I could handle all over swirls.


The last quilting thing I have to show is some Block of the Month blocks for October. Modern Makers is hosting a Block of the Month and I got suckered in. Haha. We’re using Jaybird Quilts’ Park Bench pattern which requires her Hex N More and Sidekick rulers. I’m not really a ruler person, but I’m super impressed with these. It made these first two blocks go together so perfectly. Her instructions are also fabulous. I’m really excited about how this quilt will turn out. Elizabeth (owner of Modern Makers) is using Cotton + Steel for all of the blocks. She’ll be using some of their current lines and their upcoming lines, which is great that we get a variety. She is also hosting a sew day every month so we can work on our blocks together. I cut mine out at the last sew day and then sewed them up at a later time. I was being lazy and didn’t want to bring my machine. I’m going to piece this quilt entirely on my featherweight because it’s so perfect for piecing.

So that’s what I’ve been up to quilting-wise. I’ll keep you posted on how my long arm progress goes. ๐Ÿ™‚

So I’m normally not a Halloween person. In fact, I don’t like Halloween really. However, my friends Amy, Sherry, and Quan do. Like a lot. And their enthusiasm for it has started to rub off.


Halloween Quilt



Spiderweb Quilting


So I broke down and bought some Halloween fabric that I liked and picked out a pattern that would highlight it – The Big Block Quilt. I found the sashing at Joanns. I went in for something else and saw it on display with the Halloween fabrics and knew it was perfect. I was planning on just using an orange Kona, but this adds so much more detail to the quilt. This also went together INCREDIBLY fast. Then I long armed it with a spider web pantograph. It’s perfect. I love love love it and I can’t believe how much I love it because Halloween isn’t my thing. But Halloween might become a thing for me just for the quilty decorations. Haha.


Halloween Place Mats


So since I was in the Halloween spirit, I knocked out these place mats. There are a panel so it was super easy. I also used Joanns fabric to back it with. I had the same situations as the orange. I saw the orange and then I saw the witches next to it and thought it would be perfect and cheap for the back. I meant to get black Kona, but again, something better came up. I still backed the Halloween quilt with black Kona, though. I barely quilted the place mats and just slightly outlined the spiderwebs on each mat. Again, I love these a lot more than I thought I would. I like walking into my kitchen/living room and seeing just these small touches of Halloween. Maybe you’ll see a Christmas quilt next!


Halloween Mini


I put this mini together for a swap gift. I desperately wanted to keep it, but I knew I could re-create it if I really wanted. The quilting on it is my favorite part. I didn’t get a picture of the back, but I wish I would have. I used some super awesome fabric. It’s at still and I’m really thinking about buying more of it. It’s part of Michael Miller’s Nevermore collection.


Skull Raglan


Skull Raglan


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shirt. I used the Women’s Raglan pattern from Patterns for Pirates. The black is Robert Kaufman that I bought from Modern Makers. The skull fabric is from LDG Showroom. I have more of it and can’t wait to use it. The best part of this is the elbow patches! LOVE! I promised myself that I will wear this all year long and not just around Halloween. Hold me to it. Ok? This was a project I worked on during the Crafty Weekender retreat along with the place mats.


Amy's Halloween Stuff


Amy's Halloween Quilt


Amy's Halloween Items


Amy's Pillow


Since Amy is so into Halloween, I want to show what she’s been up to. I quiltedย the quilt for her using the same spiderweb design as mine, but I don’t have a finished pic of it yet. Her whole house was decked out for Halloween and I think she basically only works on Halloween stuff when we sew together. It’s her holiday, for sure.




Amy also just got a new kitten. His name is Oliver and he is a Cornish Rex. She got him from the same breeder where we got #Hashtag. He is sooooooo soft and cuddly. He slept on my lap for quite a bit while we were over there. It makes me want another kitten.


Steampunk Costumes


Steampunk Detail


Steampunk Detail


Steampunk Detail


Steampunk Detail


Steampunk Detail


Steampunk Detail


Steampunk Detail




The theme for our costumes this year was steampunk. I thought we all did a great job. I’m proud to say that I didn’t make a single part of my costume or Andrews except for my skirt. And it was salvaged from a dress and took about 10 minutes to whip up. That’s just because the skirt I ordered from China didn’t make it here in time, which I was prepared for. Haha.


7 Layer Dip


Rice Krispies


We went over to Amy’s house on Halloween to hang out. Her husband made delicious chili and I brought these things. They also had spooky gin and tonics! We all went out the weekend before, too, so we were able to wear our costumes twice. I think we’re going to wear them again next year.


Kory and Group


I also helped out another friend for Halloween. Her team at work was going to be at a summit out of town that week and there was going to be a costume contest. They came up with the idea of a circus. I didn’t help at all with the animals – those were apparently found at Target, which was a great find. But an even better find was the Ringmaster’s jacket. It came form a thrift store and was the PERFECT jacket to start with. I took it in a bit, added the shoulder detail using the existing shoulder pads (which I tore out) a felt cover, and some awesome trim that Kory found at Joanns. I also added the gold trim around the jacket and a set of sequinย gold tails. The tails aren’t visible in this picture, but imagine the most obnoxious gold sequin fabric and that’s what the tails are made from. They are lined in a really cool black rayon lining, though, that has some cool texture. I was sooooo pleased with the jacket. I’m not a tailor at all, but this was fun. It came together so easily, which was mostly because of the awesome jacket and trim that Kory found. I find out tonight if they took the prize. I don’t know how anybody could’ve beaten them.

I hope everyone had a Haunted Halloween. KC definitely had a great Halloween weekend with the Royals winning game four of the World Series on Halloween and then winning it all the day after. We could hear the crowd at Power and Light from our condo and they were LOUD! Once we won, the noise was insane and it went on forever! We didn’t mind, though. The city deserves to celebrate! It was a pretty special weekend.

I usually try to have a transportable project to work on; meaning I can do it while I’m waiting somewhere or riding in a car. I’ve done English Paper Piecing, Crocheting, and Knitting. Now I’ve moved on to embroidery.

My friend Jaime gave me an embroidery patter a while ago and I’ve kept it in the back of my mind. Finally, I inherited a small embroidery hoop and then went and bought some linen, needles, and floss from Modern Makers. The linen is Robert Kaufman. The needles are Tulip. And the floss is Aurifloss.




I’m not great embroiderer…yet. This is just a backstitch, but there’s definitely room for improvement. I still like it, though.




I actually finished one more on my way back from visiting my parents and grandparents this weekend, but there’s no picture. Next time. ๐Ÿ™‚

Besides that, I needed a tote bag for the gym. I occasionally work out over my lunch break at our company gym. I tell everyone that I make working out super accessible. I have a free gym at work. I have a free gym in our building. And I pay for a gym that’s only a block from our house. The gym at work and the paid gym have classes. The paid gym has the most and the best equipment. Anyway, I needed a bag that I could cart my clothes and shoes in. The thing is, though, I don’t want my bag to smell or get gross. I was using a Pleated Purse Tote from the School of Sewing that I had made, but I kept having to put everything in a plastic bag. So, I decided to make another Pleated Purse Tote using cotton vinyl for the lining.


Pleated Purse Tote


The outside is still cotton, but the lining and handles are cotton vinyl. I left out the interior pocket and boxed the corners instead of rounding them. It helps it sit on the ground better.




Honestly, the cotton vinyl isn’t my favorite thing to work with. I have a plastic foot that helped, but I’m still not a fan. I don’t think I’ll be using it much. Stitches skipped when I was topstitching. I need to topstitch again, but I was over it then. Also, it doesn’t stretch the same as cotton and it was slightly bigger than the outside piece, so there are some puckers on the inside. It’s not the prettiest and I’m definitely not proud of it, but it will do.

And one more thing because I’m now a crazy cat lady. ๐Ÿ™‚


Cat Quilt


I made another cat quilt. I used the Whiskers pattern from Six White Horses. The green/yellow/neon/chartreuse color is a peppered cotton. The gray is a textured cotton. I echo quiltd the crap out of it. The pattern is paper pieced and I had some trouble with the whisker part and then the echo quilting totally made my borders wavy. Apparently mediocrity is my goal right now. I need to step it up. I have some apparel sewing planned and I’ll have to step it up for that.

I know that I totally suck. I have been so busy lately, that I haven’t even really thought about this blog. I’ve heard that as you get older and as you advance in the workforce, time just starts getting away from you. Well, I think I’m beginning to see that. If that sounded negative at all, I totally don’t mean it that way. I’m 100% in love with my job and my life right now. I don’t feel overwhelmed (most of the time) and I still have plenty of time for the gym, myself, and sewing, but the time I used to have outside of that (that I used for this blog) has definitely gone away. So I’ve been sewing, but mostly on things I can’t talk about yet. Still I have some things and events to show off, so here’s my lengthy catch up in no particular order. ๐Ÿ™‚




I crocheted a Yoshi for Andrew. This was by far the lengthiest crochet project I’ve ever done. It was probably also the hardest, but I think I’m at the point where nothing is really hard when it comes to crochet. He had a ton of parts. One head, one nose, three patches, one eye piece, three spikes, one shell, one tail, two arms, eight fingers, two legs/boots, one body, and a chest piece. I used a pattern I found on Ravelry. It was a really great pattern. I won’t be making another crocheted item like this for a long time, but I am super proud of it.


Dresser Runner



Pebble Quilting



I think I showed a picture of the top of this before it was quilted. Anyway, I quilted it and bound it and now it sits on our dresser. I love the Peppered Cottons. They feel so nice. I catch myself running my finger across it as I walk past the dresser. I also love the tiny pebble quilting. That was fun.




I think the same goes for this one. I showed a pic, but not a completed one. So that’s it. ๐Ÿ™‚ This hangs on my quilting room wall.


Mom's Bed


So I didn’t make this, but my mom did and it’s so pretty that I wanted to show you. She pieced the quilt top, Jessica Toye quilted it, and my mom just recently finished the shams. I think she’s also planning to make some decorative pillows out of the leftover scraps. Also, she has a wall hanging that matches to quilt as well. I think it’s super pretty.


Baby Quilt


And here’s the finished baby quilt for my second cousin’s new son, Colt. This Yellow Brick Road pattern goes together so quickly. I just stippled it.


Knit Cowl


I think I mentioned before that I am trying my hand at knitting. This is my second project. Well, it was actually my first but I completed it after my second one. It was supposed to be a scarf, but I got so freakin tired of that pattern. Knitting takes forever! I completed Yoshi faster than this. Like 10 times faster. I used the Wheat Scarf pattern by Tin Can Knits. I’m going to take a knitting break for awhile.


Hour Basket


Hour Basket


Hour Basket


Hour Basket


Hour Basket


Ok. So those are all pictures of the One Hour Basket. I made the first two and Debbie made the last one. These are super easy and fast and very very useful. They fit fat quarters perfectly. I plan on making a bunch more for an upcoming event. They call for canvas and I would agree with that unless you add interfacing (like SF101) to quilting cotton.





So I bought a featherweight. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a 221 and was made in 1952. It’s in excellent condition and I’m totally in love with it. I haven’t sewn on my regular machine since getting it. I highly recommend getting one if you ever have the chance. It’s so portable and so fun and just has the perfect stitch. I love how simple it is. It’s basically the same as my treadle except with a motor. It even winds a bobbin similarly. Not only is it in great condition, but the case is, too. The case has a special Singer cover that has really kept it pristine.


Pleated Purse




Pleated Purse




Pleated Purse



Pleated Purse


Pleated Purse



So that’s a lot of Pleated Purses from the School of Sewing Book. I made the top one in the tote version. That’s my third one because they are awesome. Then Debbie made one at a retreat I hosted along with two other bags. It was a bag day for her. She also started the One Hour Basket, but finished it at home. Then I taught a class with three wonderful students who all finished their bags! They all turned out perfectly! It was only a four hour class and we finished a little early. That includes cutting. It’s a very fast project. I have another Pleated Purse in my mind to create using laminated cotton. I’m sure you’ll see that at some point.





This is also from the retreat I hosted. Kim is making her first quilt and she’s killing it!


Cathedral Window


I made this pillow for the Handmade Birthday Club. Denise likes V&Co. fabrics and so do I. I’ve wanted to try an easier version of cathedral windows and these are definitely it. I used Johanna Masko’s technique. My friend took her class at Quilt Con and helped me understand it. Unfortunately, Johanna only teaches her technique, she doesn’t have it published. I’m glad I was able to figure it out, but it would be nice to have a tutorial or pattern.





I also made matching coasters since I had some charm pack squares left over. I found this tutorial on Pinterest.

So there you go. That’s what I’ve been up to. I have a fun announcement to make soon so look forward to that. Also, May just wrapped up so I have a Me Made May recap to post soon. Hopefully my neglect of this blog is over.

I’ve made a Fractal Radiance quilt before, but I’m going to be teaching a class on it for a quilt guild, so I wanted to make another. I also made a couple of pillows.


Fractal Radiance



This is such a great quilt. The cutting takes a bit, but the quilt goes together so quickly. I did very simple quilting on it. Also, I used fabrics just from my stash. I didn’t have to buy anything for this.


Fractal Radiance



I like the facing finish. I was skeptical about it on the first one I did, but I like it.


Fractal Radiance


Fractal Radiance


I used the scraps from the quilt to make the pillows.


Fractal Radiance


Fractal Radiance


I only had enough of the aqua fabric for one pillow back, so I mixed it up with another Feathers print. I love the Feathers prints and I’m almost out of them. It doesn’t help that I used two in this quilt, but they were perfect for it.

If you didn’t notice, a lot of these prints also show up in the place mats that I made. ๐Ÿ™‚

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