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So I’ve been terribly bad lately and haven’t posted in FOREVER. I needed a break, though. I’ve kept this blog updated for years mostly for myself to keep track of things I’ve done. Besides life getting in the way (kitties, family stuff, teaching, work, etc.), I started 2016 with the goal to keep even better track of things I do from a sewing perspective. One of those is tracking completed projects, so this blog became less important to me since I was tracking it there. However, I stupidly forgot that there are other people who care about seeing what I do and they have not so gently nudged me to get back at it. So here I am! (I’m very happy and appreciative that they gave me that nudge.)

Let’s talk spreadsheets!!!!! I love spreadsheets. I love organization. It’s a perfect union. You know what else is great? Google Drive. I can store my spreadsheets (and many other things) there and access them whenever I want to from my laptop or phone. I love technology.

Some of you may know that last year (I think), I started a spreadsheet of all of my patterns and books, both digital and print, and a list of fabric that I own. I know there are Apps out there that help you do this, but I’m really fond of spreadsheets. I’ve kept that going and I have approximately 230 yards of of fabric in my stash that I haven’t yet used. The crazy part is that I have a pretty small stash if you start looking around at everyone else’s stash. Think about how many yards of fabric you have in comparison to mine. Scary, right? Basically, I need to buy more to keep up. Haha! I don’t have an exact number because that includes random cuts that may have a yard and 11 inches and I calculated it using a yard and a quarter. Or a layer cake – that’s a little more than three yards, but I just calculated three. The total number of cuts/pieces/items is 241. The list has come in handy many times when I was in a fabric shop and trying to determine if I needed to buy something or not. Elizabeth will be happy to hear that the biggest portion of my stash is from Modern Makers. 🙂


Fabric List


I also have a link to an image of the fabric and notes.

For patterns and books, I have 315 of them and 179 of them are digital. All of the digital patterns or books are stored on my Google Drive so I can access them for fabric requirements if needed.


Patterns and Books


I used to have a column with a link to the website, but I got tired of adding it and ended up never using it, so it’s currently hidden.

Starting this year, I’ve added a Sewing Spend, Sewing Income, Sewing Finishes, and WIPs spreadsheet. I’m not going to tell you what I’ve made and what I’ve spent, but I am ahead right now! I have made 102 things since the start of this year. I didn’t start all in 2016, but I finished them in 2016. There have been 110 days in the year so I’m not quite at a project a day. And I have 54 WIPs, so I have plenty to keep me busy.






I hope that gives you a little insight into how my weird brain works. For me, these lists have been very helpful, but I could see how they could be overwhelming for some. I find them calming.

I know that I’ve been doing a lot of apparel sewing this year, but don’t worry. I’m still quilting. And not just quilting quilting, but piecing quilting. I am really liking making clothing (mainly anything that’s from Patterns for Pirates), but I will always go back to quilting. It’s so satisfying to finish a quilt…in a different way from finishing an apparel item.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to with quilting.




I went to a retreat near Lowell, AR, (again – #craftyweekender) hosted by the wonderful Susannah Kate. Susannah Kate has this great quilt pattern – Cascade Quilt. My friend Amy made one and I knew I wanted to make one, too. I even used the awesome Technicolor fabric line that I won at Sew OK, which is where Susannah Kate and I met. I TOTALLY love how it turned out. It was an easy pattern and very enjoyable to put together. I can’t wait to quilt it. I’m thinking swirls. 🙂



Since I made a swap item, I also got a swap item. Amanda of The Cozy Pumpkin made this awesome and super adorable stitching pouch/roll up/thing. I’ve used it a ton already. It’s perfect for any handwork I’m working on. And I always seem to have an EPP project going.

Bow Tie

Bow Tie

I showed you my first long arm project, but I’ve also done another one besides the Halloween quilt. Well, I also quilted a Halloween quilt for Amy. I’ve been busy with long arming. And I’m not planning on slowing down. I have a lot of quilt tops to get through. I can’t remember the name of the pantograph that I used for this Bow Tie quilt, but it was fun and something different. It wasn’t too challenging, but more challenging than a stipple. I probably won’t do it again, but it was fun to try. I have a lot of pantographs pinned that I plan to purchase and try for some of my quilt tops. I like the more modern pantographs. I had no idea they existed. I probably also need to start trying some custom stuff, but I’m still intimidated. Maybe after a couple of more quilts I’ll be ready to try custom. I think I could handle all over swirls.


The last quilting thing I have to show is some Block of the Month blocks for October. Modern Makers is hosting a Block of the Month and I got suckered in. Haha. We’re using Jaybird Quilts’ Park Bench pattern which requires her Hex N More and Sidekick rulers. I’m not really a ruler person, but I’m super impressed with these. It made these first two blocks go together so perfectly. Her instructions are also fabulous. I’m really excited about how this quilt will turn out. Elizabeth (owner of Modern Makers) is using Cotton + Steel for all of the blocks. She’ll be using some of their current lines and their upcoming lines, which is great that we get a variety. She is also hosting a sew day every month so we can work on our blocks together. I cut mine out at the last sew day and then sewed them up at a later time. I was being lazy and didn’t want to bring my machine. I’m going to piece this quilt entirely on my featherweight because it’s so perfect for piecing.

So that’s what I’ve been up to quilting-wise. I’ll keep you posted on how my long arm progress goes. 🙂

I’ve done some community service blocks and projects for the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild before and posted on here. We’re in a new year so we have some new initiatives.


Community Service Block


The national modern quilt guild is sponsoring a community service project for QuiltCon. Guilds have to stay within certain guidelines and create a quilt to submit. Then the quilt will be returned and donated to a local children’s shelter. We have to create “strata” using certain colors. Obviously, I chose “light teal” because I have a great abundance of it. The strata block was really easy and took no time at all. I’m really excited to see how the quilt turns out!




The other project our guild has going right now is we are going to be providing the KCK Police Department with homemade stuffed animals to give to children who are taken out of violent situations. I whipped up these two adorable elephants using the tutorial from Birch Fabrics. Cute, right?

I love being able to give back this way.

The other exciting thing that’s been going on lately in my sewing/quilting world is that I’m starting to long arm. No, I don’t own one, but I’m renting time on one. Quilted Memories in Overland Park makes a couple of their long arms available for use. You have to be certified, so I took the certification class and have been renting time.




This is the first quilt I long armed. I just followed their stipple pantograph and I’m ready to move on from that. I’m looking at other pantographs. I think I’ll do pantographs for a while and then try out some custom quilting. I’ve done custom free motion quilting on my domestic machine, so I’m not scared of it, but I’d like to get extremely familiar with the long arm machine before I move on to that. I plan on renting a lot of time to knock out a bunch of quilt tops. I’ll keep you updated with my progress.

I will say – after long arming this, I put the binding on with my serger and I will never go back again. It was soooooooo easy and I love not having to trim with a rotary cutter and ruler. You should try it. I recommend it.

Have you figured out how my brain works yet? I like to do a lot of prep work and then I like to accomplish a lot. Everybody thinks I’m extremely productive, and I am, but there’s also some smoke and mirrors to how productive I am. I come to events and retreats and sew days with items ready to sew so I don’t have to do the prep works that take so much time. It means I get a lot of gratification all at once. Haha.

Anyway, I’m at the point where I’m ready to do some serious sewing, so here’s what you should look for soon.



Photo Courtesy of Patterns for Pirates on Craftsy


Can you tell I really like Patterns for Pirates? My mom and I have been sewing up Judy’s patterns like crazy. It’s amazing how they work for so many body types. And they are so comfy. And easy. And modern. Yeah, we’re big fans.

Anyway, I’m going to make this Layer Me Up Shirt, but I sized up quite a bit because I don’t like things right next to my skin. The sleeves are going to be the below print and then I’m using a teal cotton jersey that I got from LDG Showroom for the solid. I like having the fun flair of the sleeves.


Photo Courtesy of Hawthorne Threads

Photo Courtesy of Hawthorne Threads


I recent used this fabric for a Linden, but I had some leftover and thought it would be perfect for the sleeves of this shirt. I didn’t buy the fabric from Hawthorne Threads – mine came from Modern Makers here in KC.

Continuing with the Patterns for Pirates kick…



Photo from Patterns for Pirates


You’ve seen this before. I don’t have a picture of the fabric I’m using because it came from LDG Showroom. It’s an awesome Brushed Poly Spandex Knit in two colors. It’s super soft on one side and then like performance fabric on the outside. I’m also using Patterns for Pirates’ add on to this top and adding a hood and kangaroo pouch to make it like a real hoodie. It will definitely be lounge wear.


Boyriend V neck

Photo Courtesy of Patterns for Pirates on Craftsy


You’ve seen this before, too, but I have two more cut out. Again, I don’t have the fabric because I’m using a waffle knit that’s teal with black tigers on it that I got at a retreat for one and then a nice light coral striped jersey that I bought at Modern Makers before it was actually Modern Makers. I sized this one up, too, so it wasn’t so tight.


Pumpkin Spice

Photo Courtesy of Patterns for Pirates on Craftsy


I made one of these already out of the Aztec Multi sweater knit that is so awesome, but I need more because it’s sooooo comfortable. The first fabric I’m using is another sweater knit, but it’s more loosely woven than the Aztec Multi. It’s gray and teal striped and I got it from LDG Showroom. I’m using faux leather that I got from Girl Charlee for the sleeves, which I think will be really awesome.



Photo Courtesy of Girl Charlee


Then this sweater knit from Girl Charlee is what I’m using for the other one. I want to add an elbow patch to this one and I’m thinking a brown faux leather would be awesome, but that will all depend on if I have time to buy it and for it to ship by the time I’m ready to sew this up. We’ll see.


Free Spirit Tank

Photo Courtesy of Patterns for Pirates on Craftsy


And my last Patterns for Pirates prepped item is another Free Spirit Tank using a neon green workout fabric that I purchased from LDG Showroom.

Judy is going to release a cardigan pattern soon and I’ve already bought some maroon sweater knit from Joann’s for it and I’m just waiting for the pattern to release. You’ll probably see that finished soon, too. 🙂

Moving on from Patterns for Pirates…



Photo Courtesy of Wiksten


You know I’ve made a million of the Wiksten Tanks before and I’m ready to make another. I modified the pattern a ton to get the perfect fit for me, so it’s really a super modified Wiksten that I’m making.


Chevron Knit

Photo Courtsey of Fabric Worm


I’m using this Birch organic knit that I bought at Modern Makers for it. For loving chevrons so much, I actually don’t have a lot of clothing that’s chevron. This will help.

So that’s all of the apparel I have prepped. Besides apparel, I am in the process of cutting a Halloween quilt and hope to put that together soon. I also bought a Halloween panel that I’m going to turn into place mats. Ideally, I’ll have those done before Halloween. Ha. Wish me luck!

Again, I’ve gotten bad about posting what I’ve been up to. I’ve been teaching a bunch, doing prep work, visiting my family, and have been super busy at work. But don’t worry, I have a couple of upcoming retreat and I’ll knock quite a few things out.

Here’s something I completed quite a while ago and never got around to posting.


Monkey Business



This was a very different and fun quilt. I like trying new techniques and ways of putting quilts together. This wasn’t paper pieced, but it kind of looks that way. You should try it out. I had a great time with it.


Monkey Business


#Hashtag liked it, too. He decided to lay on it as I was staystitching the last side. I felt bad having to move him, but I was excited to finish it.

I’ll be posting again soon!


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