Chevron Patches

Picture this: I’m sitting at my boss’s desk on a conference call with him. I put my elbow down on the table so I can rest my chin on my hand. I get a WTF/very confused facial expression because I feel the cold desk on my elbow even though I’m wearing a long-sleeved cardigan. My boss notices my confused expression and probably thinks the expression is directed toward whoever is on the other end of the conference call. I slowly pick my elbow up, turn my arm around as far as I can into a very awkward position, and see a GIANT hole in the elbow area of my favorite black cardigan. I mouth a curse word, look up, and realize my boss watched that entire scene. He just smiles and we go back to paying attention to the call. Well, he probably went back to paying attention to the call. My attention waivered between the phone conversation and what I was going to do about my black cardigan.

Option 1 was obviously to buy a new one. However, I have an entire drawer full of cardigans and I can’t justify adding another or spending the money. Good cardigans don’t come cheap. Plus, I just bought two from Banana Republic that were on sale. Although neither is black.

Option 2 was to not replace it. However, it’s not only my favorite black cardigan, it’s my only black cardigan. And I don’t have a gray one which could often substitute for the black one. I have a lot of blue and navy cardigans.

Option 3 came to me because I had remembered some Pinterest pins that I had pinned awhile back.




I just want to tell you that it’s not easy to take pictures of your elbows. I have a lot of very awkward outtakes.


Of course, I used gray chevrons. 🙂



I fused the fabric to the sleeve, but I couldn’t get the sleeve onto the throat of my machine, so I had to hand sew. I think I actually like the hand sewn look better.

I might love this cardigan even more now than I did before.


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