Christmas in Republic


This year we went to spend Christmas and Andrew’s birthday (He’s a Christmas baby) with my family again. We were there from Friday night through Thursday morning. There was a lot of cooking and eating involved.

We hosted my mom’s side of the family on Saturday. I ended up with some great storage containers from the grab bag. We also introduced (and re-introduced) my family to Cards Against Humanity. It was a pretty great time.

As is tradition, we decorated gingerbread houses with my grandma and aunt.

Gingerbread Houses


My sister even added a fire pit.

Fire Pit


You can also see her banana tree creation, which the bananas promptly fell off of after this picture was taken.

Gingerbread Houses


Gingerbread Houses


We actually had quite a little village. I think there were four small houses and one large house, plus the fire pit.

Gingerbread Tree


And a large Christmas tree created by my sister.

Gingerbread Train


And a train created by my sister’s husband.

Like I said, it was more of a village, but we had fun like we always do. I actually spend most of my time cleaning up old sewing machine accessories.

Sewing Machine


I spent a good portion of my time while I was at home stripping paint off of this treadle machine. My grandparents used to pick up treadle machines at auctions and they have a semi trailer with antiques and eight of these treadles. My dad helped me get one out and I started refinishing it.



This was the only one that was painted, so I began stripping it (with indoor safe stripper) and will eventually finish stripping the paint off, sand it, and paint it again. I’m thinking aqua, but we’ll see. The treadle works, but needs a new belt. Plus, there were a ton of accessories in the drawers and most of them match the accessories from the other treadle that my grandparents gave me. It’s the one in the cabinet that needs some work.

On Christmas Eve, my mom made a fabulous dinner. She went all out and even had us eat on the crystal.

Prime RibHer prime rib turned out perfect and it was absolutely delicious.

Fried Okra


Dad made fried okra, which is kind of a family favorite.

It was an awesome meal…better than Christmas dinner in my opinion.


Finally, we celebrated Andrew’s birthday. He requested a birthday pie and my mom made him a beautiful coconut cream pie.



He did share.

Overall, it was a fabulous break and the best part was getting to spend time with my family.

P.S. I got a new iron and a cutting mat. Both were much needed. My sister got me a gift card to Hawthorne Threads. I didn’t wait to spend it. Actually, some of that’s from Andrew, but that was my Christmas fabric haul. 🙂



  1. Joni’s avatar

    I so miss you guys, but loved having you and spending time with all of you!!


  2. Kim’s avatar

    How fun are the gingerbread houses! I started doing those with my nephew and my niece when they were two years old – they thought they were cool.
    See you this weekend!


    1. Lesley’s avatar

      Hopefully you’re still making gingerbread houses with them when they’re my age!



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