Christmas Panic

I have a lot of presents to make. I would not be worried, but I will be gone this weekend helping my grandmother move and next week will be devoted entirely to work. If you read my “Calling All Quilters” post, the week where my company shuts down operations to innovate is next week. And I’m expecting late nights of developing a product. Am I overwhelmed? Yes. Will it be fine? Yes.

I have made a little progress beyond the curling iron holders.

Behold “the” bag.

"The" Bag

This bag took me THREE tries. I sewed it the first time with no issues. Except it was WAY too big. So, I cut it down and sewed it a second time. There were many issues. Then I took it all apart again and sewed it for the third time. I’m not entirely happy with it. The handles are too big, but I kind of like that. I hate carrying a wristlet when I go out because it gets stuck around my wrist in awkward situations. Clutches aren’t easy enough to hold onto. This was my solution. Actually, the solution came from Sew Mama Sew. The instructions are great, but I just could not seem to get it right because of the size. It’s done now though! And I think the button is uber-cute.

Bag Button

I also got some mini charm packs ready for the KC Modern Quilt Guild swap for our December/Christmas meeting.

Mini Charm Packs

Luckily, I had a ton of 2.5 inch squares left over from the Crossword Quilts.

Also for the KC Modern Quilt Guild, I made some pouches for our charity project. You can read more about it at Alex’s blog. I have an entire blog post saved as a draft entitled “I’m a Terrible Person” that is centered around this charity project. However, I do not think I will post it because I feel like it would make me seem ungrateful and awful and horrible. In fact, I’m going to delete it as soon as I post this one. Because I have now mentioned it and you are curious, here’s the jist. I’m not comfortable with babies or children. And I over-think everything. If I watch a violent or sad movie, I have to concentrate for a long time afterwards on not thinking about the violence or sadness because it greatly greatly disturbs me…like nightmares disturbs me…like minor panic attack disturbs me. Therefore, making these pouches required A LOT of concentration, but I am very glad that I made them.


I forgot to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time this year for some friends and Andrew’s family. Therefore, no sewing got done the entire weekend. But I did make turkey and noodles, turkey pot pie, and sour cream turkey enchiladas. And my house is clean…except for the bathroom floors…which Andrew promised to do…


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