Christmas + Presents

I’m totally spoiled. One because I received a lot of amazing Christmas presents and two because I have an amazing family.

No Cell Phone Service

This is one of the reasons I love to go home. NO CELL PHONE SERVICE!!! Since I have an iPhone, I can use WiFi to get emails, texts, browse the web, etc., but I still feel a little disconnected. I would be pretty disappointed if AT&T suddenly put up a tower and I got service at home. Recently, a tower finally was put in and my parents can get signal with Alltel, Verizon, and Sprint. It’s nice to be able to call my mom on her cell, but I really liked it when nobody got service.

Obviously, I had a great Christmas. Andrew and I drove to my parent’s house on Friday after work. We spent all of Saturday cooking in preparation of Sunday Christmas dinner with my mom’s side of the family. Sunday was a fabulous day. We ate, did our gift exchange, and played Spades and Dominoes. I’m not a fan of Christmas/Thanksgiving food, so that kind of sucked, but my cousin brought an amazing dessert that made up for the lack of appetizing food.

Gates' Boots

Can you tell that my mom’s family likes boots?

Monday was another day of preparation. We also went into town to grab some fresh vegetables and buy last minute stocking stuffers. Andrew and Dustin were nagging us the entire weekend to open presents early, but we wouldn’t let them. Andrew kept saying he should get to since Christmas is his birthday and since we were celebrating Christmas on Sunday, too, he should get to open some presents early. Yes, he is a Christmas baby. Even though there was a little logic to his thinking, we didn’t let him open any presents early.

On Monday night, we decorated a gingerbread house at my grandparent’s house. It’s a traditional that we’ve upheld for quite a long time. Each year, we make a huge mess and make an even better house. We’ve even had a house with a balcony. But this year’s house topped all other houses. Dustin is an engineer and he helped us with the layout. We used two gingerbread kits.

Gingerbread House

Yes, it’s a split level gingerbread house with a front porch. We are pretty amazing. After decorating, we went home and played a game of Spades before heading to bed.

And then it was Christmas morning. We opened presents at 7:30am because Robin and Dustin needed to leave fairly early to get to Lincoln to celebrate with Dustin’s family. Andrew was excited, but tired.

Andrew and Present

That’s my quilt that he stole for the weekend. And he is waiting to open presents. You can see that he is sort of snuggling with that present. Later, he was definitely spooning with it. I have a very weird boyfriend…but he’s pretty great for comic relief.

And here’s why I’m spoiled:

Simply Color

Ott Lite


Singer Case

Those were my “big” gifts. I got quite a few stocking stuffers and other little gifts. My grandparents bought me a beautiful crystal plate. My aunt gave me a gift card to Target. My parents bought me a new hair dryer and a new pair of Gingher scissors. I’m totally spoiled. Totally. But the big gifts are what really make me spoiled. Andrew bought me the Simply Color yardage, the ruffler, and the Singer case. My parents bought me the OttLite. I’m so excited about all of my presents. The Singer case is HUGE and it’s going to be perfect for all the travelling I do with my machine. And it’s on wheels so it’s easy to transport.

Yeah, amazing Christmas. I hope everybody else had as great of a Christmas as I did. Happy Holidays!


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