Crochet Lessons – First Finishes!

I’ve mentioned a few times before that we live in a condo, but I haven’t mentioned our awesome neighbors. We have quite a few floors of neighbors, but there’s a very close knit group of us that get together at least one night a week to eat and hang out. The other three ladies in the group were interested in learning how to crochet, so I offered to host crochet lessons on Monday nights.

I did a ton of research and put together some lessons plans. I knew the first lesson would have to be about yarn, hooks, how to hold a crochet hook, and chaining. Yarn and hooks were easy. How to hold a crochet hook was interesting. I don’t know if there’s a right or a wrong way to hold a crochet hook. I know the way I do it was the way my mom and grandma and great-grandmother did it. I showed my “students” how I did it, but told them to do whatever seemed comfortable. Well, we learned holding a crochet hook like a pencil seems comfortable, but it does not work very well. So after we got that sorted out, things went better.

I wanted them to be able to make something with their chains instead of just having to rip them out when they were done. Luckily, DELIA CREATES had the perfect project: The Scarf of a Thousand Chains.

Note that this all happened over the course of a few weeks and these ladies have gotten really good at chaining, which was my goal.

Amy's Scarf


Amy finished first. She used some super bulky red yarn and a small piece of voile for the loop.

Cathy finished second. Her yarn was more difficult to work with, but the final results was stunning.

Cathy's Scarf


And we make fun of Sherry for coming in last, but she was also working on her Comprehensive Exams for her PhD during all of this while working full time and doing homework for her regular PhD classes, so it’s totally understandable.

These ladies are doing so well!


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