Crocheted Cowl

I don’t crochet very well or very often, but Debbie made one of these and my mom made two, so I had to make one!



Isn’t it pretty? I LOVE it and I really love the yarn I picked out. I know it’s a Merino wool with silk. I bought it at The Studio. They were super helpful in helping my mom and I pick out yarn. My mom is much better at crocheting than I am, but she doesn’t do it very often. And we both had no idea about yarn. If I ever buy yarn again, I’m going there because I have no clue and they have all of the clues.



I also can’t read a pattern, although I did get some insight into pattern reading with this project. I relied heavily on my mom. However, once you get started, this is SUPER easy. I finished in a few hours (over the course of a few days) after I got started.

First, you have to crochet the beginning row and you have to end up with 14 little fans/scallops/whatever they are. That’s WAY easier said than done. It took me three or four tries and I ended up with four little dividers instead of two, but I wasn’t going to try again at that point, so there’s one of those rows with four dividers instead of two. I tell myself it’s to show the “back” of the cowl. And that works for me. Anyway, since I can’t read a pattern, I had no idea how to start the next row. Mom helped me do that and helped me join at the end and beginning a couple of times and then I was off! And that’s when it only took me a few hours to finish.



It’s so pretty. I might make another. I want to, but I’m a little intimidated by the beginning. If I could have somebody do the first row and then hand it over, I’d do another in a heart beat, but that’s not likely going to happen. So we will see if another one of these pops up here sometime. Maybe I’ll try a different crochet project…


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