Crocheted Grocery Bag

I have to admit that I’m pretty proud of myself for all of the crocheting projects I’ve worked on and completed lately without any help from my mom. My latest is the Crochet Grocery Bag from Knit-O-Matic.

Grocery Bag


This is a free pattern and I really like how it came together. It was very fun to make. I like crocheting in the spaces, although it took me a few minutes and some Googling to figure out what that meant exactly. Marking your starting chain is SUPER important. The instructions weren’t great on why or how to do that, but just trust me: Mark the first chain you make on each round and this will be a much better project.

I had a little trouble with the handles. I tried three or four (or ten) time to do the handles like the pattern says, but in the end, I gave up and just crocheted them separately and stitched them on. It works and doesn’t look terrible either.

Grocery Bag


I would recommend reading All About Ami’s post about this bag and following any of the modifications she made. I made my handles thicker and longer and switched thread colors. However, I did not make the bag bigger. It’s not a bad size, but if you prefer bigger bags, go with her modifications.

After this bag, which took a bit of time, I wanted a quick project so I whipped up a crocheted embroidery hoop.

Embroidery Hoop


I used the tutorial from Sew Chatty. I have another hoop that I think I’ll crochet around, too.

  1. Kim’s avatar

    Seeing this bag in person really helped to show how pretty yet functionable it is. Cool!


  2. Amanda’s avatar

    How in the world did you get the inner hoop to fit? I have tried this twice, following Sew Chatty’s directions to a T, and I can not get the inner hoop back in!! Please help. =)


    1. Lesley’s avatar

      Hmmm…I didn’t have a problem getting the inner hoop in. I had the outer hoop completely loose when crocheting around it. The screw isn’t tightened very much, but it’s secure. Good luck!



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