I’ve been cutting. Not a lot, but some. Just to prep for some upcoming projects. Small projects, too.


The blues and greens on the left are for place mats for a friend of ours who lives in San Diego, CA. The purple and yellow five inch squares are for a charm square swap. I’m getting those mailed off this week. The pink and white are flannels that are going to become a self binding baby blanket. and the 2.5″ strips are for my Madrona Road Challenge quilt. I actually put the binding on last night. I need to clip threads, hand sew the binding, and put a label on. But then I’ll be done!

I have a few quilts in the works, but I like these small projects like place mats and baby blankets to get some quick finishes along the way.

  1. Kim’s avatar

    You are a major multi-tasker! That’s amazing you can focus on and finish so many projects at a time. I’m still on my “one schlep bag at a time.” But this summer I’ll celebrate my one year of sewing, so maybe I’ll start to increase my speed. 🙂


    1. Lesley’s avatar

      You won’t believe how many projects pile up after awhile. I used to never start another project until I finished one. I’m still very good about only keeping a few in the hopper, but it’s a down hill slope. 🙂


      1. Cathy’s avatar

        Lesley, I loved catching up on your blog! You are definitely a communicator. Mom’s house quilt was a kit she bought when the Superior fabric shop was going out of business. I’m sure it was her first quilt kit. She had some issues with the pattern as I remember. I found that also in a magazine – I think Fons and Porter, but I don’t remember the line or designer. I do love making the placemats for gifts and I did not mean to mislead you, but I’ve made 144 mats – not sets. I have made several scarves since Becky’s and finished the cutest pair of knitted slippers. Loved getting to spend time with you at Christmas and at Becky’s! Keep up the good work. April will be here before we know it! Love you, Aunt Cathy


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