I destashed. In fact, I destashed more than just my sewing room. Our place was in need of a fall cleaning. Last weekend, I not only cleaned out my sewing room, but I cleaned out our storage closet, beneath our bathroom sink, beneath our kitchen sink, all of our kitchen cupboards, and a few other little places. It felt soooo good. This weekend, I need to take the stuff we aren’t keeping to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. More importantly, I need to get rid of my destash fabric and craft stuff.

Destash Fabric

That’s what I’m getting rid of fabric-wise. I’m thinking of taking it to Fabric Recycles. I would put it on Etsy or Facebook, but that’s WAY too much work. I’d have to setup an Etsy account, take photos, price, ship, etc. It’s not really worth it.

There is really no other feeling like feeling organized and clean.

  1. Douglas’s avatar

    If you reconsider selling it to a person…I’m interested 😉


    1. Lesley’s avatar

      I would reconsider…There are some bigger pieces and some smaller pieces. Do you have time to meet up this weekend to take a look and see if you’re still interested?


      1. Douglas’s avatar

        I am available this weekend! Let’s take this elsewhere to pin down details-


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