Drawstring Wine Bag

Last weekend we went to Tom’s lake cabin. Well, his parent’s lake cabin. Do you remember Tom? Skinny jeans, quilt fort, clinging to my leg like a child…anything ring a bell?

Anyway, because his parents had to put up with company for an entire weekend, I figured they at least needed some wine. And everybody knows that every wine bottle needs an adorable bag to go with it.

Wine Bag


I Googled a bunch of draw string bag tutorials and then I just used that knowledge to kind of create my own.

Wine Bag


My first thought was to make it reversible, but that’s fairly hard if you want the ruffle/cuff at the top. Also, I didn’t want to use yarn for the string so I made some.

The purple is Quilter’s Linen and the gray is Kona. I have no idea what the polka dot is because I only had a fat quarter and there wasn’t a selvage.

We had a really great time at the lake. Tom’s parents are awesome. I think we’ll probably make it an annual trip.


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