Dresses for Bridesmaids

My mom and I volunteered to make the bridesmaid dresses for my sister’s bridesmaids, including myself. I know…what were we thinking? I’m not really sure how it happened, but all of sudden we were choosing a pattern and picking out fabric.

To be fair, bridesmaid dresses kind of suck. My sister and I tried to find a dress and we looked quite a bit, but they all kind of sucked or were really expensive. In fact, I even ordered one and returned it because it just wasn’t right.

Luckily, my sister chose a simple pattern and the dresses were really easy to construct. She wanted something flowy and light, so even though the pattern calls for a jersey, we used a lining with a chiffon overlay. So, technically, we made this dress eight times for a total of four dresses with a lining and an overlay. The pattern is Burda 7376.


Bridesmaid Dresses

My sister’s colors are ice blue and tan/nude/neutrals. Navy, yellow, and nude have all been colors that had been thrown out there for belts, but my sister went with sparkly gold belts and I will admit, they look pretty awesome. Our shoes are going to be nude and I already have a great pair of Ann Taylor nude heels.

Bridesmaid Dresses

They aren’t hemmed yet because Mom wants to hem them from the floor. Plus, we weren’t really happy with how the rolled hem turned out, so we’re going to do some research and come back to the hems at a later date.

Bridesmaid Dress

If you are thinking, “Gah, those are ugly and look like tents,” well, you are kind of right. They are kind of ugly until they are belted. But then I think they are cute. I only had a pink belt, but it gives you an idea of what the dress will look like. Also, it will be right above the knee once it’s hemmed, so that will help it out. How do you like my tights and too-big slippers? Cute, huh? Also, I’m wearing a sports bra, which definitely does not help me out at all. (But I kind of need A LOT of help in that department.) And I DESPERATELY need a spray tan if I’m going to wear that dress. Robin, my sister, was a little cruel in choosing such light colors since I’m the palest person she knows. So, if you can get past all of that…then you might be able to see a cute dress.

Robin wants to keep things simple, which I totally appreciate. These dresses are simple and classy. Her whole wedding has that vibe. It was very important that we could be comfortable, too. We can wear a regular bra with this, it’s light and airy, it isn’t tight, and it’s flattering. I feel very comfortable in it.

So besides the hems, that’s one more wedding item to check off the list!

While I was at home helping my mom with these, I also pieced a back for my star quilt.

Star Quilt Back

I used the leftover purple fabrics and added in the gray ombre. That wasn’t quite enough, but I luckily had a charm pack of the line and pulled nine charm squares and put together a nine patch.

My mom has great tables for sandwiching quilts and we were able to get that quilt sandwiched, so I’m ready to quilt it. I’m thinking about some pretty heavy straight line quilting.

Chevron Charm PackBesides the V & Co charm pack, I also got this Riley Blake chevron charm pack. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it, but I LOVE IT! I’m such a sucker for chevrons.

I kind of need to calm down on the quilt making or I’m going to have so many quilts I won’t know what to do with them all. Although that doesn’t sound like a bad problem to have…



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