Early Christmas Present!!!! + Christmas Presents Galore

Guess what my wonderful boyfriend decided to give me as an early Christmas gift…

Sewing Machine Box


I’ve been looking at this machine online and at Joann Fabrics for awhile. I even had my mom and aunt look at it. I was thinking about buying it for myself for Christmas, but I decided to hold off until my birthday in March or next Christmas. There’s nothing wrong with the Singer I have…besides the fact that it doesn’t have a quarter inch foot and only has like four different stitches, but it was getting the job done.

New Sewing Machine

I also had look online at Bernina, Brother, Janome, and Pfaff, but I kept coming back to this machine. It’s definitely not a top of the line machine, but I don’t need that. Sewing and quilting is my hobby, not my job. If I stick with the hobby for another five or ten years, then I’ll buy something like what my mom has (Janome Horizon.)

I think it’s wonderful. Bad me…I hardly read the manual. It works just like any other sewing machine, so not too difficult to figure out. I quickly whipped up a couple of leftover Christmas projects the night I got it.

Andrew and I needed to go to Best Buy to grab some Christmas gifts. I needed to go to Starbucks to pick up a gift card and Joann Fabrics to grab some vinyl and ribbon (You’ll see why shortly.) Since all of that was up north, we went together. While I was grabbing the vinyl and ribbon, Andrew was looking at sewing machines. I found him telling the sales guy that he would buy it. I was like “WHOA! Wait. What? Let’s talk about this.” He was like, “No. You’ve wanted it. It’s super on sale (It was the lowest I’ve seen it besides on Amazon.). And there’s only one left.” I tried arguing a bit because I’m not comfortable making spontaneous purchases, but he wouldn’t let me. So we walked out with the machine. Then I got really excited.

DS Cases Folded

These are for Andrew’s cousins to hold their Nintendo DS’ and their games.

DS Cases Open

Vinyl is not the easiest thing to sew. It’s not because it’s thick…that’s fine…especially on my new machine. It just doesn’t stay in place very well. However, they still turned out great. The DS Case Tutorial is from My Blonde Ambitions.

DS Case

They are really cute. And I finally had another reason to use the Space Invaders fabric. I was saving it to make Andrew something else, but he already has a bag and an iPad sleeve, so he really doesn’t need anything else. I have a bit left over so I could pull something together if he ever needs anything small again.

Tortilla Bag

More Christmas presents! Have you ever heard of Baked Potato Bags? If you haven’t, Google them. Buy one. They are awesome. I feel like my mom and my aunt make like ten every year…at least. They make awesome presents. Well, my sister’s boyfriend, Dustin, uses his for tortillas. But Baked Potato Bags are typically square, which doesn’t work so well for tortillas. So I made him a Tortilla Bag. I used the Michael Miller bicycle fabric because Dustin bikes…a lot. This was basically like the easiest project. The hardest part was finding something round in my kitchen that was just the right size. After going through bowls, plates, pizza stones, woks, etc…I finally landed on a metal pizza baking sheet. It worked perfectly. The bag should fit the largest size of tortillas.

Becky's Table Runner

This was also another really easy project. This table runner is for Andrew’s mom, Rebecca. The fabric is from the Late Bloomers line by Sandy Gervais for Moda. It’s not really my thing, but it’s definitely fits Becky’s style. And I am very very happy with how it turned out. It’s very pretty…in a rustic, traditional sort of way.

Robin's Stockings

My sister visited this weekend. She wanted to make stockings for her and Dustin, so I helped. We used Amy Smart’s stocking tutorial. Again, not my style, but still very very adorable.

Stocking Embellishments

Aren’t the embellishments cute? They really added a lot to the stocking. Without it…they were kind of blah.

My mom has also been busy. Here’s some stuff she’s been working on.

Mom's Basket

She found this basket tutorial online…but I can’t remember where. Mom, want to post the link in the comments, please? Thanks. I want to make hundreds of these…after Christmas.

Quilter's Trash Bag

This Quilter’s Trash Bag is for a friend of hers for Christmas. Every sewist/quilter needs one of these. They are awesome. All of my threads, too small scraps, broken needles, old pins, etc. go in here. It really keeps my room clean…well, cleaner.

Mom's Dish Towels

She got the dishtowels from Missouri Star Quilt Co when they were one of the weekly specials. This had to be the easiest thing ever and it is also really cute. Again…not my style, but still adorable.

Still have a couple more Christmas presents to make…it’s down to the wire…

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    A new sewing machine for Christmas? Lucky you!



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