Early Wedding Present

I should start off this post with a disclaimer that we are not getting married nor are we planning to in the near future.

Luckily, my family seems OK that we aren’t and have completely accepted Andrew as family. Actually, they did that years ago because they’re awesome like that.

Second, which should have been first: I know I’ve said it, but it doesn’t hurt to say it again because I really really mean it. Thank you, Aunt Jeanne! I love you!

A few years ago, my aunt visit England, Scotland, Ireland, and maybe Wales. I’m not sure on the Wales part, but I think she made it there. Anyway, it sounded and looked like an AMAZING trip. While she was in Ireland, she toured the Waterford factory. I think it would easily be one of the coolest tours ever and if I ever make it to Ireland, it’s on the bucket list. Anyway, she purchased some crystal to keep for wedding presents for her various family members.

My sister received her crystal tumblers earlier this year when she got married. I received mine last week! My grandparents were in town and we all went to dinner and my aunt surprised me by bringing me my crystal! She said we were basically married. I LOVE THAT! I love that my family is totally accepting and cool of how we choose to live our lives. Of course, I wasn’t expecting her to do that all. I knew that she had said we would get the crystal when we got married and I knew that by waiting to get married, that was one of the things I was going to have to live without. But the fact that she realizes a piece of paper doesn’t equal love and commitment means a lot to me.

Ok…enough with the sappy stuff. Pictures!



Even the box graphic is so elegant and classy.



And they were wrapped so beautifully that I didn’t want to ruin the wrapping.



But I forced myself to take one out and unwrap it. TOTALLY WORTH IT! The design is beautiful. I don’t think I’ve owned anything so elegant before.


I now consider myself a very accomplished woman since I’m responsible enough to own elegant crystal. Andrew and I are discussing best options on how to use these for the first time. Suggestions?

  1. Kim’s avatar

    Use them often, don’t let them just sit on a shelf! Start off tomorrow with a festive Halloween drink like bloody brains or tropical itch, then have some some for Thanksgiving like seabreezes (cranberry juice and vodka). Then eggnog for Christmas, and something fabulous for New Year’s Eve!! They are beautiful!


    1. Lesley’s avatar

      Great ideas, Kim! Andrew will be excited to experiment with different drink ideas! By the way, your Halloween costume was hilarious!


    2. Kim’s avatar

      Your costume was way fun too!
      I had a good time making the tutu, ratting my hair and putting on so much make-up that I almost had to peel it off :). I had scrapbooking stickers on my arms for tatoos and sparkles that I stuck around on my face. And I hate to admit it, but that Billy Ray Cyrus t-shirt is mine, had it since I went to his concert in 1992.



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