Eating Out Versus Eating In

Andrew and I are trying to not eat out as often, which is pretty much every day for us. I don’t think it’s really going to work out that well, but we’re giving it another try. FYI: In college, we did not eat out very often. Our first year in KC, we did not eat out very often. In the last year and a half, we have gotten into a different habit.

So, in our attempt to eat in more, I told Andrew that it could not just be me doing all of the cooking and cleaning up. He is not adept in the kitchen AT ALL. I can cook and I have been told I cook well. I just don’t like doing it anymore. Therefore, Andrew has to help and learn at the same time.

The first night we cooked together, we pan-fried something and he got grease splatters on his work shirt. Luckily, I had a dry cleaning stick that took care of the spots and the shirt will be dry cleaned anyway. No harm done, but he started wearing my apron.

My apron is yellow and white with lemons on it. It has ruffles. He looked ridiculous.

Andrew's Apron

I fixed the apron situation this weekend. I used the MSQC Apron Tutorial. It was SUPER easy. I whipped this thing up in like an hour. The straps are too long, but better to be too long than too short.¬†For the straps and pocket fabric, I used Habitat from Jay McCarroll. (Just a side note: I would not let Andrew finished getting dressed before I took this picture. He does not have a belt on or the shirt he wore. I was being a little pushy…)

Now Andrew can cook all of the time and not have to worry about grease splatters.


I don’t think this is going to last long. Why?

We know it’s cheaper in terms of money to cook at home. And we know it’s healthier. It is cheaper in terms of money, but not in time. It is healthier, but only if you try to be healthier. The work and time that it takes to determine meals and necessary goods(especially when you are being health conscious), shop, prepare a meal, and clean up after a meal, is not worth the hassle. Yes, we’re a little selfish. I want time to work out and quilt. Andrew wants time to work out and play video games. We’re young. We don’t have kids. We live downtown. We have young friends who don’t have kids and live downtown. The extra savings does not seem worth it.

But we are trying it. It might turn out to be better.


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