Elephant Baby Blanket

I had one baby blanket left that I needed to finish and I don’t know why it took me so long. These blankets are SUPER easy and are so cute! The tutorial is Jenny Doan’s Self Binding Receiving Blanket from Missouri Star Quilt Co. The flannel was purchased at Sarah’s Fabrics in Lawrence. It’s organic…meaning I paid an arm and a leg for it, but it was totally worth it.

Baby Blanket


It’s soooo cute! don’t you love the elephants!

Baby BlanketThe tutorial says to use a 40″ square and a 30″ square. I didn’t want to buy more than a yard of each fabric, so I used a 35″ square and a 25″ square. I think the size is still great.



I never knew I liked elephants so much, but I really do like them. I especially like the little one that is holding the flag with it’s trunk. Gah! So cute!

Baby BlanketI really like how these blankets are finished. Since it’s self binding, you have to close up a small hole where you turned the blanket and also “stitch down the binding/border.” I use a decorative stitch. This one, if you can see it, is little bows.

Baby Blanket


You can also kind of see it on the front side. I have found that it’s not a good idea to use a very complicated decorative stitch…because that takes FOREVER! And this is such a quick and easy project that having the last part of it take FOREVER is not very cool.

This is definitely now my go-to baby project.



  1. Joni’s avatar

    I have yet to make one of these, but I love this idea and I also love, love the fabric. That is orange polka dot, right? Of course I love it and the elephants!


  2. Lesley’s avatar

    It’s orange/pink. It’s sort of peachy/salmony. I’m not sure what I would exactly call the color. But it matches the elephants perfectly!


  3. Kim’s avatar

    I love the elephants too – how sweet!


  4. becky’s avatar

    I need to keep this in mind. It seems there’s always a baby being born at church or work. These are really cute.



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