Embroidery and Cotton Vinyl

I usually try to have a transportable project to work on; meaning I can do it while I’m waiting somewhere or riding in a car. I’ve done English Paper Piecing, Crocheting, and Knitting. Now I’ve moved on to embroidery.

My friend Jaime gave me an embroidery patter a while ago and I’ve kept it in the back of my mind. Finally, I inherited a small embroidery hoop and then went and bought some linen, needles, and floss from Modern Makers. The linen is Robert Kaufman. The needles are Tulip. And the floss is Aurifloss.




I’m not great embroiderer…yet. This is just a backstitch, but there’s definitely room for improvement. I still like it, though.




I actually finished one more on my way back from visiting my parents and grandparents this weekend, but there’s no picture. Next time. 🙂

Besides that, I needed a tote bag for the gym. I occasionally work out over my lunch break at our company gym. I tell everyone that I make working out super accessible. I have a free gym at work. I have a free gym in our building. And I pay for a gym that’s only a block from our house. The gym at work and the paid gym have classes. The paid gym has the most and the best equipment. Anyway, I needed a bag that I could cart my clothes and shoes in. The thing is, though, I don’t want my bag to smell or get gross. I was using a Pleated Purse Tote from the School of Sewing that I had made, but I kept having to put everything in a plastic bag. So, I decided to make another Pleated Purse Tote using cotton vinyl for the lining.


Pleated Purse Tote


The outside is still cotton, but the lining and handles are cotton vinyl. I left out the interior pocket and boxed the corners instead of rounding them. It helps it sit on the ground better.




Honestly, the cotton vinyl isn’t my favorite thing to work with. I have a plastic foot that helped, but I’m still not a fan. I don’t think I’ll be using it much. Stitches skipped when I was topstitching. I need to topstitch again, but I was over it then. Also, it doesn’t stretch the same as cotton and it was slightly bigger than the outside piece, so there are some puckers on the inside. It’s not the prettiest and I’m definitely not proud of it, but it will do.

And one more thing because I’m now a crazy cat lady. 🙂


Cat Quilt


I made another cat quilt. I used the Whiskers pattern from Six White Horses. The green/yellow/neon/chartreuse color is a peppered cotton. The gray is a textured cotton. I echo quiltd the crap out of it. The pattern is paper pieced and I had some trouble with the whisker part and then the echo quilting totally made my borders wavy. Apparently mediocrity is my goal right now. I need to step it up. I have some apparel sewing planned and I’ll have to step it up for that.


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