Even More Prep Work

I know that I’m a little crazy when it comes to things like this. But once I get on a roll, it’s hard for me to stop until everything is complete.

Every single “WIP” or idea I’ve had is prepped. I can’t think of a single pattern or piece of fabric that I own that I “need” to do something with in the near future that isn’t ready to go. Here’s what I’ve added to the list.


Free Spirit Tank

Photo Courtesy of Patterns for Pirates on Craftsy


My mom and I are kind of into the Patterns for Pirates stuff. We’ve seen some awesome tanks mashed up with another one of her patterns to add sleeves. I’m going to try the tank itself before I do the mash up.


Tank Fabric

Photo Courtesy of Joann Fabrics


This is the fabric I’m going to use that I bought at Joanns. The stripes will be horizontal and I’m making the racerback version. This fabric is light and perfect for summer, which means this needs to be one of the first items I finish so I can actually wear it this summer.


Boyriend V neck

Photo Courtesy of Patterns for Pirates on Craftsy


As I said, we like these patterns. I’m making this with the sleeve tabs. I’m using another knit from Joanns, but I can’t find a picture of it. It’s just a small white and black stripe jersey. It’s drapey and soft and I’m hoping that makes the pattern not too tight. I don’t like tight shirts. I think I cut a medium just in case.

So that’s all of the additional apparel items I’ve added. I have two quilting things, too.

These have been on my list for a while and were inspired by the fabric.


Triangle Quilt


I got this cut out and I was so excited about it that I pieced it this weekend. It’s too long, so I’ll probably rip it out in half and use it for two baby blankets. Or I’ll make pillows. We’ll see. I have binding cut for it, too. I’ve been wanting to make an equilateral triangle quilt for awhile. When I recieved this bundle from my friend Cathy, it seemed perfect. It’s Joel Dewberry. Cathy and I love his fabrics. I mainly used Sew Fresh Quilts’ tutorial. It was the best and easiest tutorial I could find. It made the triangles go together really easily.


Lone Star



I also started working on this quilt this weekend. I had it all cut out, so I just had to sew. I actually cut enough to make two quilts, so I pieced the sections for two quilts. These are going to be lone star quilts, but I have to get the background fabric. This was a really easy way of doing lone stars. No weird seams. No weird pieces. It took me almost no time to have the sections together. If I was only doing one quilt, it was have been hella easy. Here’s my secret: Better Off Thread. She has a great tutorial and even does the math for your to resize it or use 18 pieces instead of nine.

So there you go. I’m ready to go. Now that I’ve done some quilt piecing this last weekend, I’m ready to move onto garments. I’m just waiting to get my serger back from being serviced. 🙂

And the obligatory photo of #Hashtag. He is bothering me while I’m sewing here. He was playing with pins and all sorts of dangerous things, so I trapped him on my lap. He thought I was trying to play and started wrestling my hand. It’s adorable until he actually gets a good chunk of skin in his mouth.




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