Fair Results

My mom, aunt, and I always enter some of our quilts and other project into the NCK (North Central Kansas) Free Fair. I entered 14 items and I was very pleased with the results. I believe both my mom and aunt entered more items than that. My mom won three Best of Fairs! And my aunt got at least one Best of Fair.

Fair - Habitat Quilt

There’s my Habitat quilt. I believe it got a red ribbon. I was pretty impressed because a lot of the quilts that all of the bed quilts were up against were quilted on long arms by professionals. FYI: I think that’s cheating and that should be a completely separate category. If you do long arm quilting for money, your quilts should be in a professional long-arm category. But that’s just my opinion.

Fair - Mario Quilt

Mario got fourth place. I was also very upset with how the items were displayed. You couldn’t even tell that was Mario. It makes me wonder if the judge was even aware it was Mario. There were other items I upset how they were displayed. I’m also curious about the judging procedure. I think I would probably do things quite a bit differently. Anyway, I shouldn’t complain or get involved.

Fair - Mom's Quilts

Mom has two quilts on the balcony: the third and fourth from the left. The third was made for the daughter of my mom’s boss. The fourth is my sister’s. All of the large squares are birds. I’m not sure how those two quilts did.

Fair - Princess Pillow

The Princess Pillow I made for Kristen got a red ribbon. The pillow next to it is my mom’s that she made for the other daughter of her boss. It got a blue ribbon! My truck pillow got a blue ribbon, but I didn’t get a picture of it for some reason.

Fair - Clutch

My clutch got a blue ribbon, which didn’t surprise me because it’s REALLY cute and I did a really good job constructing it.

Fair - Aunt Cathy's Bag

Aunt Cathy also entered a bag. I LOVE that fabric. I have a different bag (just like the one my mom entered that is coming up soon) made from the same fabrics.

Fair - Mom's Bag

You can sort of see Mom’s bag back there. It got a red ribbon! The fabric is super cute with sewing notions on it. I wish I had gotten a better picture of it.

Fair - Windows Quilt

The Windows quilt got a red, which somewhat surprised me.

Fair - NYB Beauty and Crossword

The New York Beauty got a red, as did the Crossword quilt. I am very surprised that the New York Beauty placed at all. I’m a little disappointed that the Crossword didn’t do better just because I love it so much.

Fair - Kandinsky

The Kandinsky quilt got a red. Again, I was a little disappointed with that one because I really love it and I put A TON of work into it. But I was pretty much over the disappointment after like two seconds.

Fair - Star

That hand quilted star got a blue. I was totally boggled by that one. It was not that impressive. The hand quilting on it is nothing specials. The piecing is nothing special. I’m still super confused as to why this got a blue. Maybe it was the only one in the category? I’m not sure.

Fair - Aunt Cathy

Aunt Cathy entered this. It’s made using a 60 degree ruler. I’m very impressed because it would suck to get everything to match up.

My mom’s chicken and nest got a blue! I can’t remember if the chicken was also a Best of Fair. Mom? And Aunt Cathy’s potato bag got a red!

Fair - Mom's Ornament

Mom’s English paper-pieced ornament got a blue. It totally deserved it!

Fair - Mom's Canned Tomatoes

Not related to quilting, but Mom also entered some food items. Her canned tomatoes got a blue. Her salsa didn’t place, but the judges didn’t freaking taste it! How do you judge salsa without tasting it? I totally don’t understand.

Fair - Mom's Tomatoes

And her tomatoes got a white.

Fair - Cupcake Embroidery

OK. Back to quilts. My embroidered cupcake got a white, which I am very pleased with because I haven’t done embroidery in a VERY long time.

Fair - Aunt Cathy

This is Aunt Cathy’s piece. I’m not sure if it’s a table runner or a wall hanging. Either way, it got a blue. She used a special tool called a Batting Buddy.

Fair - Mom's Potholders

Mom entered some chenille pot holders and they got a blue. I LOVE these and I’m definitely going to be making some soon.

Fair - Mom and Aunt Cathy's Placemats

Mom and Aunt Cathy both entered place mats. My mom’s got a blue. They are the orange and green ones. And I think Aunt Cathy’s got a red and they are to the left of Mom’s. My mom’s actually belong on my sister’s table.

Fair - Embroidered Towels

I believe these are the towels my grandma embroidered and I think they got a blue. I’m not 100% sure. Mom?

Fair - Witches

I’m very confused as to why there are two witches in this picture. I think mom made one of them, but they both got a blue. I’m really confused.

Fair - Fawn

My fawn got a blue!!! It was by far the cutest toy.

Fair - Mom's Apron

My mom made an apron and it got a white. She wore this last weekend while cooking and it’s SUPER cute.

Fair - Aunt Cathy's Pillow Cases

Aunt Cathy made some pillow cases. It looks like the got a red ribbon!

Fair - Aunt Cathy's Scarves

Aunt Cathy also made a few scarves. It looks like at least one got a blue ribbon and another got a red. The one on the right is made from alpaca fur. There’s a couple near my hometown that raise alpacas and they gave my aunt some alpaca wool. It’s very soft.

Fair - Mom's Best of Fairs

These are two of Mom’s Best of Fairs. Her miniature log cabin is amazing and I’m definitely not surprised it won. It’s so amazing. The log cabin strips end up being 1/4″. AMAZING. The other was her appliqued months. My sister helped pick out the fabric for them.

Fair - Best of Fairs

There’s a picture of people who received Best of Fairs. My mom is on the very left right next to my aunt.

Fair - Aunt Cathy's Best of Fair

Aunt Cathy’s Spicy Spiral Table Runner got a Best of Fair. The blues are SOOO pretty.

Fair - Midwest Modern Dress

My Midwest Modern dress got a red, which I’m pretty proud of since I just started getting involved with garment sewing.

Fair - Aunt Cathy's K-State Pot Holders

Aunt Cathy made KU pot holders last year, so this year she made K-State ones. And they got a red ribbon!

Fair - Aunt Cathy's Table Runner

Here’s another table runner using a 60 degree rule. I think Aunt Cathy made this one, too. I can’t see if it got a ribbon or not.

Fair - Mom's Santa

Mom made that adorable Santa pillow. I’m not sure how it placed.

Fair - Featherweight

LAST ONE! My aunt entered one of her featherweights and it got a blue ribbon. However, they left it in the case. How sad is that? See what I mean by not displaying things well? Anyway, I missed a few items here and there, but overall, it was a VERY successful fair for all of us! Now we are all planning what items we’ll enter and make for next year!




  1. Joni’s avatar

    The chicken pin cushion got a blue ribbon. The 3rd Best of Fair that I received was the faux ruffle pillow. I didn’t see a picture of that on here. The reason the witches both got a blue was because we had them in different categories, therefore they could both have blues. For example, one could have been in appliqued wall hanging and the other in a mini quilt.



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